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Book Review-When Harry Met Molly

When Harry Met Molly
Impossible Bachelors (1)
Kieran Kramer
St. Martins
Published Nov 2010
411 Pages
Regency Romance
ISBN: 978-0-312-61164-4


Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he’s named by the Prince Regent as one of society’s “Impossible Bachelors,” Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of “Most Delectable Companion” gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status…until his latest lightskirt abandons him.

Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry’s childhood friend — actually, “foe” is more like it — is the most unlikely companion of all. She’s attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent Harry possibly know about what makes a woman delectable? It’s time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all…but will it lead to “happily ever after?”

Lord Harry is enjoying his contented life of pleasure and not having the pressure of getting married and living up to the obligation of family. When Harry is named by “Prinny” as one of society’s Impossible Bachelors,  he is then drawn into a wager, forced by the Prince Regent himself, to have the most Delectable Companion, and whoever wins the title gets to remain unmarried. Lady Molly, planned on going to Gretna Green to get married, because she has no other alternative other than be a spinster, but then at the Inn on their way to Scotland…he abandons her with Harry’s (childhood foe) mistress. Harry then convinces her since they were both abandoned, that she become his fake mistress and if they win then he will aid her in finding a husband in London. But what begins as a silly wager turned into a love affair that may lead to a happily ever after for the both of them….

The Hero (Harry Traemore)
Harry, even though he is saved from being forced to marry as he isn’t the oldest of the family, has always felt not loved or appreciated by his father, but his relationship with his brother makes up for some of it. Harry has no wish for matrimony, having seen it turn into something that will just make you miserable in the end. But then when Harry becomes desperate, and convinces Molly into this scheme of his, he never thought that it would be one of the most adventurous and surprising periods of his life to that point…and that she will be the one to break the ice around his heart.

The Heroine (Molly Fairbanks)
Molly, is determined to free herself of her current life by eloping with Cedric, even if he is a bore, atleast she wont remain a spinster.  Her father wasn’t around much and sent her to a school which she abhorred more than anything, and Molly craves freedom and a chance at love.  Then she is abandoned and has not much choice to accept Harry’s proposition, but never knew that this road she has taken would lead her to true love….

My Thoughts 
When Harry Met Molly is the first in this series by Kieran Kramer. This is the first that I have read from this author, and I just love discovering new authors. I did acquire this book at the library, and I am so glad that I did. At first it was a little challenging to get into the book, but once I had read a few chapters I was totally enthralled by the story, that I had a hard time pulling away. There was such a fun and carefree feeling to this book. The characters were delightful, sparring and playful but from the very beginning you can tell there is a connection between them. Overall a Delicious and adorable delight!!!!

My Favorite Quote 
Molly could hardly breathe when Harry put his lips on hers. He pressed her back against the door to her bedchamber, sliding his hands up the door to pin her between his arms. It was a delicious trap she had no desire to escape.

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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Lusting For Covers (34)

Lusting for Covers is a meme found on TBQ so come and join in on this fun meme!!!
1- Take the graphic (left) to use on your post. Remember to give credit to the original host (TBQ).
2- Choose your own book cover that you’ve fallen in “lust” with in the past week. It can be new, old, a reprint, or even a book that is not yet out– it’s all up to you! If you find a cover that catches your eye, then showcase it on your blog, and let others see the pretty covers out there.
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4- Besides posting the picture of the book cover you chose, it’s nice to provide the book summary, title, author, or a website link for the book. It’s not required, but it can help you readers’ to add more books to
their own list! A brief “Why I choose this cover” is also appreciated, but not required

Headstrong Casey Straton inherited her mother’s beautiful eyes and her father’s stubborn temperament. So when she is denied the responsibility of running her grandfather’s ranchdespite her unladylike prowess at roping, riding and shootingthe high-spirited hellion storms away from her Texas home, determined to prove she can do much more than “woman’s work.”

Successful businessman Damian Rutledge III cameWest for vengeance. But though he possesses a powerful physiqueand unwavering courage, the handsome Eastern “dude” wouldhave surely been lost in the wild west without the timely interventionof a half-pint bounty hunter called “Ed.” There is more tothis fearless gunslinger than first meets the eye, however. And whenDamian discovers his rescuer is, in fact, a stunningly sensuousyoung lady named “Casey’ in disguise, he realizes dial there aregoing to be very serious complications on the rocky trailthat is leading them both toward a dangerous, irrepressible love.

Book Review-Pleasuring The Prince

Pleasuring The Prince
Kasanov (4)
Patricia Grasso
Zebra Historical
April 2006
326 Pages
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7711-4


Fancy Flambeau is the darling of the London stage, and captures the eye of every gentleman charmed by her beauty. Fancy, however, refuses to be any man’s mistress, though Prince Stepan Kazanov relishes the opportunity to change her mind and show her the delights of sensual pleasure. Tempting as his whispered promises may be, Fancy vows to avoid the heartbreaking fate that befell her mother when she gave her love to a selfish aristocrat.

But Stepan’s games of seduction take a serious turn when terror sweeps through London. A killer dubbed the Rose Petal Murderer is preying upon pretty young women. Desperate to keep Fancy safe, Stepan abducts her from the city, and soon the heat of anger and long-denied passion melt into ecstasy. Yet the bliss they find in each other’s arms may not be enough to make Fancy forget the past–or protect them both from the dangers that come from denying a love that is meant to be…

Fancy, is a star on the London stage, but unlike her mother she is unwilling to fall for a aristocrat, who will desert her like her father did to her mother. So when Prince Stephan starts to display interest in her, she endeavors to resist his charm and the promise of pure bliss in his eyes, but the moment she taste his kiss she knows that all is lost and that she could very easily fall in love with Stephan. However when there is a killer after women of the stage, a man the police have been unable to catch, Fancy knows that she is going to have to have her wits about her to protect everyone that she loves from danger and the terror that is sweeping throughout the streets of London….

The Hero (Stephan Kazanov)
Stephan, is drawn to Fancy an beautiful woman filled with innocence and a sweetness he just aches to taste…but knows that it can mean trouble for him. Stephan from the moment he sees Fancy, knows that he must do everything he can to protect and keep Fancy as his….and show her the intimate pleasures that he can show her, and prove to her that his committment to her is for forever…

The Heroine (Fancy Flambeau)
Fancy, has always felt responsible for her sisters, and have protected them and looked out for them, and knows that she may never find love or marriage in her life. Fancy wants to never become her mother, for her mother sacrificed everything for a chance at love and in the end she got burned….Fancy have felt rejected and unwanted by her father, would never risk that for herself or her future children…no matter how handsome Prince Stephan may be, Fancy is firm in her desire to resist him…at all costs

My Thoughts 
Pleasuring The Prince is the fourth in the Kasanov Series by Patricia Grasso. As I was browsing the library shelves I cam across this book, and the cover is what drew me (of course, I can’t resist such a cover) and when I read the blurb I just knew I had to try this book out and see if I had just found a new author to love or to never read from again…and I definitely found a author whose writing I enjoyed reading.  Even though there was definitely a major focus on the relationship between Stephen and Fancy…there was also a suspenseful note to it as well….that especially toward the end of the story I was on the edge of my seat until the very end…..although I did enjoy this read very much there were a couple of things that left me disappointed but overall a enjoyable read…

My Grade On This Book 
3.5 Blossoms

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Library Loot (20)

Eva with A Striped Armchair, and Marge with The Adventures of a Intrepid Reader, which you should check out both of them, they are great!!! This meme is created to encourage bloggers to share books that they get from the Library, and since I am a avid lover of Libraries this is going to be one meme I am going to love doing every week. And I got quite a lot of books since there was so many of them I wanted to read!! So here they are……

Book Blogger Hop (49)

So come and join in on the fun and the hopping. Make new friends and discover new blogs!!! LETS DO THE HOP!!!! Come and check it out at Crazy For Books

 Question Of The Week
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Well,I wouldn’t know the accurate count, but at least over a hundred books…there are so many books out there and very little time…..and my pile is always piling up every week 


Book Review-The Star Princess

The Star Princess
Star (4)
Susan Grant
Love Spell
371 Pages
Published Aug 2003
Sci Fi/Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0505525410


Ilana Hamilton isn’t an adventurer like her pilot mother or a diplomat like her do-right brother; she’s a brash, fun-loving filmmaker who’d rather work behind the camera than be a “Star Princess” in front of it. Heiress or not, she’s a perfectly normal, single woman … until Prince Che Vedla crashes into her life.

With six months to choose a bride, the sexy royal wants to sow his wild oats. Ilana can’t blame him–but fall for the guy herself? Not a chance! Hotshot pilot or no, Che is too stuffy, too arrogant, and too old-fashioned. But when he sweeps her off her feet Ilana sees stars, and the higher he takes her the more she loves to fly. Only her heart asks where she will land.

Illana, is known as the ‘Star Princess’ a title she abhors. Still living on Earth, her mother still happily married to King Romlijan, and her brother engaged, doesn’t know where her life is headed, but she knows it can never be the kind of life her family has picked out. Illana wishes for a life of normality. But when Prince Che Valda comes spiraling into her life, even if its for a distraction and to sow wild oats…Illana is determined not to fall for his charms. Che Valda must marry a bride, whom he has no idea of her identity, but comes to Earth for distractions until then, and the perfect canidate is Illana who memerizes him to the point where he wishes he could forget duty and obligation for once in his life and choose a life with a woman that he aches to keep forever…

The Hero (Che Vedla)
Prince Che, after losing his betrothed to another man, he knows what is expected of him and that he will need to marry soon. However he decides to take a trip to Earth, before he has to settle down…a means of sowing his oats. When he arrives he meets Illana, whom is far different from the women he usually has dealings with.. she is strong willed, opinionated, no respect for anything royal and has no desire to be royal, just live a normal life….Che intends on keeping her no matter what…..

The Heroine (Illana Hamilton)
After her mother married the King Romlijan…her life was forever changed, and even though her brother has fully embraced their ways…Ilana hasn’t, because she wants a normal life. One without putting on airs or the publicity and having no privacy…and she hates flying and dreads having to fly on a ship to see her brother get married. When Prince Che comes to her home, she starts to realize that not all things royal are bad….and that he may just be one that will hold the key to her heart.

My Thoughts 
The Star Princess is the fourth in the Star Series. I have just fallen in love with this author and this series that I have been able to read so far…and at this point one of my favorite sci fi/futuristic romantic series. I definitely loved the story and plot line…..two people who are as different as night and day but are more than perfect for each other. I loved how Susan Grant blended it perfectly the romance, with a bit of mystery and danger and to top it off with passion…just made for a tremendously entertaining read…one that I would never regret. There was a satisfaction upon finishing the story…yet wishing it was longer. Definitely a keeper here!!!

My Grade On The Book 
4 Blossoms

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Book Review-The Star King

The Star King
Star (2)
Susan Grant
Love Spell
Published Dec 2000
329 Pages
Futuristic/Sci Fiction Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52413-9

Careening out of control in her fighter jet is only the start of the wildest ride of Jasmine’s life; spinning wildly in an airplane is nothing like the loss of equilibrium she feels when she lands. There, in a half-dream, Jas sees a man more powerfully compelling than any she’s ever encountered. Though his words are foreign, his touch is familiar, baffling her mind even as he touches her soul. But who is he? Is he, too, a downed pilot? Is that why he lies in the desert sand beneath a starry Arabian sky?

The answers burn in his mysterious golden eyes, in his thoughts that become hers as he holds out his hand and requests her aid. This man has crossed many miles to find her, to offer her a heaven that she might otherwise never know, and love is only one of the many gifts of … The Star King

Jasmine, on her fighter jet, crashes down and then she sees a man..a stranger one who is compelling and becomes forever in her memory. Since then, Jas has never been satisfied with her relationships, for she is always looking back to him whose memory has been burned in her mind forever. Rom, once a heir of the B’kah, is looking for adventure and the one woman who has haunted him day and night. Now he is planning on finding her, even if its in a remote system and in the ‘frontier’ no less.  Jasmine, aches for this stranger who haunts her and calls out to her, so when she see’s that he is on TV, she knows she must find him, never realizing that finding him would change her life forever and that he would awaken a love so powerful that she would stand by his side for all time…

The Hero (Romlijhlan B’kah)
Rom, even though he is royalty, and heir to the throne of B’kah, no longer feels like he is part of the family, because of his beliefs to destroy a man that has the power to deceive everyone all the while he murders innocents. Rom, now has made a life for himself, but knows in his heart he must find the one woman whom haunts him…but never expected to find her even though he has been searching for her…and now with Jasmine at his side, will fight for everything that he believes in…

The Heroine (Jasmine Boswell)
Jasmine, although she has two grown children, is divorced and unable to trust in any man and able to make any relationship work. Even though in her dreams she sees him and hears him call out to her, she doesn’t know if he is a figmant of her imagination or real….but when she sees him she knows she would do everything in her power to reach him…Jasmine knows that he is her destiny and can offer her more love and passion that she could have imagined.

My Thoughts 
The Star King is the second book in the Star Series by Susan Grant. This is the first book that I have read by this author, and I am falling more and more for the futuristic/sci fi romance. I haven’t read many of them…but I have found quite a few treasures and The Star King is one of them. I just loved everything about this book… I loved the idea that Jasmine is older than most lead heroines are in romances….there was also a freshness about this story and there was the exciting and ever on the role kind of plot, that had be engaged throughout the story. The characters were so likeable, and there was such a sizzling heat to the side of the story….that had me on fire till the very end!!!! A Winner!!!

My Favorite Quote 
He needed her with a desperation  born of his precarious position at the edge of death, wanted to make love to her while he possessed the strength and passion of life. Her pleasure would be his salvation.  

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

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