Quote Tastic (39) Liberating Trousers

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My Candidate For The Week


“I don’t care,” Livy stated emphatically. “I don’t care if our marriage is nullified. As for ourBetween The Devil and Desire
children, they will be loved and they will be taught to laugh at society’s rules when they don’t suit them. They will have your strength of conviction, Jack, and your mother’s strength of purpose. We will all honor her. She was a remarkable woman. I wish I’d had an opportunity to know her. She gave me something very precious. “I love you, Jack Dodger. I love you with all my heart and soul. If I must live with you without benefit of marriage, so be it. I shall do it with no regrets and with an amazing amount of pride that you’ve chosen me to stand at your side. And when I go to hell, I shall gladly dance with you.”

“Really?” Catherine didn’t look at all appalled. “What was it like to wear trousers in public?”

“Quite . . . liberating, actually.”

“I daresay, I think we wear far too many layers of clothes.”

“I agree,” both men said at once.

Olivia and Catherine giggled like young girls.

“It is not what I deserve, but then that is the beauty of mercy. It allows even the worst of sinners to be forgiven.”

13 thoughts on “Quote Tastic (39) Liberating Trousers

    • I know…aren’t they great? She definitely knows how to write a solid romance, and this series is one of my favorites. And I love her older books and her recent books, her writing just never changes, like you see in some other authors.


    • It is a good one, I can’t decide which one I love more honestly, but I am thinking of doing a re read of this series this summer though. I just love it. Especially with her latest series being connected to this one, which is kinda fun to see.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I know…that first quote is just awesome. And I guess especially back then, pants would be very liberating. I think I would hate to wear skirts all of the time. I like having a variety.


    • It does, but then you do see that with Lorraine Heath in all of her books. If you haven’t ever read her, and you want to try a good historical romance, you should look her up. She is one of my top favorite romance authors to read.


  1. LOL well that sounds like quite a fun read but also one that might tear a girl up a little too. I’m gonna have to try her.


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