Book Review-Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior
Connie Mason
Leisure Romance,
307 Pages
Published November 2008
Viking/Dark Ages Historical Romance

He Would Never Forgive

After a brutal attack on his farmstead, Wulfric the Ruthless had sworn vengeance on the Danish raiders for killing his young wife. But when he laid eyes on Reyna the Dane, all he could see was a woman of extraordinary beauty, with flowing hair the color of moonlight and a body any Valkyrie would envy. She was his thrall, gifted to him by his brother to warm his bed. Could the beautiful healer also ease the fire burning in his heart?

She Would Never Forget

Stolen from her home by wild Norsemen, Reyna would always remember the face of the barbarian who’d destroyed her life. When she first caught sight of her new master, she thought he was the very man she’d vowed to hate forever. But Wulf’s golden body and seductive kisses awoke very different feelings within her. As one deliciously long Northern night blended into another, she realized he was no longer her enemy but her beloved… VIKING WARRIOR

My Review:
When a brutal attack on Wulf the Ruthless’s land, killing his wife and unborn child, vowing vengence on the Danes. However when his brother brings a woman Reyna the Dane, he is mystified by her beauty, but also recognizes her as a woman during a raid he found raped and sold her, but Reyna has never forgotten that horrific day where every good in her life was taken away. After being brutally raped and then sold to a sultan, but then given to Wulf as his slave, she never has forgotten what he did to her. Assuming that Wulf the Ruthless was the one that raped her, she knows she can never give in to the delicious sensations she feels from his kisses and his heated gaze. Both of these souls have been hurt but through each other they can find the healing balm for their hearts. But will their hatred make them blind to a beautiful love that is right beneath their noses, or will they choose to fully embrace it and find the most valued love that will last forever?

Viking Warrior is another win for Connie Mason in my mind. This was such a exquisite romance, that I could never put this one down! I have enjoyed reading from this author, but since this is a newly book acquired from the library, I knew I had to read it, especially since I love any story involving Vikings!!! We have Reyna, who on one brutal day was raped and sold, never to hear from her family that she loved dearly, but still have a hope that they are still alive. When she see’s Wulf the man she thinks rapes and sells her, she has such a bitter hatred for him. But when she realizes the truth and that he never did, she starts to fall under his seductive kisses and give in to the desire that pulls at her. Wulf, after losing his wife and unborn child to the Danes, has a difficult time with a Dane slave in his household. But her beauty and healing talents cause him to waver that all Danes are bad. As passions escalate between Wulf and Reyna, they both without realizing it start to heal their battle wounds and embrace the more current feelings they share for each other, feelings that can only strengthen them and not burden them. This was a remarkable story taken back through time to the age of the Vikings, and will whirl you away into adventure, romance, and remarkable characters that will blow you away with delight!

My Grade On This Book
4.5 Blossoms

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