Historical Romance 101: Favorite Side Characters

Historical Romance 101Welcome to the last segment of Historical Romance 101!!! Today we will be discussing side characters and our personal favorites. This topic has been so much fun to look back at all the stories I have read and those side characters that have charmed me. I love how they add a unique element to a romance novel, Come and check out what these other great ladies favorite side characters are as well: Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda @ On A Book Bender, and Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook . Also we have a special treat for all of you, it will be the final event and what fun it will be and everyone is welcome to join in. We will be having a #histrom101 twitter chat on Tuesday Evening, 9pm EST/8pm CST, which we will be having a wonderful discussion on more favorite things we love about this genre!! So Please come and join in and would love to hear your thoughts on certain topics …Hope to see you all there! 

1. Harry from The Duke and Lady In Red by Lorraine Heath-

The Duke and Lady In Read

This is a recent read, but Harry is a side character that is one of my favorites. He has such strength, sees the world in a beautiful way, he has had a hard life, but he still sees the beauty in the world and the excitement and adventure.

2. Bridgid from Ransom by Julie Garwood

The Ransom

There were so many side characters I could have chosen from this book, but out of all of them, Bridgid won my heart. She is passionate, and stand up for what she believes and not doing what others demand from her. She is stubborn and resilient and has that sweet nature that is enchanting.

3. Conception from High Country Bride by Linda Lael Miller

High Country Bride old cover

Conception is practically an adopted mother, of three boys, she is this charming mexican lady, and what a firecracker she is. She is tenacious, willful, and proud of the family she has. She makes the story come to life with her passion for life.

4. Zac from Rose by Leigh Greenwood


In this story we have a young woman who has a job as a housekeeper for six men, all brothers. The youngest is a young boy, who is charming, sweet, non stop talker, and in need of mothering and not damaged by the civil war like his brothers are. I recently re read this one, and I had forgotten how much I was charmed by this little child.

5. Percy from The Malory Series by Johanna Lindsey

Say You Love Me

Any who have read the Malory Series know exactly who I am talking about…good ole’ Percy. He is mostly a friend of Derek, Jeremy and Nicholas…so we see him most in “The Loving Scoundrel, Love Only Once and Say You Love Me. I always wanted him to have his own story, but whew…his character is quite out there, he says the most outrageous things, but he is one of the most amusing characters that Johanna Lindsey has ever created. He is always getting into all sorts of mischief and dragging his friends with him.

6. Mr. Cannon, from Lady Sophia’s Lover by Lisa Kleypas

Lady Sophia's Lover

he is the grandfather of our hero of the story. And what a charmer this elderly man is…quite the scoundrel, but I loved how he treated Sophia, accepted her fully and treated her like one of his own. Loved his unique set of humor.

7. Janie and Perrin from Fires of Winter by Johanna Lindsey

Fires Of Winter

This is a viking romance, and quite realistic. But I couldn’t choose between the two, so I decided to list both of them. Perrin is a friend of our hero, and Janie is close to the heroine. Janie is a servant or slave of the hero, does much of the cleaning and cooking. Janie is such a sweet endearing character. She doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body. Perrin is best friend to the hero, but loves Janie and I love how devoted he is to her, willing to wait for however long it takes to marry her. He is loyal and strong.

8. Silas from Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

The Pirate lord

Silas is quite the hoot. In this story we do see a bit of a side story from him and one of the other women. He is the cook (although not a very good one) and lost part of his leg, doesn’t trust women, since he fell in love once and she betrayed him. But he has a heart of gold once you get beneath his crusty surface. He is very amusing and entertaining and is very bold and frank with what he says.

9. Rosalita from Untamed Fire by Donna Fletcher

Untamed Fire 2

Rosalita is a very unique character, and she does have her own story, but in this story she adds a certain emotional element to the story, I loved her character, because as you read this book, your heart just reaches out to her.

10. Rorie from Never Seduce A Scot by Maya Banks

Never Seduce A Scot - Copy

Rorie is the youngest sister of the Montgomery’s, I do hope one day Maya will return to this series so that she gets her own story. She is quite a character, she is determined never to marry, and wants to learn to read and write and help out with the clan. She is pretty bold and blunt at times, but she has this freshness to her that makes her endearing.

13 thoughts on “Historical Romance 101: Favorite Side Characters

  1. I love Bridgid! I love how she tells Ramsay that the man she loves is a very stupid man. It’s just too adorable. But I also love how strong she is to constantly refuse the offers even when she knows it displeases people and when her mother wants her out of the house.


  2. There are 2real standouts for me in this category. The first one is Derek Craven from Then Came You. He just jumped off the pages for me so I was beyond excited when Dreaming of You came out.
    The second one is Cat from Windflower. He never did get a story but there are rumors afloat that he might someday.


    • oh i know…I just love Bank’s historicals…I hope she returns back to them,in my mind they are her best works. And Rorie has so much spunk and I think her story would be so entertaining.


  3. I loved Rorie! I hope Maya Banks gets back to Highland romances too. Silas was so much fun to read about as well. I’m happy that you mentioned a character from The Duke and the Lady in Red because I am super excited to read that book.


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