Book Review-Night Games

Night Games
Nina Bangs
Love Spell
353 Pages
Published May 2002
Time Travel Romance
ISBN: 978-0-505-52480-5


Sex. Rules of the game: play hard, play to win, and play with a passion for the game, never for the woman. In a world where lust is a spectator sport, Brian Byrne is the undisputed champion. He is every woman’s fantasy, his face and form recognized on the farthest planet, his you-can-touch-my-body-but-never-my-heart attitude a challenge no female can resist. So why does he feel burned out, used up, and in desperate need of a long vacation to a simpler time?

Ally O’Neill–American tourist, divorcee, and author of a best-selling series on how to be the perfect wife–is that rarity Brian has never before encountered: a woman who wants no part of him. Before he knows it, her hands-off approach has him eager to break his contract’s off-season no sex clause. In a world where no one has even heard of the Testosterone Titans, Brian is about to discover that scoring is a lot less fun than falling in love.


Ally O Neill, has recently gone through a divorce after trying to be a perfect wife for five years. Now with her great aunt Katy, she is a tourist and a famous author on a best selling series. Now Ally wants no man, no matter how irresistable he may be and that includes Brian Byrne. Brian Byrne is from the future, and is a champion of a sex spectator sport, he has come to the past for a vacation and has agreed to have no sex during the duration however when he meets the one woman that resists his charms, he is immediately drawn to her. So even though he has agreed to a no sex clause in his contract, he intends to show Ally what true passion is like, but what he never expected was to fall in love in this game of his….

The Hero (Brian Byrne)
Brian, ever since he was sixteen years old, has been involved in sex games, and is way good at it too. He has trained hard to be where he has, and has been able to help his kids (those on the streets) get a education and careers, so they can have a better life than he did. When Brian was little his mother promised that she would return and she never did, so ever since than he made a vow to honor each promise he made, no matter the circumstances. He is in a contract for five more years of sex games, but once he meets Ally his loyalty is divided and he must choose between honor and love

The Heroine (Ally O Neill)
Ally, did everything she could to make her marriage work, she was the perfect wife for five years, but then he left her for another woman, and knew her life was over. Now she has worked hard, and is in Scotland being a tourist, needed a vacation and to relax…but then she comes across Brian, who claims to be from the future, and a literal sex god, but she starts to see something deeper in this man.

My Thoughts 
Night Games is written by Nina Bangs, and I had such a fun time reading this. It was such a fun and witty romance, that I never stopped laughing. Night Games is a bit different than some of the other books that I have read from her, definitely has a humorous ring to romance if there ever was one. Night Games is a very enthralling and sensual read, one that will heat up the room like matchsticks.  There was one problem that I had with this book, was that Ally was so gullible at times, she just accepted that Brian was from the future, so easily, that it didn’t seem real especially at the beginning of the story, however as the story progressed, it started to become more realistic, and the story became captivating and riveting, that I started to fall in love with it. So overall a humorous and enjoyable read!!!

My Favorite Quote 
As she watched, the amusement changed to something else. Something hot, hungry. Dangerous. 
“You tempt me greatly, woman”

My Grade On THis Book 
4 Blossoms

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