Book Review-Austin

Mckettrick (13)
Linda Lael Miller
378 Pages
Published Jul 2010
Western Contemporary
ISBN 978-0-373-77446-3

World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick finally got bested by an angry bull. His career over, his love life a mess, the lone maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him. Except back home to Blue River and the Silver Spur ranch. But his overachieving brothers won’t allow this cowboy to brood in peace. They’ve even hired a nurse to speed his recovery. Paige Remington’s bossy brand of TLC is driving him crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair.

Paige has lost count of how many times Austin has tried to fire her. She’s not going anywhere till he’s healed-body and heart.

And by then her place in his life just might become permanent

Austin McKettrick, world rodeo star has come home due to a back injury but is too proud to admit it. At home on Silver Spur Ranch, his nurse (elected by his overbearing brothers) is Paige Remington. At first, Paige is frustrated that she is to be his nurse, she has despised Austin ever since he broke her heart back when they were kids in High School. Paige is just as stubborn and willful as any McKettrick, but is afraid to fall in love with Austin again fr he hurt her once and she knows that if she lets him in he can hurt her more a second time. But things never go as planned and before she realizes it, she yearns for her place in his life to be for good and not just until he has healed.

The Hero (Austin McKettrick)
Austin McKettrick is the youngest of the three brothers. Austin is reckless especically when it comes to riding bulls. After being seriously injured after being tossed from one of the most dangerous bulls in the nation, he is too full of his McKettrick Pride to admit how much pain he is in. Then he is furious when Paige becomes his nurse. Astin hurt her even though he thought it was for a good reason but still regrets it, even after all the time that has passed. For he has always loved her…

The Heroine (Paige Remington)
Paige, is a nurse and has come home to take a position which has been put on hold s when she is asked to be Austin’s nurse for a time, she is horrified but welcomes the challenge it brings. Austin her her once, and still feels that even though much time has passed. But now being put in such close proximity to him, and that all the strong feelings she has always felt for him have always been there.

My Thoughts 
Austin is the most recent installment in the McKettrick series. Of all the series and books that Linda Lael Miller has written-The McKettricks are by far my favorite t read. however Austin is my least favorable book in the series, even though it was enjoyable, it didn’t flow as smoothly as her other books. This story is about two people who have always loved each other, but their time wasn’t right for them to be together…until now. The characters are both equally stubborn and so right for each other, and have met their match in one another. Overall a fun and enjoyable story set in Texas.

My Favorite Quote 
He put his hands on either side of Paige’s face and he kissed her, bu then in the next heartbeat, she softened against him and he deepened the kiss.

My Grade
4 Blossoms

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