Book Review-Unearthed

UN-Forgettable (1)
C.J. Barry
Love Spell
Published May 2003
297 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
ISBN 0-505-52540-2

Tess MacKenzie was a successful singer/songwriter. Then Cohl Travers picked her up.

Of course, it wasn’t exactly how she was used to being “picked up.” Cohl dropped down from outer space with his robot Pitz and zapped her–so that they could save his father by acquiring a magical amulet, he said. All Tess had to do–supposedly–was sing some strange song on some ancient mystical planet they still had to find. But her abductor was hiding something else, something besides the gorgeous body beneath his space suit. Something pretty darn bizarre was going on, and Tess vowed that she’d uncover everything. Very soon, it wouldn’t be just her or an ancient artifact but some powerful feelings: By the end of this crazy ride, everything was going to be .. .UNEARTHED

Tess MacKenzie, on the verge of a successful career as a singer, is suddenly kidnapped by Cohl Travers. Tess’s whole concept of her world, is about to change when she realizes that she just hasn’t been kidnapped to another state or country, but to another galaxy. Cohl, needs Tess to help him get his father freed, from those that have ransomed him. His father is the king and leader of their world, and Cohl is willing to do anything to free him, even kidnap a innocent woman to get what he needs. However Cohl didn’t expect to fall in love along the way of this adventure that both he and Tess will embark on, and he will find out what finding one’s true love is really like….not what he expected but he refuses to give it up once he has found it.

The Hero (Cohl Travers)
Cohl, ran away from his home many years ago., but upon hearing a frantic message from his mother concerning his father he rushed home, never expecting that his life would be forever changed after that. He knows that despite he and his father’s difference of opinions, he still loves him and would do anything to rescue him. But when he discovers Tess, his world changes and is unseated from his known reality of life, into a world where he can’t think of being separated from Tess….

The Heroine (Tess MacKenzie)
 Tess, after losing her parents and not seeing much of her siblings, has finally been living her dream, to be a singer, doing something she passionately loves. Tess is furious when a gorgeous , yet insane man kidnaps her but wants to take her on a adventure that she would never have even dreamed of, but despite all that she finds that she is falling for Cohl, and is willing to stand by him in anything…..

My Thoughts 
 Unearthed is the first in the UN forgettable series, and I truly enjoyed Cohl and Tess’s story here. Although I wasn’t as involved in the book as I was Unraveled, and it took me some time to get really into it, it still had a exciting plot and fascinating elements that unraveled a beautiful story. I have always had a fascination with the Science Fiction Genre, so this type of background to the story really intrigued me. What I think I loved most about this book was how at first Tess is against the whole mission, but then through a turn of events changes her mind and is willing to do everything she can to aid Cohl, and rescue. I found her to be full of courage and willing to give up everything to stand by the man she loves. Cohl, is more of a sacrificing hero character, he loves Tess, but doesn’t want her to give up everything to be with him…but the ending was magical and I just loved this story and especially all the characters involved. So if your looking for a story that will rock you to your very toes…then I would recommend Unearthed!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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