Book Review-The Stone Prince

The Stone Prince
Imperia Series(1)
Gena Showalter
368 Pages
Published Sep 2004
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 0-373-77007-3

A love as bright as the stars and enduring as stone…

Katie James is unlucky in love—so unlucky she’s been reduced to kissing the marble statue in her own garden. But her luck changes when the statue warms to life in her arms—and turns out to be a hunk straight out of any woman’s fantasy! Well, almost…Jorlan en Sarr hails from a distant planet and like all the other men Katie’s known, he comes with a lot of baggage.

A cursed warrior with a lover’s magic touch…

Entombed in his stony skin for centuries, Jorlan has been waiting for a maiden fair to break the spell. Yet this statuesque beauty with the will of an Amazon and kisses like flame is a far cry from the obedient damsels of Imperia. And though Jorlan is tempted to abandon all for the sake of Katie, unless he can convince her to give him her heart in two weeks’ time, he’ll be turned back to stone. And she’ll be lost to him forever.

My Review:
Katie James, having recently gotten her hands on a home to be refurbished, including a garden with a beautiful marble statue of a man that tempts her. But she starts hearing a tempting voice to kiss the statue so she does, and finds herself kissing a real life breathing man that is pure woman’s fantasy. At first she doesn’t believe that magic or Jorlan is real, or that such a kiss could be so intoxicating. Jorlan en Sarr has been entrapped as a statue for hundreds of years, never knowing that this one woman would be the one to release him, and he has two weeks to make her fall in love with him and break the spell, if he fails however than he will be a statue for all time. Having come from a panet far away, Imperia, he misses his home but yearns to stay on this one with Katie, who stirs him up like no other woman has ever done. Jorlan is used to obedient women wanting to pleasure him, however Katie is definitely different, far from obedient and pleasing. To Jorlan, Katie is argumentative, stubborn, opinionated and nothing like what he is used to, but he can’t seem to get enough of her, and finds that she fascinated him more than any other has ever done, but will he be able to break the spell with this fair maiden that he has fallen madly for.

The Stone Prince is part of the Imperia series, and I loved reading Jorlan and Katie’s story. I found it to be such a fun read, similar to her Atlantis series, with the adventure, passion and sassy fun that is portrayed throughout the story. I also loved how different these two are from one another, especially since they have lived in different worlds but find a common goal, in one another. I truly have enjoyed Gena Showalter, and I have to say that I truly found The Stone Prince a enjoyable read. From the first page to the last I found the plot and the characters to be engaging and riveting! So if you are looking for a fun and engaging romance than The Stone Prince is definitely for you.  I am definitely looking forward to the other book in the series.

My Grade On This Book
4.5 Blossoms

Other Books In The Imperia Series
The Pleasure Slave

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