Book Review-Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country
Parable Montana (1)
Linda Lael Miller
Published May 2012
377 Pages
Contemporary Western Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-77643-6
Authors Website

The “First Lady of the West,” #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller is back with a new series about Parable, Montana-where love awaits. The illegitimate son of a wealthy rancher, Sheriff Slade Barlow grew up in a trailer hitched to the Curly-Burly hair salon his mother runs. He was never acknowledged by his father-until now. Suddenly, Slade has inherited half of Whisper Creek Ranch, one of the most prosperous in Parable, Montana. That doesn’t sit well with his half brother, Hutch, who grew up with all the rights of a Carmody. Including the affections of Joslyn Kirk, homecoming queen, rodeo queen, beauty queen-whom Slade has never forgotten But Joslyn is barely holding her head up these days as she works to pay back everyone her crooked stepfather cheated. With a town to protect-plus a rebellious teenage stepdaughter-Slade has his hands full. But someone has to convince Joslyn that she’s responsible only for her own actions. Such as her effect on this lawman’s guarded heart.

My Review

Slade Burrow, the Sheriff of Parable, is shocked when he learns he has inherited half of his fathers ranch. Slade is his bastard son, and was barely involved in his life growing up. His mother struggling to make do with her hair salon. Now he has more money than he ever imagined, and a half brother that wants him to sell his portion, and his step daughter will be staying with him for the summer. His life has turned upside down, but what really shocks him to the core is the arrival of Joslyn Kirk. Joslyn has come back to Parable to make amends for her fathers errors. Her father, cheated many in Parable of quite a large amount of money. So she sells her business to pay everyone the money that is owed them. She has very few friends in Parable now. Most seem to blame her for her fathers sins. Then she ends up running into Slade Burrow and sparks fly. Even though she wants to deny her attraction to Slade, she can’t deny the desire she feels for him, or the way she feels her heart weakening toward him.

Big Sky Country is the first in the parable series by Linda Lael Miller. Its been a while since I have read this author. In the past she was a favorite, especially with her historical’s, and I do hope one day she does return to that. However I knew how much I loved her style, so I thought I would pick this one out, and see if I liked it. I had read some mixed reviews previous about this series, but I really had a feeling about Big Sky Country, and from the first moment I picked it up, I was hooked. I could barely put this down to sleep, I enjoyed it that much. It took me longer to actually pick it up to read than to actually read it (LOL). I really enjoyed the set up of the story. We are also introduced to some side characters that are in future books, which I am looking forward to after seeing their involvement in this story. The story begins with Slade learning of his inheritance, then it turns to Joslyn arriving to Parable and staying with the only friend she has in Parable. Then a dog gets involved, and Joslyn and Slade see each other, and thus begins a flirty romance that turns into one helluva country romance.

The characters weren’t too spectacular or original, however they were very likable. There is a conflict between Slade and Joslyn in the beginning, but as the story progresses, the rough edges start to slowly smooth out. Slade is your typical hero of a contemporary. Handsome, capable, confident and sexy as sin. I liked him but didn’t love him. He was very endearing at times, and I did enjoy seeing his unique character blend into the story pretty well. He seemed to be very charismatic  at times, and at others seemed to display some vulnerabilities but I didn’t feel like his character really drew me completely, but Slade was enjoyable quite often. Joslyn, was very likable and surprisingly I liked her more than Slade. There was something about her character that I felt had much more substance to me. We see her in the beginning full of issues and problems, just like normal people. Not over the top gorgeous, but a normal looking woman (which made me feel like she was easier to relate with).

I enjoyed this fun and carefree western contemporary and I liked the way this story turned out in the end. It had a nice ending that fills the reader with satisfaction. A enjoyable romance to relax into on a calm winters day.  Definitely going to read more books in the series!! 🙂

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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