Blog Tour: One True Heart by Jodi Thomas

One True HeartTitle: One True Heart 
Author: Jodi Thomas 
Series: Harmony (8)
Publisher: Berkley 











New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas takes us back to Harmony, Texas—a small town where love blooms and secrets of the past threaten to alter the future…

Millanie McAllen is always logical. But after returning to her childhood home, she learns that some things are beyond explanation—like her undeniable passion for Drew Cunningham…

After finding success as a singer on the road, Beau Yates returns to Harmony to make peace with his dying father—only to find the woman he’s been dreaming of for years. But the secrets they discover might be too much for him to bear…

When Johnny Wheeler is charged with his wife’s murder, he turns to the only person who believes he’s innocent. Fortune teller Kare Cunningham’s life has always danced around reality—but Johnny is able to ground her like no other…

As their paths cross in new, captivating directions, the townspeople of Harmony need to learn to love and let go in order to live together in their little slice of heaven.

My Review

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to the author Jodi Thomas and Berkley Publishing. This is a full honest review.

One True Heart is the eighth installment in the Haromony Series, and this is the first opportunity I have had to read this author. So going into this one I wasn’t sure how I would react to it, but I am very pleased with this story. There were many aspects of the story I enjoyed, and then there were a couple things that tended to distract me from being fully involved in it. What we have here is three sub plot, but they kinda blend together in a harmonious way that I wasn’t expecting. The main focus I felt on the story was Millanie and Drew. Drew is a teacher, and a bit of a nerd, but a attractive one at that. Very intelligent and strong, yet has a passionate side you don’t expect from him. Millanie served in the military, and due to a injury to her leg, she has been discharged, so she heads to the only place she knows that can bring her some semblance of peace…Harmony. This is where we see a strong attraction between her and Drew. Th e other two plots at first you have to stick with, but I loved the way that you see the other two couples come together in circumstances where love isn’t expected to ever happen. What distracted me was the sub plots, I am more of a main story kinda gal. These sub plots reminded me of the way Tom Clancy tends to write his books (which can be confusing sometimes). And in all honesty I wasn’t really confused much, I just had a hard time having my attention stay on the story. What I did love most was the small town feel to this story, seeing the simple way that falling in love does to one that doesn’t expect it. It was like taking a bite out of your favorite simple pleasure. One True Heart is a tender and charming story that wraps you up like a cozy blanket on a cold winter’s night. It that comforting feel to it that you wish you could have forever. Definitely going to try this author out more, I love the style of writing and her encanting way of creating a love story to captivate one’s reader.

About The Author

Jodi ThomasI’m a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author, wife, mother, in-law, grandmother, sister, friend, and owner of one fat cat.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: One True Heart by Jodi Thomas

  1. I read one book by Jodi Thomas that I think was the prequel to this series since its a historical about the founding of Harmony. That one had a few story threads too. I love your description of small town life and her writing. Guess I’ll have to give it another go soon.


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