Contemporary Romance

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Welcome to the Contemporary Romance Segment we have here!! This is a list of all the contemporary romance I would highly recommend and have become personal favorites of mine. Most will be within series or trilogy’s but there might be a couple of single titles as well!!



The Unsung HeroThe Defiant HeroOver The EdgeOut of ControlInto The NightGone Too FarFlashpointHot TargetBreaking The PointInto The StormAll Through NightInto The FireDark Of NightHot PursuitBreaking The Rules

The Troubleshooters, is a Romantic Suspense series that is based on a SEAL team and some connecting characters to the team. Every story is intense, and full of suspense and intrigue…I love each story, whether it’s in paperback or audio format…you will have a fun time with these. If you have yet to read these, you are missing out on this series. And even one of the side love stories involves a gay couple….which is the best I have ever read. I have yet to read a gay romance to compare. A FBI agent and a famous actor….definitely adds a bit more complexities than you would expect. I love each book because the romance is balanced pretty well with the suspenseful elements in the plot.

Travis Family 

Sugar DaddyBlue Eyed DevilSmooth Talking StrangerBrown Eyed Girl

Out of all the contemporary romance series that won over my heart and got me hooked on this genre….this is the series that did it for me. Quite frankly Lisa Kleypas is talented whether she is writing historical or contemporary. And each of these books is fantastic. The Travis family is based on siblings…three boys and one girl. The latest book will be released in August…which I am excited for considering the other three books were written years ago. They are great to read in paper or audio format as well!! So pick your poison and fall in love.

Pine Creek Highlanders 

Chamring The HighlanderLoving The HighlanderWedding The HighlanderTempting The HighlanderOnly With A HighlanderSecrets Of The HighlanderA Highlander ChristmasHighlander For The Holidays

This is quite a unique series that is so different from anything I have ever read. I have a certain weakness for those hot kilted highlanders and that Scottish brogue….but in this series they travel through time to the modern day…HOT MAMA right? Nothing more irresistible and each story is superb!! Thinking of doing a challenge this summer to read this series. Maybe some fellow blogger would want to join?

The Bride Quartet 

Vision In WhiteBed Of RosesSavor The MomentHappy Ever After

This is a four book series, that just won my heart over. Partly because I adore weddings and since I plan on making a career of it, I felt a kinship to these ladies. This is a series of four women, friends, who decide to make a business together and pool their talents to create beautiful weddings. We have the wedding planner, the dressmaker, the florist, and the baker. Each book is beautifully written and fun love stories with characters to charm you.

Valentine Valley 

A Town Called ValentineTrue Love at Silver Creek RanchThe Cowboy of Valentine ValleyA Promise At Bluebell HillSleigh Bells in Valentine ValleyEver After AT Sweetheart Ranch

This is a western, small town themed romance series and Emma Cane is a top notch author. These books are sweet, witty and fun scenarios. I wish I could convey how much I adore this author…she has the type of writing that instantly pulls you in.

Bitter Creek 

The CowboyThe TexanThe LonerThe PriceThe RivalsThe Next Mrs. BlackthorneA Stranger's GameSinfulShameless

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