Bloggiest Spring Challenge for 2015


It is finally time to begin Bloggiesta!!

For quite a few years now…well really ever since I starting my blog, which was almost four years ago, I have been wanting to join up on this challenge. So I have decided that this is something I need to do. The one most important reason, is to get things more organized and get certain things done for my blog that I have been lax on. So thanks to some blogging friends that are joining in as well, I thought I should do this, and I want to do this. I have a feeling that this will make things feel more refreshed and revitalized but also give me more energy and enthusiasm.

Here Are Some Goals:

1. Tagging and Categories-As some of you might know, I recently transferred over from Blogger to WordPress, so the whole Tags and Categories is a bit different, and I already have been doing this a little bit every week, but I want to be more focused on this. So durring the Bloggiesta, this will be a primary focus for my blog. Plus I know once I am fnished with it, everything will seem a bit more polished and less scatter brained.

2. Pre Scheduled Posts for April and May-I do many memes and other type of posts, and thanks to Anna over at Herding Cats, who introduced this to me last year, I feel so much more confident when the posts I have are already scheduled and I don’t have to rush in the night before. This way the rest of the month I can focus on other aspects of my blog and personal life that have needs too.

3. Cross Posting–I am in the middle of doing this, and I am almost caught up to year 2013 and I hope to make a dent in it–a large one. Wish me good luck.

4. Set up a more detailed schedule for my blog

8 thoughts on “Bloggiest Spring Challenge for 2015

  1. Great list! I spent one of my first Bloggiestas working through tags and categories — it did make me feel more organized. Wishing you a happy and productive Bloggiesta!


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