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Tasty Book Tours: Diary Of An Accidental Wallflower by Jennifer Mcquiston

Title: Diary Of An Accidental Heiress 
Author: Jennifer Mcquiston 
Series: Seduction Diaries 
Publisher: Avon 
Release Date: February 24 2015 
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The first irresistible installment in New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston’s Seduction Diaries series proves that some secrets are too delicious to hide.

Pretty and popular, Miss Clare Westmore knows exactly what (or rather, who) she wants: the next Duke of Harrington. But when she twists her ankle on the eve of the Season’s most touted event, Clare is left standing in the wallflower line watching her best friend dance away with her duke.

Dr. Daniel Merial is tempted to deliver more than a diagnosis to London’s most unlikely wallflower, but he doesn’t have time for distractions, even one so delectable. Besides, she’s clearly got her sights on more promising prey. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

All Clare wants to do is return to the dance floor. But as her former friends try to knock her permanently out of place, she realizes with horror she is falling for her doctor instead of her duke. When her ankle finally heals and she faces her old life again, will she throw herself back into the game?

Or will her time in the wallflower line have given her a glimpse of who she was really meant to be?

My Review


Clare Westmore, is the daughter of a viscount, and has her sights set on a future duke. But on the afternoon before a important ball, she ends up spraining her ankle, and it becomes so swollen that she can barely walk, but she is determined to go to the ball and make her appearance. But then she meets Dr. Daniel Merial, who notices her in pain and discomfort. He makes it clear that if she goes dancing, that the consequences would be disastrous. So she is left on the sidelines watching her friend dance with the future duke. When Daniel examines her further he insists that she must keep off the ankle for at least a few weeks, and the season is just getting started. Clare knows that she can’t afford to lose those weeks, but she doesn’t see how she has much choice. While Clare is resting up, Daniel visits often, checking on her progress and this handsome doctor does more for her than aide with her swollen ankle. She starts to see who Daniel really is, and his potential to aid others. Clare knows that she will need to make a difficult choice, a life among society married to a man she doesn’t love, or be with the man that is poor but is driven to succeed and would love her…

The Hero

Daniel Merial, is a Doctor and the son of a gypsy horse trader. He is just starting to make his name known among the higher members of society. Daniel is busy with his experiments and contributing to the hospital when he can. But there is one elderly lady among the Ton, who is his patient, but also his friend. She has brought him slowly into her world and in that world he meets Clare. Daniel knows that he isn’t good enough for Clare, but he is drawn to her. The character of Daniel is quite deep, which you don’t expect when you first start the story. There is so much to his character, and I loved how firm he is with Clare. He doesn’t let anyone tell him what he knows is right and wrong, especially when it comes to his knowledge of the human body. He is intelligent, good humor and handsome. He has no family, and works alone on his experiments quite often, but he can be charismatic and charming. He was such an endearing character, and I wanted so much for him in this story to get his HEA.

The Heroine

Clare Westmore, on the surface seems to be a simpering miss, only after a title. Clare is not your typical English lady. She puts up a front for society, but she has depth and perception that not many see, except for Daniel and her siblings. Clare was a heroine that at first I didn’t know what to make of her, I thought her to have a weak spine and not having much intelligence. But you see how she has character and she grows on you as the story moves forward. You start to see how smart she is, and that she has dreams of her own, but can be hidden underneath the expectations of her family and society. I loved her gumption, and she totally won me over in the end. I love a woman that goes after what she wants, no matter the consequences.  She was pretty amusing at times, and she was pretty well developed.

Plot and Story Line

The beginning of the story seems like your typical light hearted regency romance. This is the first of a new series by Jennifer Mcquiston. I am unsure what the series is really about yet, I am hoping to see more of Clare’s sister and brother…boy were they a hoot and jolly good time. There were so many instances in the story they added character and wit to the story that you don’t see until it happens. They were fun and quirky…what’s not to love right? IN the beginning the connection between Daniel and Clare is slow going. But you see the flirtations a bit, and a friendship building up a bit. There isn’t’ much heat until the latter half of the story. I feel like the story needed to be built up first before they could get to the “good stuff”. But this pair was original, and I loved seeing the little games they would play with each other without seeming like they are playing games. It was very subtle, but by the end you see how it leads up to it. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy the heroine as much as I did. Because at first, I was very unsure about her. I knew that I probably wouldn’t like her too much, but the author proved me wrong on that score. (Don’t you just love it when authors do that?) What I loved was the slow and engaging romance that this turned out to be. It had many promising qualities  to it that becomes a gem of a romance.


This is such a simple yet gorgeous cover. And from the first time I saw it, I knew that I wanted to read it just for the cover alone. Her dress is beautiful, I love the bright red dresses, and it’s so bold and really draws your eye. The pretty green settee blends well, and I love the blurred floral background we have. Makes me just want to jump right into the scene and get a book of my own and forget about the stresses of the world.

Overall View

A winning romance set in the regency era, of two mismatched people, that need the love of each other. A story of true love and friendship and doing what is right no matter the consequences. A beautifully written romance that will win your heart.
My Rating

4 Blossoms

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ARC Book Review-Moonlight On My Mind

Moonlight On MY Mind
Jennifer McQuiston
Avon Books
E Book
Published March 25 2014
384 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-223134-5
Authors Website

To ruin a man’s life once takes a regrettable mistake.

To do so twice takes a woman like Julianne Baxter.

Eleven months ago, Julianne’s statement to the authorities wrongly implicated Patrick, the new Earl of Haversham, in his older brother’s death. The chit is as much trouble as her red hair suggests, and just as captivating. Now she has impetuously tracked him to the wilds of Scotland, insisting that he return home to face a murder charge and save his family from ruin. A clandestine wedding may be the only way to save her reputation—and his neck from the hangman’s noose.

Julianne has no objection to the match. More and more she’s convinced of Patrick’s innocence, though when it comes to igniting her passions, the man is all too guilty. And if they can only clear his name, a marriage made in haste could bring about the most extraordinary pleasure…

My Review

Almost a year previous, Julianne spoke a true statement from what she knew, and it resulted in Patrick fleeing to Scotland, an innocent man who didn’t do anything wrong but see his brother be killed. Julianne has gone up to see Patrick, to make amends and bring him back to his family, and to make sure he is exonerated. But they are found alone at his residence, with the local Pastor witnessing. So Patrick convinces Julianne to marry him to save her reputation, but he is marrying her for more reasons that she realizes. Patrick at first is outraged to see the one woman who ruined him. But he starts to soften toward her, when he sees the woman that is beneath the outer layer, a woman of passion and warmth. As Patrick and Julianne journey together to see that Patrick is proven innocent, intrigue and turmoil surround them, but then a deep desire only binds them stronger. And only when they learn to trust in that bond, will they be able to find a future…together.

Moonlight On My Mind is the most recent addition byJennifer McQuiston. The more I get a chance to read this author, the more I am impressed. Each new book is just better than the last one, and Moonlight On My Mind was brilliant! When I read the synopsis, I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But after reading the first chapter or two I was totally into the story and I had no problem reading it. Even though officially these three books aren’t part of a series, they are connected to each other. Each of the heroes are close friends, and I enjoyed seeing a bit of the past two heroes a bit involved in this one.

The story sets off drawing the reader with Julianne and Patrick being forced to help each other, and we see a flicker of sparks between them. The plot thickens even more when they end up getting married, and go back down to his family’s home. We see their relationship deepened further when the conflicts surrounding them rises. Patrick is determined to find who murdered his brother, before the law comes after him. There was plenty of shocks and surprises and the ending really blew me away, I definitely never expected that little surprise, but I do love it when a story turns out in a way you least expect it. Adds a certain thrill to the enjoyment of the story.

Overall I found Moonlight On My Mind a enticing and sensual romance that is packed with intrigue, danger, and plenty of romance for any reader!! STIMULATING TO THE END!!

My Grade
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Book Review-Summer Is For Lovers

Summer Is For Lovers
Jennifer Quiston
Avon Romance
Published September 2013
349 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-223131-4
Authors Website 

His heart is unavailable.
Luckily, her interest lies in the rest of him…

Though she was just a girl when they first met, Caroline Tolbertson’s infatuation with David Cameron remains undimmed. Now fate has brought the handsome Scotsman back to Brighton for what promises to be an unforgettable summer. Soon, Caroline will have to choose a husband, but for now she is free to indulge her curiosity in things of a passionate nature.

That is, if David will agree to teach her.

Past mistakes have convinced David he’ll make a terrible husband, though he’ll gladly help the unconventional Caroline find a suitor. Unfortunately, she has something more scandalous in mind. As the contenders for her hand begin to line up, her future seems assured…provided David can do the honorable thing and let them have her.

When a spirited young woman is determined to break Society’s rules, all a gentleman can do is lend a hand…or more.

My Review

When David and Caroline first meet, Caroline saves David’s life in the ocean. And from that first meeting when they were young, a spark of interest flared. But then David returned to his life in the military, and Caroline went back to her family trying to support and anchor them with her fathers recent passing. Now its been eleven years later, and Caroline is a young woman trying to find a husband. The finances are running low and she knows her sister won’t be able to find a young man soon with her problem stuttering around others. So Caroline knows that it is up to her. Then one evening, while out swimming, her favorite past time, she runs into David again, and that spark of interest flares into heat and desire. David has no interest in marriage, but his mother is practically forcing him into it. He knows that he will need to find a young woman with a decent dowry. As the second son, he knows that he will need to be able to provide. He comes to Brighton for his mothers sake. But when he runs into Caroline again, he knows he is in deep trouble. Caroline is temptation and seduction and beauty all rolled into one. Even though David and Caroline have come to a agreement to just be friends, there is a flaring desire that can’t be denied, and soon they will have to decide what is really important and if the connection they have is worth fighting for.

Summer Is For Lovers really shocked me in how much I enjoyed it. I went into the story thinking, well I hope it will be a comfortable and easy read, and I was completely blown away by this wonderful depicted story that warmed me inside out. The first book I read from this author was What Happens In Scotland, which was a very enjoyable story, but there was some things I didn’t like in the story. Now this book however, I had no issues with at all. I pretty much loved every aspect of this book and that is a rare occurrence. I read it in a couple of hours, and “sigh”, this was charming and delectable through and through.

The story sets off with these two meeting with Caroline saving David’s life. Don’t you just love a strong willed heroine from the beginning? The way the author begins the story, it comes off as very believable and you are completely drawn into the story from the beginning. Then they meet again and boy you might need a fan to cool down the flames. These two definitely know how to heat a room, but its not over kill, especially for the setting and the kind of plot you see here. It definitely felt well balanced and had a consistency to it that I have admired from this author so far. There is a little conflict here, with Caroline wanting to be with David and David resisting his growing feelings for her. I enjoyed the aspect of Caroline being a obsessive swimmer here, it added a certain feel to the story that felt open and fresh. It was very invigorating at times reading through this book, and I almost felt as if I could feel the breeze on my skin and the water soaking me all the way through. The vivid pictures portrayed was a delight and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Summer is For Lovers is a beautifully written tale that is perfect on a breezy afternoon. This author writes a charming romance to send tingles down your spine and sizzle the cold away. FABULOUS!!!

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

ARC Book Review-What Happens In Scotland

What Happens In Scotland
Jennifer McQuiston
Avon Books
Published February 26 2013
384 Pages
Scottish Historical Romance

When recent widow Georgette Thorold wakes up beside an attractive but unmemorable stranger, she has more to sort out than her missing memory. Her cousin, whom she is supposed to be visiting, is nowhere in sight, and the wedding ring on her finger suggests she did more than kiss the handsome Scotsman in her bed. Determined to either correct an egregious error or pretend it never happened, Georgette does what any well-bred lady with a modicum of sense and a distrust of marriage would do: she panics, hits the man over the head with a chamber pot, and runs.

James McKenzie, Esquire has spent his adult life trying to overcome his miscreant youth and his family’s disappointment, but in a single night he may have just destroyed his hard-earned reputation. He has either spent the evening protecting a very naïve, and—dare he say it—very drunk young lady from the advances of every disreputable character in the town of Moraig, or he has gone and married a pretty, scheming thief. Not that his own head is entirely clear on the matter, but when the woman in question repays his kindness with a knock on the head, the bill for her room, and the theft of his purse, an embarrassed James is determined to track her down and show her she picked the wrong solicitor to swindle.

My Review
When Georgette awakens in the arms of a naked stranger, she is stunned to discover that she has no memory of the previous evening. She has no idea how she got into a strange bed but apparently she has done some pretty scandalous things…and then she finds a ring on her finger….and in a fit of panic she hits her new apparent husband over the head with a chamber pot and abandons him and flees. When Georgette returns home, she finds that her memory is starting to slowly return….like she has to put the pieces together….so she starts investigating trying to find out the identity of her “new” husband. But when she finally does find him….she finds out he has been trying to find her because he believes her to be a thief, and doubts that they are truly really married….as they together search to find out the truth….there is something powerful building between them….and they start to wonder if and when they find out if they are truly married….will they both want to stay married?

The Hero (James McKenzie)
James, has been working so hard to build his life up….to not depend on his father and his family…to prove to them that he is more than the scoundrel he used to be. But then he realizes a majority of the money he has earned for himself, has disappeared along with his “Wife” so he goes in search of her believing that she is a thief, and he is determined after all the pains he has suffered to get his money back, but when he finds her, he is furious and as they search for the truth together….he starts to have tender feelings for his new wife and doesn’t want to have to let her go.

The Heroine (Georgette Thorold)
Georgette has come up to visit her cousin, and to move on after her cheating husband dies….but her cousin practically throws himself at her trying to convince her to marry him, and then a night where she knows she drank way too much and remembers nothing. Now she is on a quest to find her “Husband” and to figure out what she exactly did, and if James is really her husband. But as they get closer to the truth, she starts to realize how much she has come to love and admire James, and doesn’t want to lose him after she has found someone that could be her future…

My Thoughts 
What Happens In Scotland was a fun and adventurous romance novel….and I am so grateful and Avon and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this and be able to review it. When I first saw the cover….I was thinking “This Is A Must Read”, it just drew me in and the moment I was the Synopsis, I was hooked, I started reading it, and I was amazed by how much I loved it. Jennifer McQuistion is a new author…and I just loved her style of writing. It was witty, and crazy, and a breath of fresh air. Most historical aren’t very comical without ruining the whole plot…however I loved how McQuiston just put everything together, and how smoothly the story flowed and synced together to make a truly magical love story that will put at the readers heartstrings. There were quite a few things I loved about this story. One of the first was how Georgette just bangs her new husband over the head with a chamber pot (now that was pure genius)   and I definitely laughed my head off at that one, and I just loved the creative way Georgette goes about to find her Husband….there were so many things that made me laugh and just got me more into the story. I also loved how Georgette and James interact with each other. At first they are enemies…and then friends…who turn into lovers….and there is definitely some twists and turns…and as always…a Villian who really makes things happen….Overall A Delightful Read that will make you eager for more from this debut author!

My Grade On This Book 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating