Book Review-Ride The Fire

Ride The Fire
Blakewell/Kenleigh Family (3)
Pamela Clare
356 Pages
Published March 2005
Colonial Romance
ISBN: 0-8439-5487-6

There was only one rule on the frontier — survival. So when a wounded, buckskin-clad stranger appeared at the door of her isolated cabin, Elspeth Stewart felt no qualms about disarming him and then tying him to her bed. Newly widowed and expecting her first child, she had to protect herself at all costs. And Nicholas Kenleigh threatened not only her safety, but her peace of mind. The terrible scars on his body spoke of a tortured past, but his gentle touch and burning gaze awoke longings she had never expected to feel. Bethie had every reason in the world to distrust men; the cruelty she had suffered at their hands had marked her soul, though her blonde beauty showed no sign of it. But little by little she found herself believing in Nicholas, in his honor, his strength. As he brought her baby into the world, then took both mother and daughter into his care, she realized this scarred survivor could heal her wounded spirit, and together they would…


Elspeth Stewart, pregnant and recently widowed, lives alone until a stranger comes to her door, and through a turn of events ends up tied up on her bed, and injured. Bethie knows that she is alone now and pregnant and must do whatever she can to protect herself, especially from a man that points a gun to her head. But Nicholas Kenleigh goes from a stranger, to the man that helps her birth her daughter, and a man that she falls in love with. Nicholas has suffered a painful past and finding Bethie and her daughter has revived him in ways that he never expected. Now as they journey together to escape danger that could put all of their lives in jeapordy, the strength from the newfound love with heal them both of past wounds….

The Hero (Nicholas Kenleigh)
Nicholas, once was close to his family, but now has estranged himself from them as means of protection, because he believes himself a cold and dangerous man after being tortured by indians and seeing things that torment him. Six years have past since he has suffered so, and his heart is like ice, until he comes across Bethie, whose strong spirit melts the ice around him, and makes him believe that he can heal from those tortured wounds.

The Heroine (Elspeth Stewart)
Bethie, has suffered a tormented past, and has learned not to believe in herself or anyone else. As a young girl she was violated by her step brother, and then forced to marry a man twice her age or more so, and one who died and left her alone and pregnant to fend for herself. But when Nicholas comes to her home and ends up tied to her bed she knows that he has made her believe again….

My Thoughts 
Ride The Fire is third in the Blakewell/Kenleigh family series, by Pamela Clare. Ride The Fire was filled with one adventure after another. I had such a fun time reading this one. This was the first book to read by this author, and I just fell in love from the first page. From the heroine tying up the hero…to them journeying together to escape dangerous indians who intent on killing them, and we see a tremendous change from Nicholas who is a renegade and cold inside, turns into a passionate and protective man and a tender love story where two people heal each other through the love they feel. A truly impressive story, one that will have you turning the pages as quickly as you can read them!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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