Paranormal Romance

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Welcome to the Paranormal Romance Segement!! This is where I will iist all my recommendations for paranormal romances…so bring on the vampires, werewolves, witches and more!! ( I promise no Twilight)

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So here I am going to list both Single Titles and Trilogies and Series!!

Series and Trilogy’s

Drake Sisters 

Magic In The WindTwilight Before ChristmasOceans By FireDangerous TidesSafe HarborTurbulent SeaHidden Currents

This is a series of the “Drake Sisters” seven sisters part of a clan with mystical powers, they live on the coast. I love the close ties of the family, and the men they fall in love with. Each book is full of passion and suspense and dangerous enemies.

Shifters Unbound 

Shifter MadePride MatesPrimal BondsBodyguardWild CatHard MatedMate ClaimedLone WolfTiger MagicFeral HeatWild WolfBear AttractionMate BondPerfect Mate

This is truly superb shifter romance themed series by Jennifer Ashley. Which this author does fantastic in whatever she writes. But this series is powerful, emotional, and sensual. Each book is FANTASTIC!! This is a must read series for anyone that loves paranormal romance.

Vampires In America 

RaphaelJabrilRajmundSophiaDuncanBetrayed 2LucasHunted 2AdenVincentDeception

This is a wonderful vampire series…one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading. Its a series based on the Lord vampires of America. Each lord owns a territory and is command of those vampires under his rule. All couples are wonderful…but I just love Raphael and Cyn. If you are loooking for a new vampire series to read and have yet to try this author out…BUY the first book now!!

Alpha Pack 

Primal LawSavage AwakeningBlack MoonHunter's HeartCole's redemptionWolf's FallChase The Darkness

This is a series about a “Alpha Pack” a military shifter group that goes on dangerous missions to handle paranormal dangers, whether it be magical beings, vampires or rogue shifters. They handle it all. Whether you read these in paper form or listen on

audio…you will have a experience to remember.

Eternal Guardians 


This is a series I fell in love with a couple of years ago when I was on tour for Bound….and oh mama did I get hooked on this series, its based on a mythology theme, There is unrest with the underworld, and only these immortal heroes can save mankind.

Carpathian Series 

Dark Prince 2Dark DesireDark GoldDark MagicDark ChallengeDark FireDark DreamDark LegendDark Guardian AudioDark SymphonyDark DescentDark MelodyDark DestinyDark HungerDark SecretDark DemonDark CelebrationDark PossessionDark CurseDark SlayerDark PerilDark PredatorDark Storm -AudioDark LycanDark WolfDark BloodDark Ghost

I fell in love with this series quite a few years ago. My state has a online audio library, and I was looking for a audiobook to listen to, at this time I had only read historical and contemporary romance…this is before the explosion of paranormal and fantasy romance. Dark Challenge was the book I saw, and I don’t know what it was about the cover that drew me, but it still is today one of my favorite books of the series…and its a pretty big series and still on going. But this series is about a race of “Carpathian people”, its about destined love and its one of the most romantic and passionate paranormal series I have ever read.

Darkness Chosen 

Scent Of DarknessTouch of DarknessInto The ShadowInto The Flame

This is a very underrated series in my opinion…which is sad because its one of the most impressionable ones  I have ever read. This is a series of four books, that is about the “Wilder Family” and it brings together a family of secrets and danger.

Love At Stake Series 

How To Marry A Millionaire VampireVamps and the CityBe Still My Vampire HeartThe Undead Next DoorAll I Want For Christmas Is a VampireSecret Life Of A VampireForbidden Nights With A vampireThe Vampire and the VirginEat Prey LoveVampire MineSexiest Vampire AliveWanted Dead Or AliveWild About YouThe Vampire With The Dragon TattooHow To Seduce A Vampire Without TryingCrouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire

This is a well written vampire romance series with some other paranormal creatures such as shape shifters and even angels and demons. It has progressed in a way that I never expected when I first started. Its a series that is light and humorous and has some serious elements that just wrap up beautifully.


A Quick BiteLove BitesSingle White VampireTall Dark and HungryA Bite To RememberBite Me  If you CanThe Accidental VampireVampires Are ForeverVampire InterruptedThe Rogue HunterThe Immortal HunterThe Renegade HunterBorn To BiteHungry For YouThe Reluctant VampireUnder A Vampire MoonThe Lady Is A VampImmortal Ever AfterOne Lucky VAmpireVampire Most WantedThe Immortal Who Loved MeAbout A Vampire

I just love and adore this series. This is a vampire romance series, but Lynsay Sands offers us something different with these vampires. She takes a more scientific approach to it…which I do love…and the humor and wit is so endearing and guaranteed to give you barrels of laughs.

Psy Changeling Series 

Slave To SensationVisions Of HeatCaressed By iceMine To PosessHostage To PleasureBranded By FireBlaze Of MemoryBonds of JusticePlay Of PassionKiss of SnowTangle Of NeedHeart of ObsidianKiss of SnowShield Of Winter Shards Of Hope

This series is about two of the strongest Changeling packs in North America are the DarkRiver Leopards, controlling the San Francisco area, and the SnowDancer Wolf Pack, in control of the rest of California. Also another player in the series are the emotionless Psy. This series is one of my all time favorites when it comes to shifter romances….its packed with danger, passion and adventure.

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