Author Requested Book Review-Lady Broke

Lady Broke
Rachel Donnelly
Crimson Romance
E Book
Published July 8 2013
195 Pages
Western Romance
ISBN 978-1-4405-7026-1

East meets west when a high-principled Boston socialite teams up with a revenge driven bounty hunter to catch a gang of outlaws in the wilds of Nevada.

It’s tough being a witness when the last one turned up dead. But Christie Wallace is determined to bring the Everett gang to justice. Unfortunately, the law can’t protect her from pistol-toting outlaws or the intoxicating lure of a dangerous man. But, after escaping the suffocating prospects of an arranged marriage, she has no intention of allowing her heart to rule her head, even when temptation comes in the form of an incorrigible lawman named Nat Randall.

Dead or alive—it made no difference to Nat Randall. He’d tried to bring the Everett gang to trial once before, but the law let him down. It seems frontier justice is all he has left. But he didn’t count on protecting a bewitching Easterner whose courageous spirit challenges him as much as her beauty distracts. It’s not long before he’s torn between pursuing her or the outlaws.

A timeless, rollicking adventure of unlikely lovers, set in the Wild West.

My Review

Rachel Donnelly gave me a copy of Lady Broke in return for a honest review. Considering that I just love western historical’s, I found eager to read it. When I read the synopsis I knew that it would be a stimulating read. I really loved how the beginning started out with excitement and danger. It wasn’t the type where it takes a while to get into the story, I felt like it would be a easy to get into read for anyone. There is a instant spark between Nat and Christie, even if they both try to deny what they feel in the beginning. When she ends up getting kidnapped by the gang that Nat is hunting down, the same gang that almost killed her uncle. When Nat and Christie are embroiled together in a intense adventure that will turn their spark into a fierce passion across the west. Thus begins a adventure about a lawman and a young woman from the city, that are drawn together and end up finding a love of a lifetime when they least expect it. It was such fun to see how this couple interacted and developed their relationship. On the outside it seems like they are so wrong for each, so opposite–but in the end we see how its the important things that really matter, and that in the end they complimented each other in a way that was beyond intriguing.  I found myself being very impressed with Donnalley’s voice. I haven’t ever read her books until this one, but I definietly want to read more of her books now. Lady Broke is full of advenutre, spirited characters, and a exciting plot that is bound to curl your toes. I enjoyed seeing their connection grow with full intensity and will evoke such zestful emotions!! A stunning adventure that made the wild west come to life!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 


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