Book Review-The Game

The Game
De Warrene Dynasty (4)
Brenda Joyce
Published Mar 1995
472 Pages
European Renaissance/Nautical Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-380-77573-6

Released from the sanctuary of a French convent, highborn, tempestuous Katherine FitzGerald sets sail for her beloved Ireland – only to find herself prisoner of the infamous pirate known to the Elizbethans as the Master of the Seas.

The pirate captain is Liam O’Neill, favored by Elizabeth the Queen. A hardened court player, he is determined to win the willful Katherine while advancing his own secret causes. But now he must risk everything he cherishes in order to triumph at a very treacherous game – through heartbreaking deception…and by breaking all the rules.

The Game has begun…

Katherine, after being in the convent for years and not having heard from her family, decides to leave knowing all she wants is a husband and children. So when she leaved and gets on a ship on her way to Ireland, back home, the ship is captured by pirates and she is a prisoner of Liam O’Neill, the pirate captain, who refuses to let her go. Katherine refuses to give in to the feelings and the desire she starts to feel for Liam, knowing she deserves more than to be a mistress to a pirate, that she deserves love, marriage and a family of her own. Liam is the king of Games, and ever since he first saw Katherine, he knew he would keep her, and even though he has a secret cause he will do everything he can to Win!

The Hero (Liam O’Neill)
Liam is half english and half irish, his father being a ruthless lord, his mother helpless to do anything to protect herself or her children. So Liam learned at a young age how to protect himself, and to never give in, no matter the risk or the cost. When Liam see’s Katherine, he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life even at the risk of pain and death. Katherine is His and will even break the rules of his own game to keep her by his side.

The Heroine (Katherine FitzGerald)
 Katherine, is desperate to get away from the convent, not knowing what has really happened to her family, so when she is captured by the pirate captain, she is most resistent and in the beginning refuses to give in to the feelings that she has for him. However as she starts to find the truth about her family and what has been happening since she has been in the convent, the feelings she has for Liam start to increase, and even though at times she feelings like she should strangle him, she also can’t deny that she loves him.

My Thoughts 
The Game is the 4th in the de Warrenne series, and I have always enjoyed Brenda Joyce and all of her books for the most part, and even though this was a bit longer, it was still a enjoyable read but far from my favorite of her books. The one thing that I really loved about this story, was how there was always a surprise at the next turn of the plot, something I would have never expected to happen, and left me excited to see what would happen next. The title for the book “The Game” is perfect, and fits it with exactness. The characters were fascinating to get to know. Liam would just make me laugh at times, and other make me want to hug him, and other I wanted to throttle him. Katherine however, it took me a while to really warm up to her, she seemed a bit selfish and naive especially in the beginning, but she grew on me as the story started to really develop. Overall it was a really enjoyable read with lots of intrigue and mystery, romance and passion and series of events that might just make your head spin!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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