Top Ten Tuesday (63) Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

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Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With
1. Aubrey and Eve – I adored this couple. This may be a historical but it can also go into the category of somewhat paranormal. It is one of those stories that stays with you. They were such a strong team together. 

Bride Enchanted

2. Gilles and Emma -their love story was tough, it wasn’t easy, and from beginning to end, they have to face certain enemies that want to keep them apart. 

Lord Of the Keep

3. Arion and Jenna-They were forced into a marriage, but it was fate that brought them together. They both had to make certain sacrifices. 

Shadow Fires

4. Dallas and Cordelia-They married without knowing each other, but you see how much they needed each other. 

Texas Glory 2

5. Dalden and Brittany-This is a mix of science fiction romance with contemporary. Two people from different worlds and cultures, but what I loved about these two was their instant connection to each other and you see them grow as a couple. 

Heart of a warrior

6. Gideon and Sara-A Pirate and a bluestocking English miss, their story was sensual and full of exotic places. I adored this couple but also other characters involved in the story. Wouldn’t mind a chance seeing them again. 

The Pirate Lord-Older Cover

7. Simon and Daphne-Now with this series, there are multiple couples I love, but I think this couple would have to be my favorite. Their story is charming and emotional. 

The Duke And I  Extended

8. Alec and Jamie- These two are just classic and beyond memorable. One of my favorite couples. 

The Bride

9. Utah and Lia-This is a series that stopped, which is sad to me, because its one of my favorite paranormal series. Utah and Lia was the first book I read from this author, and their relationship started out a bit with angst..but whew could they explode with fireworks. Loved how their story developed and I do hope the author returns to this series again. 

Eternal Prey

10. Daniel and Helena-This was one of the first romances I ever read, and they are still to this day one of my top favorite couples to read. I still like to re read their story. Its one of those romances that still gives you shivers. 

A Notorious Love - Copy

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