Book Review-Princess Charming

Princess Charming
Legendary Lovers (1)
Nicole Jordan
Mass Market Paperback
Published January 2012
343 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN:  0345525272
Author’s Website 

In Nicole Jordan’s dazzling new Regency series, the scandalous Wilde cousins seek true love by imitating history’s legendary lovers… beginning with Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort, who takes on the daunting role of Prince Charming to an unlikely Cinderella.

Thanks to the mischievous meddling of his matchmaking sister, Ashton Wilde meets a damsel in distress during the midnight magic of a lavish ball. But Maura Collyer isn’t looking for a prince—or an intimate pairing with any member of the scandalous noble Wilde family.

Intrigued by Maura’s beauty and daring, Ash is determined to aid in the rescue of her beloved stallion, gambled away by her wicked stepmother to an evil viscount. As their adventure becomes rife with peril and passion, Ash suspects he’s found his heart’s desire.

My Review

After having the chance to read Lover Mine (the second in the series), I was thrilled to get a copy of Princess Charming at my local library. The more I read from Nicole Jordan, the more I am liking her even more and more.  This new series by Jordan, is the “Legendary Lovers”, which we see in Princess Charming, is instigated by the oldest daughter-who tends to be a bit bossy and overwhelming at times. She claims that each of them (herself and her fellow siblings) are destined for one true mate, and that each of their finding their true love will be based on a famous love story. So informs her brother Ash that he is destined to be Prince Charming to Maura who is his Cinderella. At first he thinks his sister is going crazy, but he starts to believe her when he meets Maura, who needs someone to rescue her. Maura has recently lost her father because he was tricked into a gambling game. So her step mother, sold her most prized possession, her beloved horse, to their nemesis, who promised in return to fund her sisters coming out in Society. She is furious and needs to get back her horse, he is one of her closest friends and will do anything to get him back. When she tries to convince the Viscount to sell him back to her, he tries to attack her sexually, and she fights back. Now she knows that she will never be able to get him back. But then Ashton Wilde steps forward, and for the first time she believes that there is hope. She knows that his sister is trying to match make them together, but that is the last thing she needs, is another male trying to take over her life, she believes that she is doing just fine on her own. But when circumstances change, Ash and Maura are forced together in a pretend engagement, and she starts to fall in love with a scandalous rake who has taught her the true power of passion and a love that last a lifetime.

Can I just say WOW!!! I am very impressed, I wish that I had read this one first before Lover Mine. It is always such a benefit to read a series in order, now I have to wait for the third in the series, much to my dismay….the last thing I want to do now is WAIT!! LOL There was quite a bit that I enjoyed about Princess Charming. First is that I loved that it had a horse theme to it. I have a deep passion for horses, and this horse definitely played a major part in the story. Maura is very stubborn and tenacious, and seriously—she will do anything for this horse of hers. It was quite amusing to see the lengths she will go with, and Ash just goes along for the ride and saves the day. I loved the Ashton isn’t afraid of Maura independence, and is a perfect match for her, because he shows her he can be just as stubborn as she can. There was quite a bit of a intense battle between Maura and Ashton, but a fun and amusing one, that will just have you laughing until your arms fall off. A witty and carefree tale based on a fairy tale, that just brings a new aspect on it, and made me fall in love with this author again! Zesty, humorous adventure!!

My Grade
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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