Book Review-Seduced By His Touch

Seduced By His Touch
Byrons of Braebourne (2)
Tracy Anne Warren
E Book
289 Pages
Published Sep 2009
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN 0061673412


He Had to Marry Her
Everyone in London agrees the Byrons are just as “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” as their poetic non-relation. But Lord Jack Byron is facing a predicament that is scandalous . . . even for him!
Marry a young woman because he lost a bet? Unreformed rake Lord Jack Byron would do anything to get out of it. But the rich merchant who holds his debt insists Jack lead his on-the-shelf daughter to the altar . . . and make her believe it’s a love match. With no options, Jack agrees, thinking he’ll be shackled to a closed-in spinster.
But Grace Danvers is no milk-and-water miss. When he first encounters her in a London bookstore, Jack is struck by her tempting sensuality and soon becomes determined to bed—and wed—her (in that order!). Yet though he plans to seduce her with his touch, he never dreams he’ll also want to win her with his love.

Lord Jack Byron, is wild and scandalous at times, but when he loses a bet of a amount he can’t afford, he agrees to marry the gamblers daughter, but he has to convince her to marry him and make her fall in love with him. Grace, upon meeting the handsome Jack Byron, is flattered that he would want to be with her over how many other beautiful women, when she has never considered herself beautiful, however she feels herself starting to fall in love with Jack. Jack, even though in the beginning this ruse was all about getting Grace to marry him, but he never though that he would find her everything he would desire in a wife, and knows he is starting to fall in love with her, hoping that when the truth comes out she will still realize how much his feelings for her are sincere…

The Hero (Jack Byron)
Jack, never thought that he would be forced into marrying a spinster and plain woman, but upon meeting Grace, he realizes how she is exactly the opposite of plain. Before he even realizes Jack, starts to look forward to his time with Grace, and the passion that flares up between them, he hopes that he can make her fall in love with him, and hopes the love he is starting to feel for her will be enough to make her believe in him

The Heroine (Grace Danvers)
Grace, even though she is considered to be on the shelf and a spinster, never imagined that Lord Jack Byron would have a interest in her. In the beginning she doubts his intentions, but then she starts to open her heart to him, and the desire that awakens in her from his touch, makes her believe that he truly cares for her. But she starts to wonder if there is something that he is hiding from her?

My Thoughts 
Seduced By His Touch is the second installment in the Byrons of Braebourne series. Even though I have read the books out of order, I have just loved this series….Its one of my favorite regency historical series. Seduced By His Touch at times were a emotional rollercoaster, and the characters were so vivid from the very beginning that you couldn’t help but love them both, there was such a endearing quality, about Jack and Grace, who have led different lives, but there is such a powerful chemistry that develops between them, and a powerful love that will carry you away in the story. From the very beginning Tracy Anne Warren has seduced me in a way that she has done with each and every one of her books!!!

My Grade On This Story 
4 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series 
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