Book Review-The Renegades:Rafe

The Renegades (3)
Genell Dellin
376 Pages
Published June 2001
American West
ISBN 0-380-810549-3

The Renegade
Half-Choctaw Rafe Aigner is no man to trifle with: dark and dangerous, he’s survived by his wits and the turn of the cards. But now he has a young son who needs him, so the time has come to settle down. Fate has brought him to Texas, and Lady Luck has won him the San Antonio Star. But when Rafe discovers that the woman running his newspaper is the woman who once owned his heart, he’s shocked — and furious.

The Woman
If she hadn’t believed Rafe was dead, Madeleine Calhoun never would have married the fool who lost her beloved San Antonio Star — and then his life — in a card game. Now Rafe is back — changed by a harsh world into a dangerous stranger the young widow barely recognizes. Yet her heart still knows him and her traitorous body feels weak with wanting him. Will she ever be able to win back his betrayed trust…and get him to wager his hardened heart on their love once more?


Madeline Calhoun, runs a newspaper called the “San Antonio Star” having  recently settled in San Antonio and made a life for herself. Madeline has a passion for discovering the truth and writing about it. Now her husband, whom she thought she may have loved at one time, has now lost him and her newspaper in a card game, and the new owner is a man she fell in love with when she lived in New Orleans, but thought that he had died in Mexico, but now is faced with the one man that once had her heart. Rafe is furious with her, and Madeline is overwhelmed to see him again. Rafe is furious to see Madeline again, but so is Madeline with Rafe for not ever letting her know that he was alive when she believed him dead. So even though these two are at odds with one another, there is still a raw passion that awakens, and a love that is rekindled…

The Hero 
Rafe Aigner, half choctaw, grew up and fell in love with Madeline in New Orleans, but lost her once and has become a dangerous and hardened man. Now things have changed much for him since he once knew her. He has a son that he has a responsibility for, and brings him to San Antonio. Now he has won a ranch, and a newspaper and is at odds with Madeline, the one woman who hurt him the most. Rafe is unpredicable, and on the surface seems to have a tough exterior, but beneath all that, is a tender heart aching to learn to trust again…

The Heroine 
Madeline Calhoun, never believed that the idiot that she married lost her newspaper and his own life for a game, she never would have married him in the first place. Now she is stunned to discover the man that she has lost her newspaper to, is the one man that she loved once, but believed him to be dead. Furious that he kept that knowledge that he was alive all this time, when she mourned him deeply, and almost died herself from the grief alone, is overwhelmed with the emotions he draws out in her. And despite the chaos that surrounds them, her body still aches for his touch…

My Thoughts 
Rafe is the third installment in the Renegade series by Genell Dellin. I have only couple books from this author, but I found Rafe to be a compelling story. The story takes place in San Antonio Texas, where two people that once knew the meaning of the phrase “to have loved and lost” now comes face to face with each other, and tempers and emotions are very high, but there is a desire between them that has never died, and has awakened again now that they have worked out a compromise, that will only have their hidden love to come alive brighter than ever. Rafe and Madeline are endearing characters and their interaction with one another is will be entertaining to say the least. Throughout the whole of the story, there was one surprise after another, unsuspecting and full of emotion and intensity. So if you are a lover of romance this is one you don’t want to miss out on…..

My Favorite Quote 
“You’re a fair man, Rafe, and you’re being treated monumentally unfairly. You’re an honorable man and you’re being treated with reprehensible dishonor. I will not let that happen as long as I have a breath in my body.”

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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