Waiting On Wednesday (137) The Reluctant Hero

Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the
Spine,that spotlights upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating.This
week I’m waiting on…Coming Out May 12 2015


My Candidate For The Week



The Reluctant HeroWhat She Needs . . . 

Texas in the 1880s is a wild and lawless land, where a woman fending for herself is a rare breed. Andrea Jackson is just that. A woman who went against the grain by writing bestselling novels instead of marrying and staying at home. But with her muse, and her money dried up, she’s in desperate need of a hero. And Sheriff Matthew Knight has just the right material.Only He Can Give . . .

Matthew doesn’t know what to make of the sassy, bright-eyed, temptress who insists on following him around. He’s nobody’s hero, and he doesn’t believe in fairy tales. What he is, is a man. With a man’s needs. And there’s something about the feisty, determined, vixen, he just can’t seem to shake


14 thoughts on “Waiting On Wednesday (137) The Reluctant Hero

    • Yeah in a way, its a novella, its from a anthology she did in 2006 and now you can get it on its own. Its only about 100 pages, not much in length but delightful as Heath always is. Especially when she does westerns. I would love for her to get back to them.

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    • really??? NEVER??? I might keel over and go into shock…LOL Oh Quinn you have to read her!! She is amazing. She was one of the first authors I read and I have loved every one of her books ever since. In fact there isn’t a book she has written I didn’t LOVE. So really, read her NOW!! hehe I might be a little passionate about her but she writes wonderful love stories. You will probably see plenty of her books in upcoming Hisrom101 posts.

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  1. I didn’t realize her next book was going to be a western!!!! I’m sqeeing here as she wrote incredible westerns back in the day and I was heartbroken when she left the west and moved her books to England. You just made my day!


    • Oh I wish hun…actually this is a re release of a novella that was in a anthology she did about ten years ago…but I love her westerns and I do hope she eventually goes back to them. all of them are wonderful right?


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