Book Review-That Perfect Someone

That Perfect Someone
Malory’s (10)
Johanna Lindsey
Pocket Books
Published June 2010
440 Pages
Regency Romance
ISBN 978-1-4391-0108-

Nine years ago, Richard Allen fled England and his controlling father. Determined to live his own life, he took to the sea and settled in the Caribbean, joining a band of treasure-hunting pirates and adopting the persona of a carefree, seductive Frenchman named Jean Paul to guard the secrets of his past. When he slips back into England to carry out an urgent task, Richard becomes infatuated with a married woman, Georgina Malory. But his reckless attempt to woo Georgina at a masked ball turns out to be the worst mistake of his life because it brings him face to face with another beautiful woman.

Thrilled that her solicitors have finally come up with a way to free her from her betrothal contract to the Earl of Manford’s son who abandoned her years ago, heiress Julia Miller is ready for the marriage mart and hopes to find that perfect someone at her friend Georgina’s ball. Charmed by a masked Frenchman who gives her her first kiss, she can’t help but pursue this mysterious man — until she makes a shocking discovery. Now, to avoid falling into a ruthless nobleman’s trap, Julia must enter a risky, intimate charade with a man she never believed she could love.

Julia Miller,  having been betrothed all of her life, and never had a suitor since her betrothed disappeared years ago, but is unable to court or marry a man of her choosing since there is a contract between their families. Then one night at a masked ball she dances and shared a intimate kiss with a Frenchman, and in the end turns out to be the one man that she hates more than life itself….her betrothed….Richard Allen. Richard despised his father forcing him to have to marry Julia all those years ago, but now refuses to marry her but through a series of events they make a pact with each other to work together to find the contract and burn it so they can get on with their lives, however neither of them expected that they would fall in love with each other and wonder if there can ever be a happily ever after….will all the time that has passed…but true love finds a way through the most stubborn of hearts,especially with two people perfect for each other…

The Hero (Richard Allen)
Richard, grew up in a home where his father despised him and beat and lectured him constantly because of his hatred to his mother. However after being forced into a betrothal agreement, with a girl whom he hates just as much as she seems to hate him, he leaves England, for several years never planning on returning, living a life as a pirate and treasure hunter, now he has returned through unexpected circumstances….and now never expects that the girl who was his enemy could very well become his lover…

The Heroine( Julia Miller)
Julia, has been running her fathers business especially since his accident where he suffered a head injury, and has only small moments of clarity, and hopes that once she manages to declare her fiancee dead, she can move on with her life, however when her betrothed comes back…hardly dead but very much alive she knows she can never marry a man that hurt her so much as a child…but he awakens a passion in her that overcomes her…

My Thoughts 
That Perfect Someone is the tenth installment in the Malory Series. For years I have just reading books involving the Malory family, and although this was far from my favorite one…it was still quite enjoyable and I am thrilled that I finally was able to read it ( I know I know I am way behind LOL) I found the story captivating and the characters so innocent and childish at times…there was a vulnerability throughout the story with Julia and Richard. I loved how the story turned from two strangers who meet in a ballroom and shared a heated kiss…to hated enemies…then back to sharing a commonality with one another…Desire, such a powerful motivator and Johanna Lindsey portrayed this story beautifully, and although didn’t have the certain aspects that I enjoyed in the earlier Malory books…I was feeling quite entertained from beginning to end!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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