Quote Tastic (45) The Few and the Proud

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My Candidate For The Week



The Immortal Hunter“Dani,” Decker said firmly. “Trust me, this is not a dream.”
“Why is it you men always say trust me before spitting out something completely unpalatable?” she asked, irritation flickering through her. “Vampires aren’t supposed to be real. And how come you had to be a cute vampire? You should be a dog. All evil, vile people should look as ugly as they are inside.”
“We aren’t ev–” Decker halted his denial, and then did something she hadn’t yet seen him do and lifted his lips in a very rare-and in her opinion, totally inappropriate-grin as he asked, “You think I’m cute?”
“The few and the proud are the U.S. Marines,” Justin, informed her, seeming rather amused “We CSIS men…”he paused to cast a taunting glance toward Decker and then continued “We CSIS guys are the Cute, Strong, Intelligent, and Sexy” In the looks department the man fit the James Bond image of a spy, she thought. It was just a shame that he was missing the “intelligent” from the Cute, Strong, Intelligent, and Sexy quota.

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