Cover Reveal: Cold Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas

So can I just say I have been waiting years for Lisa Kleypas to go back to historicals (not saying I don’t love her contemporaries…I adore each and every one of them) but there is something about how she writes a historical romance that gets to me every time…if I were to ever pick a favorite author she would win HANDS DOWN.

So I know this is a while away (and I am NOT a patient person) so this is like torture. Maybe I will make a effort to re read all of her books by this time…but her next Historical Romance Release “The Cold Hearted Rake” will be coming out October 2015!! Tell me what you think of this cover….do you ladies and gents have any idea what it will be about?

Cold Hearted Rake

11 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Cold Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas

  1. Renee, I saw this cover on a recent interview she did but I there doesn’t seem to be any official blurb as yet. I do like the cover but I don’t think it is particularly outstanding. I would have preferred something with bolder colours. From the title, I would say it will be a rake redeemed story (although how she could surpass St. Vincent’s redemption in The Devil in Winter I’m not sure). Like you, I’m so thrilled that she is writing historicals once more. She has always been my favourite author in that genre


    • Yes I do hope we get a synopsis soon though. Yeah I figured she would go either way with the colors…since her books in the past have either been bold or soft tones. But I do like the floral landscape and the lovely house in the background. And yeah no one can replace Sebastian right? One of her best characters she ever wrote about.

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  2. Seeing this just made my morning! I LOVE her historicals, and I’ll take Sebastian over Derek Craven any day 😉 I can’t wait to read this in October.


  3. Very pretty. I love the color combo on that one. I’ve not read any of her books but I have multiple on my list from raves by reader friends 🙂


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    • Its pretty fantastic that she is returning to historicals, but I will admit I am thrilled she is finishing up the Travis family before she does. I do like the cover, its different but I think the color mix is calming. I am excited to see how this new series will develop or what it will be about.


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