Book Review-Sin And Sensibility

Sin And Sensibility
Griffin Family (1)
Suzanne Enoch
Published Jan 2005
376 Pages
Regency Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-054325-9

Young ladies just want to have fun…

Unfortunately Eleanor Griffin has three strapping brothers to frighten away any beau they deem unsuitable. She knows she’s expected to marry eventually — probably to some staid, crusty old lord — but until that dark day dawns, Nell intends to enjoy herself. However, brother Sebastian, Duke of Melbourne, isn’t about to let his sister run completely wild, and asks his best friend, the Marquis of Deverill, to keep a close eye on the spirited lovely.

Could any chaperone be less qualified — yet more appreciated — than Valentine Corbett? Here is a man as sinful as he is attractive, a notorious rake, gambler, and pursuer of women whom Nell has fancied since girlhood. Alas, the irresistible rogue seems uncharacteristically determined to be honorable, despite the passionate longing in his gaze. And Nell must tread carefully, for she has promised to immediately wed whomever her siblings choose should so much as a hint of scandal arise . . .

 Eleanor feels supressed by her three brothers, and just wants to have fun and dislikes all the restrictions that are placed on her, and feels that her brothers don’t really care for what she wants in her life. So she comes up with a agreement for her to play out her independent nature as long as it doesn’t end in scandal. Valentine Corbette is a rogue in every way will be asked by his friend to watch over Eleanor and keep her away from any chance to be involved in any sort of scandal. Valentine at first doesn’t find this task to be too difficult however he finds himself attracted to Nell and the more time they spend in each others company he is drawn to her in a way he hasn’t been toward any other woman. Nell knows that she is treading dangerous ground with Valentine, and desires his kiss and tender touch but knows that if they are caught her brothers could marry her off to anyone of their choosing and knows they could be found out and she could lose the chance to be with the man she truly loves…

The Hero (Valentine Corbett)
Valentine is a pursuer of women and loves to gamble and is very notorious for his certain appetites. However when his friend asked him to chaperone his younger sister, he knew he was the worst man for the job, especially when he finds her so delicious in the looks department. Knowing he must protect her from scandal, he knows that she could be his greatest weakness and shed the armor surrounding his heart. 

The Heroine ( Eleanor Griffin)
Eleanor has always had a independent streak within her, and what she might consider to be ‘fun or exciting’ reeks dissaproval with her brothers, and it seems there is nothing that she can do right anymore. She finds herself miserable and not enjoying life when she is in the prime of her life. So she claims herself as independent to her brothers as long as she stays out of scandal or she could find herself married to any old bore or a selfish peacock (of her brothers choice) so she ends up being accompanied by Valentine who is known as a well known rogue, and he starts giving her lessons in sin as pleasurable as she never knew was possible and knows that she could find herself falling in love with someone that would only break her heart in the end.

My Thoughts 
Sin and Sensibility is the first in the Griffin series. This is not the first time that I have read this series but I haven’t read this series since they were newer, so I just wanted to read this one since it was one of my favorites and as I was reading I remembered how much I loved it. The passion and the romance came alive for me once more. I have always been a fan of Suzanne Enoch, books that are fun, sexy and full of sizzling chemistry that draws you into her stories. Sin and Sensiblity was no different, and I loved the interaction between Eleanor and Valentine, and there were moments in the story that you find yourself totally captivated….definitely a Enjoyable read!!!

My Grade On this Book 
5 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series 
An Invitation To Sin
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Sins Of A Duke

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