Book Review-Viking Heat

Viking Heat
Viking II Series
Sandra Hill
276 Pages
Published Sep 2009
Viking/Time Travel
ISBN 9780425230671

Psychologist Joy Nelson thinks things are bad when she finds herself training in the modern-day female Navy SEALs program. But then her life takes a turn for the worse. Somehow she’s been thrust back in time to the cold Norselands, being auctioned off as a thrall, or slave-a gift for a Viking warlord, who would be a perfect candidate for Male Chauvinist Viking of the Centuries.

Brandr isn’t thrilled with the slave his brothers have purchased for him. Holy Thor! The woman wants to teach him anger management skills! And help him find his feminine side, whatever that is. She may be beautiful, but the saucy wench defies him at every turn. So Brandr makes her an offer. She can earn her freedom — as his bed thrall. But when Joy dares to decline his offer, he must decide what to do with the woman enslaved to him — and the out-of-control heat between them…

Psychologist Joy Nelson, has always been the one suffer the taunts of her older brothers, and any time they dare her to do something whatever it may be she does it, even though she is a full grown adult by now. So when they double dare her to become a WEAL-a female version program of the Navy SEALS. But then when she goes on her first mission with a SEAL team, she finds herself taken back through time where she is then auctioned off as a thrall to a Viking Warlord. At first Joy has no idea that she has been taken back through time, but then things start to click and Brandr, the Viking who owns her, starts to make compromise after compromise with the saucy woman, thinking he must be as demented as she is, but is really in love with a thousand year old woman that has stirred up his passions like none other ever has, and has claimed his heart.
The Hero 
Brandr is a Viking warrior and leader of his people, after most of his family was slaughtered apart from his young sister who was taken, raped and became preganant. So he brings her home, and when he is in rage becomes a ‘beserker’, but when Joy,  a thrall given to him as a gift, by his closest friend, he knows that he is definitely in for the adventure of a lifetime, and knows that she is far from different from anyone he has ever known, and yet the passion that she stirs in him, becomes a love that he can’t deny and will fight to keep her to his side.
The Heroine 
Joy Nelson, a psychologist and has the talent in helping those in pain and grief. But having grown up with her older brothers, she can never turn down a dare, and so when they double dare her to join a female Navy SEAL program, she of course has to join, and finds that she fully regrets it to some degree, not knowing why she always succumbs to their taunts. So when she is taken back through time and become the slave to a Viking Warrior, of course she finds it barbaric and unheard of. But then she realizes what time she has been taken back to, and despite her protests, Brandr stirs up deep passions within her, that makes her earn for his touch and much more….

My Thoughts
I would have to say that Viking Heat is by far one of my favorites that has been written by this author so far. I found that I was intrigued by the first page and I found myself finding it hard to put this one down. I found the plot so intriguing and with such a vitality to the characters, and definitely a laugh out loud read! One of the greatest aspects that I love about Sandra Hills Books is the wit that is in each and every one of her plots, especially when it involves time travel, with two characters that are from two times, and they have to learn to adapt to each others differences, and the way they learn to muddle through it is fabulous, and definitely worth reading, especially in Viking Heat.

My Grade For This Book 
5 Blossoms

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