Sunday Post (5) Blind Date Gone Bad

Sunday Post

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Mary PoppinsThere wasn’t much that happened this week beyond the usual. My mother convinced I need to be married or I might die a spinster at 28 (I am still in my prime right? 🙂 set up this blind date…and worst date ever except for the amazing play of Mary Poppins. Whew, was this play so good, and the actors (some I knew ) was astounding. It was a outdoor theatre, and the weather was perfect. But one downside to this evening was my date. This is my firm belief that parents no matter how much they may love their kids, shouldn’t ever be  matchmakers for their children. So I feel like I can do better than what my mother would pick for me, because marrying anyone is better than being single (which I totally disagree)…I feel its important to find the right one and not settle. And of course I believe this since I adore romance novels right? Anyway enough of my rant on this. I  worked extra this week because my boss took his vacation, but I still managed to keep up on my reading, but did fall behind a bit on my blog, so I have many reviews to catch up on the next two days. So it is my hope that I will be able to catch up on my blogging goals this weekend.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post (5) Blind Date Gone Bad

  1. You’re absolutely right, marrying for the sake of marrying is not something to be done – I know, I almost tried, lol ! You may not find a great romance with a hunky hero, but I’m certain you’ll be able to find someone right for you – I hope so, sending good vibes in your direction 😉


    • Yeah I have seen some outstanding marriages and marriages that fell apart because they married the wrong person and just settled. And I believe its important to find the right one, and finding that relationship that will last for the long haul.


  2. Oh your poor mother! I think there’s definitely a balance there – being realistic about who’s out there and giving someone a chance and MOST DEFINITELY not settling! 🙂 Onwards and upwards.


    • Yeah I love her, and I know she just wants me to be happy, but when I marry I want it to be for life. Its vital to pick someone that is really right and its always difficult for blind dates to work especially if there is zero interest on either side. But I am sure I will find a good man one day.


  3. Sorry to hear that your blind date went bad. Your mother loves you, but sometimes they go a little bit overboard. I hope that you find someone you really want. Great selection of romance titles.

    Grace @ Books of Love


  4. Sorry to hear the date went bad but like you said it was great to see the play. And you are right, don’t settle! You are still so young but you will know when you meet that special someone. You have a lot of great books and I hope you are enjoying Dreamfever. I love that series! Have a great week!


  5. I totally second that parents shouldn’t be involved in matchmaking for their kids. My mom wasn’t happy at all when I came home to announce I had a boyfriend, she didn’t like him and thought he wans’t good for me. Now 7 years later we’re still together and happy.
    I am sorry your date didn’t went well, although at least you got to see a great play. I also think that you will find the right one eventually and it’s worth waiting for that. And being single can definitely be better than just randomly marrying someone. I hope you can get caught up on your reviews this weekend and I hope you have a great week!


  6. As another 28 year old single, I feel you when it comes to pressure to marry from others. Thankfully, my parents don’t push it and never try to set me up on blind dates…I just get the comments from other family members and co-workers. Regarding your books, I hope you love Burn for Me and Dreamfever. Great books!


  7. Ah, glad you got the good with the bad on your blind date.

    I would like to share something amusing (b/c its what one does when they see a pal have a less than pleasant date- share. Haha) and in no wise meant as a hint or suggestion b/c everyone’s lives are different and everyone must make their own choices as it is their lives. Years ago, my college roommate set me up on a blind date and it was an awkward one on both sides and never to be repeated- or so I thought. We became best friends after a while. In the end and a few years later, we got married. Still married more than two decades later. LOL!

    That is a delicious line-up of new books. I want to read Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink stories.


  8. LOL oh no on the date! I lucked out with my mom. She’s never pushed at all and I’m *gasp* almost 33. lol But she never married either and I think she was okay with that so if I don’t find that right person I don’t think she’ll ever push. Though I know she wants grandbabies some day but I figure adoption will totally work 😉


    • yeah, well hopefully when I move she will ease off!! I love her like crazy, but she is a bit crazy when it comes to marriage. I do want to get married, but I won’t until its the right one. I want it to last and I feel its more important to wait than to settle in a relationship where I wouldn’t be happy at all. And adoption is always a good way to go. I love kids, but I think I would rather have a hubby if I had to choose. As long as one is happy and loving life that is all that matters right?


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