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This has been a good week for me, I got caught up on my reviews, and updated my reading challenges page. In my personal life it was pretty average, just busy with work and did some detail cleaning this past week. Over the weekend I have been doing some research on going to and if its worth it for me to head over there or not. And so far I am not sure it is. Very time consuming (time I don’t have), and even if I were to have more control over my blog, it would be very difficult to get a theme that would fit the style I want. So as of right now, i am still researching, but if I can find a theme and layout I like well enough, I will change over, because I would like to have more options available to me. But currently its not a huge priority honestly, because I am currently having issues exporting all my data, and Its not worth it if I can’t transfer everything over. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so out of my realm on this. LOL But its a adventure.   I like things simple if possible. So going to focus on other things and keep my blog as it is, and try not to spend too much time, it will probably be a while before I have something up and running, but who knows. But I have started to get more into graphic design, and started doing headers for my reviews. But I am content with my blog as it is, but I would love to be able to update commenting and social media links in posts if I were able to. So for right now I am going to put it aside, and focus on other things and try not to worry about it, As for today, going to sleep for a bit (since I live like a vampire now…sleeping during the day and staying up all night), and then head over to the parental’s house, and have a delicious dinner and spend some quality time with my dad.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post (6)

  1. So many people getting Shadow Revolution. 🙂
    I don’t think you need to move but it’s what you think that matters. Research it and if it looks right, then make the move. But there’s no need to rush and no decision is permanent. You can always move later if you decide to stay for now.


  2. LOL I live like a vampire too. Or a cat maybe? I’m usually the flip of everyone else or at least way off the norm.


  3. I moved from Blogger to WordPress and it was a big change for me. I had to learn what I can and can’t do on WP so it did take some time to get used to. I’m still figuring things out lol. But as you said you are content with the blog now so don’t rush into making any changes.

    I love Karen Marin Moning so I hope you are enjoying Shadowfever. I just started listening to audiobooks so I’ll have to try one of hers. And I just finished Wildfire In His Arms and liked it!

    I hope you enjoy all your new books and have a great week!


  4. At a moment, I thought I’d like to switch to, but my main concern is security : apparently, they leave you on your own so you have to look for a means to protect your blog, which becomes a target for hackers who know’s weaknesses. Not being a computer wizard, not having enough time, I didn’t look no further. But if you have more information, I’d be glad to hear about it 😉


    • Yeah that is true, but they do have some good plugins you just have to maintain it, But the one thing I like is you have more control over your site, and once you have a domain, the site is yours, and isn’t a big fan of tours and you have to be careful how you handle them. But I just got a domain, so I am leaning toward transferring over. I have most of my information, just will be a while before I think I will have it up. fully. I want to make sure its secure and is fully what I want it to be. But when I have it up and running I might do a post on different aspects of it.

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