My Rating System

My Grading System
5 Blossoms- Excellent well written story, that keeps you entertained and turning the pages as fast as you can read them. Definitely a keeper and a re-read!!!

4 Blossoms- A Genuine read, with a strong story line, and considerable description of the characters to go along with it. Not a favorite, but a story not to regret reading.

3 Blossoms- A standard written story, with average description of characters and scenes of events. Nothing to distinct or memorable, but a pleasant read. But there is still the question in one’s mind of “Shouldn’t there be something more?”

2 Blossoms- A poor written plot and characters. Nothing much in the story seems to entice the reader for me, apart from a few scenes. There is a lot to be desires in this one!

1 Blossom- The reader has to force themselves to get through the whole book. Its a chore rather than a pleasure. Poor plot, poor described characters and nothing to really captivate the readers attention.

Heat Ratings
Simmering -Kissing, Mild Touches, Emotional more than Physical

Warm-Moderate Sexual Tension-Emotional still more focused but only a few love scenes that aren’t too explicit.

Steamy -More explicit love scenes, more frequent, and could fog up the windows.

Blazing-The prime focus is the sex scenes, scorching hot, and could burn one. Not as much focus on the emotional side of the relationship.

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