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Waiting On Wednesday (47)

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine,that spotlights upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating.This week I’m waiting on, Coming Out Aug 2012

• Tough-as-nails Troubleshooters operative Sam Starrett learns the agony of loving someone in danger–and the hell of waiting on the home front–as his wife and fellow Troubleshooter, Alyssa, hurtles into a foreign hotspot that’s about to boil over.
• Navy SEAL Frank O’Leary’s ill-fated holiday reunion with his older brother takes a turn for the better-when a chance encounter on a rainy New Orleans street gives him a reason to be thankful after all.
• In a maze of tunnels deep beneath a military base in Germany, Jules Cassidy, Alyssa Locke, and their comrades in arms match wits with terrorists on a mission with explosive consequences.
• Plus more never-before-released adventures featuring Jenk, Izzy, Gillman, Lopez, Kenny, Savannah, and members of SEAL Team 16–along with Suzanne Brockmann’s exclusive interviews with her beloved characters.
• Looking for the best kind of trouble? You’ve found it!

Book Review-Breaking The Rules

Breaking The Rules
Troubleshooters (16)
Suzanne Brockmann
507 Pages
Published March 2011
Suspense Romance
ISBN 9780345521224

Izzy Zanella wasn’t looking for another reason to butt heads with his Navy SEAL teammate, and nemesis, Danny Gillman. But then he met Danny’s beautiful younger sister, Eden. When she needed it most, he offered her a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on—and more. And when she got pregnant with another man’s child, he offered her marriage. But Eden’s devastating miscarriage shattered their life together—and made the intense bad blood between Izzy and Danny even worse.

Now Eden’s back, and she’s on a mission to rescue her teen brother, Ben, from their abusive stepfather. Even if she and Izzy can prove that their broken marriage is still in one piece, winning legal custody of Ben is a long shot. But they’re not alone: Danny and his girlfriend, Jenn, offer to help, and he and Izzy agree to bury the past and fight for Ben’s future.

As they plan their strategy, Izzy and Eden grapple with the raw passion that still crackles between them—while Danny and Jenn confront new depths in their own rocky relationship. But events take a terrifying turn after Ben befriends a girl fleeing a child prostitution ring. When the young runaway seeks refuge with Eden and Izzy, her pursuers kidnap Ben—and a deadly standoff begins. Now they must all pull together like never before and strike back, swift and hard, to protect their unconventional little family and everything they hold most precious

Eden and Izzy once fell in love with each other, and even though they are married, are on the brink of a divorce. Since Izzy only married Eden because she was pregnant and he wanted to do the right thing, and then she miscarried and they serparated and lost in touch…until now…until a danger threatens the Gillman family, that would only bring Eden and Izzy closer together. Then we have Danny and Jenn, who fell in love in the previous books, but Jenn felt like they needed more than a few days to realize they love each other, however when Danny gets injured in a bomb blast, she starts to realize what is really important in life…and she knows that her life would never be fully complete without Danny in her life.

The Heroes (Danny Gillman and Izzy Zinella )
Danny and Izzy have really been mortal enemies ever since they met each other…Danny left his family when he was seventeen to join the Navy, and even though he has had some involvement he starts to come to the fact that he should have been there for Eden and his younger brother, who are both now in deep trouble, and only with him and Izzy’s help will they be able to help them against a threat they don’t see coming until its almost too late. 

The Heroines (Jenn and Eden)
Jenn, even though she is recovering from a troubling childhood, she has overcome it and has learned to live a normal life, however she never thought she would be good enough for Danny. Eden, has suffered much in her young life, and no one apart from Ben her younger brother has ever really been on her side. Now with Ben’s life in danger, these two couples will band together to fight the evil that threatens them…

My Thoughts 
Breaking The Rules would have to be one of my favorite books in the series so far!!! Ever since I read the lates one Hot Pursuit, we see the romance that blossoms between Jenn and Danny, and ever since then I have been aching for their continued story…so I was having such fun reading their love story….then Izzy and Eden….oh  Izzy has always made me laugh as we have seen him throughout the series and I was glad and hoping to see these two end up together..finally… they sure have had a rough time of it. However combined with two remarkable love stories that we see in this novel, there is fast paced action and so much intrigue and suspense it just might blow you away. I know it took everything I had just to sit back and listen to this story and not skip ahead, I felt like I was at the edge of my seat 90 percent of the time. But I was ended up feeling fully satisfied in the end…A Intense Read that I Just Fell In Love With!!!!! A Jewel! (FYI- For those of you who haven’t read this series and wonder if you can read it out of order…you can but I wouldn’t recommend it…I would recommend you read this series in order if you can, that way you won’t feel confused at times. )

My Grade On This Book 
5 Blossoms

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Headed For Trouble (Summer 2012)

Book Review-Touch A Dark Wolf

Touch A Dark Wolf
Shadowmen (1)
Jennifer St. Giles
Pocket Books
Published September 2006
306 Pages
Shape Shifter/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1332-2

Yesterday, Erin Morgan worked for a pioneering Manhattan medical center. Today, she’s on the run, witness to a chilling conspiracy. Fleeing for her life in the Tennessee mountains, she is run off the road by a mysterious beast . . . and things only get stranger when she wakes the next day to find a naked Adonis sprawled on the hood of her car.
For centuries, Jared has been a shape shifter, sworn to protect mortals like Erin. But in saving her, Jared has damned himself, for the poison from his battle wound stirs a terrible blood lust. Determined to protect Erin, Jared stays by her side and discovers a sensual rapture beyond imagining . . . and a love that can change his fate. But can Jared overcome his savage thirst and protect Erin from the beast within?

Erin, has been working for a Medical Center, and even though she enjoyed the benefits they had offered, when she realized that her boss was involved in several murders of innocent people, and she a witness, she fled, and is now on the run. Then her car collides with a hideous beast, but she is saved by a wolf. Then the next morning she awakes to find herself still with her car, and sleeping next to a gorgeous but very nude stranger, and this is only the beginning of the wierdness she will experience on this rocky journey with Jared. Jared is one of the Shadowmen who protect the Elan, who are in dangerous from evil creatures…and since he was injured by one of these foul creatures, he can feel the evil infection spreading throughout his body, and the only one who relieves the pain he feels is Erin’s touch, but he knows that he is only a danger to her, and must end his life before he ends up killing her….

The Hero 
Jared, is protector of the innocent, a shape shifter, and has sworn to protect the Elan who are in danger, from that which is most evil in the world. However when he tries to protect Erin, he is distracted because she sees him which most mortals can’t see his kind, and then he gets injured and is turned mortal since he is infected with a evil, that is spreading throughout him, a bloodlust for the blood of the one woman who could be his salvation…

The Heroine 
Erin Morgan, was shocked to see four dead people in work that day. After working for the medical center for months now, she never imagined what she would see, and now she is on the run with no where to go, until strange things happen and her life collides with a stranger, who could be the most dangerous threat of all, but the passion flares between them, which could be more dangerous that that threat he poses to her life…

My Thoughts 
Touch A Dark Wolf, is the first in the Shadowmen Series, and the first book that I have read from this author. I didn’t know from reading the blurb if I would really get into this book…however I really did. Although it was by far from my favorite shape shifter romance…it definitely had the suspense and fast paced action that I thoroughly enjoy in a good romance every now and then. It definitely reeks of enough danger to send one self careening over the edge, Such heart stopping moments up and down throughout the story. I sometimes felt like I was on a rollercoaster with this one….but in a good way. Its been a while since I have read a book with such intense emotion portrayed. I admit I was close to tears toward the end, not really knowing what would happen, but it ended on a happy note and I was fully satisfied! Definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series 
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Lusting For Covers (40)


Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, has finally moved on. After seven years mourning the loss of her husband, Garrett, at Waterloo, she has married his cousin and heir, Tristan. Sophie gives herself to him body and soul. . . until the day Garrett returns from the Continent, demanding his title, his lands-and his wife.


Now Sophie must choose between her first love and her new love, knowing that no matter what, her choice will destroy one of the men she adores. Will it be Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, whose loss nearly destroyed her once already? Or will it be Tristan, beloved friend turned lover, who supported her through the last, dark years and introduced her to a passion she had never known? As her two husbands battle for her heart, Sophie finds herself immersed in a dangerous game-where the stakes are not only love . . . but life and death.


On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It’s where I list all the books I desperately want but haven’t actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming.

e gave up his soul for a second chance to love her…
Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.
She’s haunted by dreams of her own death…
After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she’s drawn to him in ways she doesn’t understand.
They’ve waited in the shadows for centuries…
Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies reemerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he’s ever loved again.

Unlawfully charged with a crime and now fighting for the hated British, Iain MacKinnon disobeyed orders and endangered his brothers and his mission to rescue a woman. And though he sensed Annie was hiding something from him, it was too late to hold back his heart…

In a fantastical world where dragons have been all but destroyed, the human Natiya must protect the egg entrusted to her from the virile and powerful slayer Kiril until she herself can become Dragonborn.

Lord Cameron Mackenzie is intrigued when he finds the pretty widow, Ainsley Douglas, hiding in the window seat of his bedchamber. Cam remembers Ainsley Douglas all right—six years ago, he’d caught her in this very bedchamber, during a house party in the Mackenzies’ Scottish manor. Enchanted by her ingenuous excuses, he decided to seduce her, but stopped shy when she’d made a rather touching appeal about her “good husband who didn’t deserve to be heartbroken.”

Later, Cameron learned that her visit to his bedchamber was part of some female intrigue against him, the kind his late wife used to practice. Ainsley protested her innocence, but Cameron’s anger made him never want to see her again. Now she’s back, at another houseparty—and Cameron finds the gray-eyed minx in his bedchamber, again. Her excuses are just as ingenuous, but this time Cameron is determined to teach her a lesson.

They have unfinished business, Cameron tells her. He asks her how many of her many buttons she’ll let him unclasp, promising that before the houseparty is over, she’ll be asking him to undo them all.

Ainsley’s dismay is real. She’s on a mission to prevent embarrassment to Queen Victoria, and time is running out. Though the needs he’d stirred long ago during her unhappy marriage rise again, she knows it would be foolish to fall for love-them-and-leave-them Cameron Mackenzie.

But he asks her a question that challenges her beliefs about love and happiness, and she finds herself risking all to be with the black sheep of the Mackenzie family

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Q: It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. so we want to know what you are Thankful for – blogging related of course! Who has helped you out along the way? What books are you thankful for reading?

A: I am very grateful with the variety of choices of books out there….but I am most grateful for those certain books that just pierce the heart. 

Book Review-If You Desire

If You Desire
MacCarrick Trilogy (2)
Kresely Cole
Pocket Books
Published May 2007
358 Pages
Victorian Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-4165-0360-6


He tried to run….
In his youth, Hugh MacCarrick foolishly fell in love with a beautiful English lass who delighted in teasing him with her flirtatious ways. Yet he knew he could never marry her because he was shadowed by an accursed family legacy. To avoid temptation, Hugh left home, ultimately becoming an assassin.

She tried to forget him….
Jane Weyland was devastated when the Highlander she believed would marry her abandoned her instead. Years later, when Hugh MacCarrick is summoned to protect her from her father’s enemies, her heartache has turned to fury — but her desire for him has not waned.

Will passion overwhelm them?
In hiding, Jane torments Hugh with seductive play. He struggles to resist her because of deadly secrets that could endanger her further. But Hugh is no longer a gentle young man — and toying with the fever-pitched desires of a hardened warrior will either get Jane burned…or enflame a love that never died.

Jane, fell in love with Hugh, but who broke her heart when he just abandoned her with no goodbye. Now many years later he has reentered her life once more, insisting that because she is in danger she must marry him with her father right behind him on it….so with not much choice she agrees. Hugh, even though it killed him inside when he had to leave her, he knew it was better that way because of the curse against his family. Now however because of a past friend going against everything he once believed in wants to kill Jane to get back to Hugh and her father, and Hugh still loves her with a desperated and will do everything he can to protect her…even though it may cost him his sanity and his heart…

The Hero (Hugh MacCarrick)
Hugh, has always been reminded of the curse against both himself and his two brothers. Even though he is a agent for the British Government, and has wealth, he knows he can only live his life alone, and give up the only woman he has ever truly loved. Jane is the core of Hugh, and when they have to get married so he can protect her, he knows that he is in deep trouble because the passion that flames up between them both may engulf him.

The Heroine (Jane Weyland)
Jane, growing up always had love in her family, and even though she lost her mother, she has a good relationship with her father, or she so believes. Jane when she was young, fell madly for Hugh, but then he disappeared with no word and no goodbye which hurt most of all. Now he is back into her life when she had just started to move on with her life, and is put in a situation where she knows her heart may get broken for a second time.

My Thoughts 
If You Desire is the second in the MacCarrick trilogy, and by far my favorite of the series. When I first started reading this book, I kept hoping that it would be as good as I had heard about, but after read the first in the series and being disappointed I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. However, I think I just fell in lust/love with If You Desire. I would have to say the best of the series!!! I loved the story of this series…where you have two people who have fallen in love with each other before but both ended up hurt, but find themselves in close proximity to each other again and this time the love they share is only magnified. There were so hilarious moments in this book…that had me unseated with laughter.  The sensuality side of this story, was sexy and hott but not too much that turned me off…it was just perfect in my estimation. There was such delicious material in this book that it will leave you only earning for more!! A Tantalizing Read!!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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