Author Requested Book Review-Draculaville I-Discovery In New York

Draculavill-Discovery In New York
Draculaville (1)
Lara Nance
E Book
Published July 2013
250 Pages
Vampire Romance
ISBN: 9781490989518
Authors Website 

Not your typical romance, and not your average theme park… When Advertising Executive Talia Quinton takes on the unwelcome job of promoting the country of Romania, she has no idea it will involve rescuing a real vampire and being thrust into a conflict among warring vampire factions in New York. She and her rescued vampire, Drake, must fight for their lives to protect their growing love for each other and escape capture in time to present Talia’s campaign to the Romanians. For she’s groomed Drake to become Dracula, the spokesperson for a multi-billion dollar project to build an adult fantasy them park/resort in Transylvania called….DraculaVille.

My Review 

Talia Quinton is a professional, who works for advertising and for years she has worked her butt off, to get a promotion, but then her boss calls her in and she is given the job she didn’t expect. She has been given the job of advertising for Romania. One evening on her way home, she finds a man left for dead, so she rescues him and takes him back to her place, and she finds out that he needs blood, has fangs, and is a vampire, a creature she never imagined existed. Drake is unlike any man she has ever met, even though he is a vampire, a creature of the night, she doesn’t fear him, if anything he makes her feel safe and there is a pull between them that is beyond powerful and addicting. After she realizes what Drake really is, she decides to work vampires in with her advertising project with Romania, to build a theme park called Draculaville, and the focus will be Drake. Soon Talia doesn’t realize that she and Drake will be thrown into a world with warring vampire factions, and they will soon be thrown in the midst of the battle, and they will have to fight to protect each other.

I was asked to review Draculaville I-Discovery in New York, and I am so glad I accepted it. Lately I have been so busy with reading and life, I haven’t been able to accept many author request for reviews, but when I read the blurb, I knew I needed to give this one a try. Draculaville I was filled with so much tension, paranormal bite, and mysterious intrigue to wet my appetite. When I first started reading, I was instantly dragged into the story, and before I knew it, I couldn’t put it down. The author sets up the story in a way that instantly captivates your attention from the first page. It begins with Talia, about to learn what job she will have. She has been working for quite a long time, to have the dream advertising job, that wouldn’t be the most exciting, but would pay a fortune. But then she gets a job that she least expects. We see how disappointed she is, because she has had to work her tail off to get to where she is. Then the sexy hero arrives on the scene. Drake has no memory of who he is or where he comes from. Talia finds him hungry, and left to die behind a dumpster, and feeling a instant connection to him (even though he is a stranger) she decides to take him in. When she learns about what he is, she doesn’t fear vampires at all. That aspect was a bit strange to me, even her best friend and work associates don’t seem to think anything too strange about it much. However it does set the stage for the plot that is a whirlwind of danger and romance.

The characters in this story were intriguing and I enjoyed seeing the connection to each other, and how they each play a part in this story. The side characters were cute and amusing (especially the little boy “Pip” who is charming, and they were put into the story smoothly. Drake made a fabulous hero, sexy and sweet. (which is my personal favorite). Even though he is a vampire, he is newly turned, and seems so human and normal. He doesn’t seem to send off the aura of danger at all, but you see how he slowly changes and accepts what he has become. Talia is very strong willed, and is very progressive, and goes after what she wants, sometimes she comes off too strong, and she tends to be a bit too prideful at times. She tends to forget that she is mortal and a woman with feelings. Talia has been hurt in the past and has learned to protect herself. And one of my favorite aspects was how Drake deals with her cool manner, he shakes her up and makes her realize what she is doing to herself and to those that care about her. His manner is so sweet and patient with Talia, and their relationship is a slow progression even though fireworks are obviously just beneath the surface.

The plot and the story line was so well done, I felt like there was a certain smooth flow to the story, it didn’t feel too shifty, and when the plot changed, it felt like a gradual transition. I enjoyed this world that Lara Nance has created, and I didn’t feel lost at any moment in the story. She gave strong descriptions that seemed to add flavor to the story, and made this reader become fully entrenched in the story. The love the blossoms between Drake and Talia is tender yet passionate, and I enjoyed the style of this author. I will warn you there is a bit of a cliffhanger, not too much of one, but definitely makes me eager to read the next one in the series “Danger in Los Angeles” Overall I couldn’t help but fall madly in love with the love story between Drake and Talia. There was a certain enchanting feel to it, a love story amidst danger and intrigue that will stir your senses!!! A story you don’t want to miss out on.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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