Book Review-The Notorious Scoundrel

The Notorious Scoundrel
The Hawkins Brothers
Alexandra Benedict
Avon, 384 Pages
Published May 2010
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-168932-1

Like an irresistible siren, the veiled dancer with the bewitching green eyes lures dukes and earls down into London’s underworld to see her dance–and succumb to her spell. Some say she’s a princess, but only one man knows her darkest secret.

She is Amy Peel, an orphan from the city’s rookeries, and she believes the bold rogue who unmasks her to be nothing but a scoundrel–albeit a dangerously handsome one. He may have rescued her from an attempted kidnapping, but she will not give in to his sensual seduction or to the wicked desire she begins to feel . . .

He is Edmund Hawkins, swashbuckling pirate turned reluctant gentleman, and he will not let the lovely Amy slip through his grasp, especially when he learns she’s in greater peril than she could possibly know. He will do everything in his power to protect her–for this notorious scoundrel has truly, unbelievably, lost his heart . . .

Amy Peel, remembering little of her childhood, only knows that she grew up as a orphan. Amy is a mysterious dancer at one of london’s underworld’s clubs, Amy only dancing out of necessity and very few people know of her true identity. Forced into a life to survive, Amy hopes that she may find a way to escape such a life but has no idea how it could be done. Edmund Hawkins is looking for some excitement, and when he hears of a notorious club that is being rumored to being the “most wicked” in all of London. So stealing into the notorious club, he is stunned by a certain stunning woman, and he yearns to know her more, and not just for the desires she rises up in him. So when he saves her life, he finds out her secret, being zarsitti, the sensual dancer of the club. Now through a twist of fate, they are thrown together, when Amy’s life is put in danger. Now Edmund is determined more than ever to protect her, but the rising passion between them will turn into a powerful love story.

The Hero
Edmund Hawkins, although being twenty four years of age, is a ex pirate, and has lived a hardened life on the seas. Feeling controlled by his older brother James, he is wanting more in his life, and he defnitely wants Amy Peel in his life, despite his family’s protests especially his brothers, whose decisions continually rafe on him. Living in London, he is searching for excitement, the kind that will satisfy him as it did on the seas. After saving Amy’s life and being reunited with his family after a short case of amnesia, he is determined to fight for him and Amy to be together, but there are certain obstacles in the way, but will their love be strong enough?

The Heroine
Amy Peel remembers moments with her parents whom both loved her, however she ends up taken from them and becomes a orphan. And after having a former royal in charge of the club, and the one who controls her into staying, she wonders if she will ever be able to escape this life. Amy is a exotic dancer known as Zarsitti, the Gold Lady. Amy does what she has to so that she can survive, and prevent her from a life that is much worse than even now. Then her life is thrown into chaos, when Edmund Hawkins saves her life, and one of the few people that knows of her secret, and stirs up her senses, and wonders if she could ever live without him in her life.

My Thoughts:
The Notorious Scoundrel is the second in the Hawkins Brothers series, and this is Edmunds story, which was a pure delight for me to read, better than James’ story in my personal opinion. It was definitely more exciting and the character more engaging throughout the whole story. There was also a consistancy of flow throughout the book, that had me turning the pages as fast as I could. I also found the two characters Amy and Edmund, and I found these two to just have such a connection, and another plus was that it was portrayed so well. Although I would have to say my only problem would be with the heroine’s characters. I found that until the end, that she was a bit selfish, and Edmund was willing to sacrifice so much for her happiness, but gratefully she came to her senses before it was too late. However overall it was a enjoyable read and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, especially if they are as good as “The Notorious Scoundrel”.

My Grade
4 Blossoms

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