Book Review-Unleashed

UN Forgettable (3)
C.J. Barry
Love Spell
Published May 2004
340 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52573-9

Lacey Garrett was about to be free. Her fiance had run off with her business, her savings, and stuck her with his cat. What had she done to stop him? Nothing.

But she’d just been beamed to another planet. Here, she wasn’t an ordinary Earthwoman; she was part of a team. Here she could help a man like the roguish starship captain Zain Masters. Here, she could face krudo, interplanetary defense systems, and galaxy-wide conspiracies. She could even defeat the monstrous Bobzillas that looked like her ex-fiance! For Zain, Lacey could do anything — because his kisses, his touch, everything about him felt like destiny. And that destiny was the true Lacey Garrett . . .

 Lacey, has recently recovered from being cheated by her fiancee, where he ran with everything she had, apart from his cat, of course. Then she is suddenly beamed onto another planet, and thinks ok…it can’t get worse than this….however she is very wrong in that theory. Lacey is surprised to find that she is needed to help Zain Masters, who is stranded on a planet, with not much hope of getting his ship fixed before he gets killed in different painful ways. Lacey is determined to stay and assist Zain, she knows how much he needs her help right now and is willing to face whatever it takes, because there is passion building between them that she doesn’t want to deny, one that she craves and aches for, a passion that will lead to her destiny with the one man who holds her heart.

The Hero (Zain Masters)
Zain, once worked for a galactic company but when his partner is killed and he is blamed for it, he has been on the run ever since, a drifter, a loner, one that has had to stay away from his family and friends, and has decided never to involve himself with a woman again…that is until he meets Lacey, and his body and heart burns for hers, knowing he won’t be able to resist her or her efforts in saving him…

The Heroine (Lacey Garrett)
 Lacey, has just started to heal from her ex fiancee who took everything that she built, and didn’t even fight for it back. However when she meets Zain, and is entrenched with the dangers of his world, there is a part of her that awakens, boldly, and wants to fight for her own destiny, one that will involve Zain in her life…forever

My Thoughts 
Unleashed is the third installment in the UN Forgettable series…and I did overall enjoy Unleashed but it wasn’t my favorite, probably my least favorite of the series. There were some amazing moments where I was enthralled to say the least in part of the story, captivated by the suspense and the romance…however it took a while for me to really get into the story, but when I did, I definitely had a good ride. There was also a taste for unrelenting adventure and sizzling romance that had me at the edge of my seat at times. Although I felt like at times there was something missing, it was a enjoyable read!

My Grade On This Book 
3.5 Blossoms

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