Book Review-Highlander For The Holidays

Highlander For The Holidays
Highlander (8)
Janet Chapman
Published Nov 2011
325 Pages
Contemporary, Scottish Highlands

Jessie Pringle moved to the small mountain town of Pine Creek, Maine, to start her life again—and to try to put behind her brutal attack that left both her mind and body scarred. But she never expected to meeet someone like Ian MacKeage. Brawny and quick-witted, the green-eyed giant of a man seems to have stepped right out the Scottish Highlands.

As irresistibly drawn to Ian as he is to her, Jessie finds it more and more difficult to deny her own desires. But how long can she keep Ian content with only kisses?

Then, on on of her long walks through the wilderness, she meets a strang, kindly hermit who sells her a walking stick—one imbued with a magic that may allow Jessie to finally be rid of the pain of her past, and to build a future with Ian.

After a terrible event and four years later, Jessie is looking for a fresh start and a place to be herself once more….a magical place and when she comes across a brochure for a mountain town in Maine, she heads there as soon as she can knowing its exactly the place that she needs. On her first day she meets Ian, who reminds her of a conan the scottish highlander only way more sexy, and ever though her body is scarred and feels like less of a woman, he makes her feel more feminine and sensual than she has ever felt in her life and even though she has only known him for a small amount of time she feels herself falling into whirlwind of love, danger and excitement she has never known….

The Hero (Ian MacKeage) 
Ian, recently returned from Iraq, is starting to take his place to take over the resort, and spending way too much on the mountain trying to ignore his detiny, that is until Jessie came walking straight into his life and into his heart. At first he doesn’t know what to do with her, but all he knows is that she is His and he plans on keeping her forever…

The Heroine (Jessie Pringle)
Jessie, although well loved by her family and good friends, still sufferes from the past. Jessie was once married but was attacked…an attack she doesn’t remember only that she is very scarred and doesn’t know if she will ever be able to find a man that will truly love her for who she is on the inside….when she finds the resort in Maine, she knows its for her and that her destiny lays there in that small yet unique mountain town…..

My Thoughts 
Highlander For The Holidays was just an amazing read and once I returned from the library it was the first book that I could hardly wait to pick up….Janet Chapman has to be one of my favorite authors now especially since I think I have read all of her books now…I think….Highlander For The Holidays was so firmly packed full of everything that makes a great romance and even though it wasn’t my favorite it definitely was a fantastic read. One of the things I truly loved about this book was how Jessie is amazing in the inside and even though she is scarred on the outside Ian still thinks she is sexy and beautiful and I just love that. And any of you that have read this book know exactly what I mean. Although the ending wasn’t what I expected and disappointed me a bit….it still had a great romantic effect. A Winner!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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