ARC Book Review-A Vampire’s Soul

A Vampire’s Soul
Carla Susan Smith
Kensington Books
Published July 3rd 2014
270 Pages
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781601832917
Authors Website


Rowan Harper’s world has been wrenched apart. The man she thought she loved—the man she does love—is a vampire, and not the kind that glitters. Running away isn’t an option. Gabriel isn’t just her lover. She’s bound to him in ways she can’t comprehend, ways that put both of them in desperate danger even as Rowan’s desire for him blazes anew.

The rules of her life before are gone. But she has a power of her own, a power she is remembering in fits and starts even as time races against her. With her life and Gabriel’s very soul on the line, Rowan has to choose who to believe—and who to trust…

My Review

I Received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review. 
Rowan has just learned that her boyfriend, the love of her life, has kept a secret so much more than she ever imagined….he is a vampire! Rowan is blown away and has no idea how to handle this shock. At first Gabriel gives her space, but as the truth starts to sink in, she starts to realize that he is still the same loving and passionate man she first fell in love with. Now she might be in danger from a woman scorned that is jealous of her bond with Gabriel. And on top of that she learns that she is bound to him in ways she doesn’t know yet but will change her life forever. After she learns everything and her full memories return to her, will she be able to grab at the chance at a future with Gabriel or lose him forever….

A Vampire’s Soul is the second book, and it continues right from where the first book ended (which I loved, so you don’t miss out on anything) and we see Rowan really struggling with the truth about Gabriel. At first glance you think…well why would she struggle with it so badly? But if you have read the first book, her finding the truth isn’t the best way, and in fact I sympathize with her, because you see how shocked she is, and hasn’t had much time to process it. In some parts of the book we don’t see Rowan and Gabriel too much, but you see more side characters more involved in the story, and I loved that when Rowan does except Gabriel for all that he is, she does it with every part of her, nothing held back. One of my favorite aspects of Rowan, is that she doesn’t hide anything, she is frank and honest and I enjoyed how refreshing her character is.

There is quite a huge element of danger and suspense added to the story, and then we see more about Gabriel and Rowans past together, and there is alot more to their bond than you ever realize. It definitely is heart wrenching at times, and my heart went out to this couple, that definitely deserve their happy ever after. There is quite a few layers in this story, very unique, that for being less than 300 there is so much happening in this story that pulls you in and you find yourself enthralled by the magic of the storytelling of this author that weaves a tale of passion and intrigue and a intense world that you ache to see more of. I definitely will be keeping this author in mind for the future. These two books are definitely going on the favorite list. I would highly recommend this author to any romance lover that is searching for a tender yet powerful vampire love story to capture your heart. MAGNIFICENT!!!

My Grade
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating

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