Giveaway Blog Tour: Her Master’s Voice-Review and Interview

Her Masters Voice
Vivien Sparx

E Book

When young Kate receives an anonymous text message she doesn’t realize how much her world is about to change. Surrendering to her inner most desires Kate soon finds herself submitting to the erotic, sensual and sensitive demands of her mysterious Master.
Drawn into a world of erotic love Kate quickly realizes all that matters in her world is Her Master’s Voice.

Kate got to her knees on the living room floor and tied the red scarf around her head to blindfold herself. In the sudden darkness Kate’s senses seemed heightened. Every small sound made her flinch, and her mind quickly became overwhelmed with erotic images. Her naked skin felt cool, and yet she felt as though she was on fire. She rested her hands on her thighs. Her palms were sweating. The silence seemed to slow time. She became aware of every new sound, and each small noise took on greater importance. Her attention was tuned to the sound of the front door, and when she heard the scrape of distant shuffling her body suddenly tensed in anticipation. A shudder thrilled through her body and her breath caught in the back of her throat. Then she heard the door swinging slowly open. He was here! Kate’s body tensed. She heard his soft footsteps as he crossed the room. She could feel him nearby, standing somewhere in front of her. She gulped and licked her lips nervously.
“You are perfectly safe,” her Master said, and Kate felt herself literally melting at the deep confident assurance in his voice. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. More footsteps.
 Kate sensed him walking around her, as if he was inspecting his new property. She straightened her back. “You are beautiful,” he said.
By the sound of his voice, Kate knew he was standing close behind her. She stayed silent, and now he was here, now it was all really happening… her mind was blank. Her whole focus was on the sound of his voice and the sense of him being near her.

My Review
I usually don’t read much erotica, especially BDSM sub genre, but I thought I would give this one a chance, especially since its pretty short. It summary its about Kate and her Master talking through the phone. There was so much heat and sensuality in these conversations that really draws you in. We see Kate go through certain tests and face things she normally wouldn’t ever imagine doing. I really liked the aspect of how its all about Trust in their relationship and how it strengthens the bond between them. A enthralling and erotic tale that is bound to fog up your windows!!! So if you like something that is short yet sweet and well worth your time, this book is definitely for you. I just will have to try this author some more.


In less than twelve months, erotic romance author Vivien Sparx has become one of Amazon’s best-selling authors, and published over a dozen erotic romance books. Her bestselling series ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ has been praised by the BDSM community for its accuracy and realism, and her gripping story lines have earned her a legion of enthusiastic readers around the world.

-Could you tell us 5 random things about yourself.
VS: I love horse riding, I am a passionate cook, I watch the Twilight movies over and over again whenever I feel depressed, I once learned how to pole dance, and I don’t like bugs!
-What is your favorite aspect about writing? What inspired you to write?
VS: I love the creation aspect. It’s the creation of new characters and erotic tension and romance that I enjoy the most. I spend a lot of time asking, “what if…”
I have wanted to write since I was a teenager. I saw it as the perfect way to entertain others
– Tell us a bit about Her Master’s Voice
VS: Her Master’s Voice was my first erotic romance story, and remains one of my real favourites. It all came from the idea of a Master and a submissive never seeing each other, and only communicating over the phone. I was intrigued by the conversations, and how the story could be created in such a way that was romantic, erotic, and still mysterious.
-Do you have a favorite character? Tell us about him/her
VS: My favourite character from all my stories is a young submissive girl named Tink, who appears in my ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series of stories. Tink is just cool!
-What made you decide on writing erotic romance? and why?
VS: I wanted to write stories that people read. I didn’t want to write to educate or inform like a journalist – I wanted to entertain. And I guess I was drawn to erotic romance because it’s a subject we all can relate to!
-What is the easiest and/or hardest part about writing?
VS: The hardest part is starting. It is dreadful. Getting the first 2000 words down is more agonising than a trip to the dentist. Almost one third of my entire writing process is dedicated to just getting a good start.
The easiest part is writing decription and conversation. I enjoy those aspects.
-Do you have a favorite genre to read for fun?
VS: I read a lot of fantasy stories
-Do you have a specific spot you like to write? or is it anytime, anywhere?
VS: I write in my office at home. I shut the door, fill the room with burning incense (too much, actually) and then as I begin to choke from the fumes and the smoke I start to write! By the time the incense smoke has cleared, I’m normally into the day’s work
-If you could travel to any time, which would it be and why?
VS: I would travel into the future. Just a day would do.
-Do you have any favorite books or author you love to read from?
VS: No favourite authors. Naturally, I was raised on Harry Potter, so JK Rowling will always have a special place in my heart (!) but the truth is that I just love to read.
Her Master’s Voice is available from Amazon in kindle or paperback format, along with every other Vivien Sparx title. In the coming months, two more Vivien Sparx stories are slated for publication.

About The Author 

As a writer of erotic romance, the beauty of the genre is not in creating lavish settings for my stories.

Nor is my fascination for erotic romance drawn from the opportunity to create handsome heroes and beautiful heroines.

My real love for the genre stems from the opportunity to take my readers on a journey and engage as many of their emotions as possible.

I believe writing erotic romance gives authors the most influence over how a reader feels as we engage them in our stories.

Writers of action books, or horror books certainly can create compelling situations, but with erotic romance we writers can immerse our readers in a multitude of emotions unprecedented in any other form of creative fiction.

I can frustrate readers, make them laugh, make them cry, delight them, intrigue them, inform them – erotic fiction is a total emotional experience, and it is gratifying to hear readers respond to stories with passion.

I believe readers want to be engaged and drawn into the pages of a story, and as a writer of erotic romance, we have the greatest opportunity because our stories are always relatable. They may be fictional worlds and fictional characters, but the themes of love and romance and erotica are so universal, and so personal to each of us that we all respond to stories in different ways.

But we all respond.

And that’s the true joy of writing erotic romance. It matters not so much how you respond as you read… it matters only that you do respond. If a writer can engage you and make you feel, then the story’s journey is one well worth taking.



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