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Book Review-Leopards Prey

Leopards Prey
Leopard People (6)
Christine Feehan
E Book
Published May 28 2013
366 Pages
Shifter Romnace
ISBN 9780515151558
Author Website

#1 New York Times bestselling author “Christine Feehan knows how to weave a tale of action, suspense and paranormal passion” (Romance Junkies). Now, she’s back — and the New Orleans nights have never felt so torrid or so dangerous…

From a tough stint in the armed forces to stalking the unknown as a bayou cop, leopard-shifter Remy Boudreux has been served well by his uncanny gifts. And right now, New Orleans could use a homicide detective like Remy.

A serial killer is loose, snatching victims from the French Quarter with pitiless rage and unnatural efficiency. But something else is drawing Remy into the twilight — a beautiful jazz singer bathed night after night in a flood of blood-red neon.

Sultry, mysterious, and as seductive as her songs, she’s luring Remy deeper into the shadows than he ever imagined. And as their passions swell, his keen instinct for survival will be challenged like never before. By a killer — and by a woman.

My Review

Christine Feehan has always been a must read author for me. I didn’t like Paranormal romance until I read her Dark Series, and I fell in love. Then when she started on this shifter series of Leopards, I was captivated. I would say that Leopard’s Prey is going to be added to the top of the list of favorites. From the previous book Savage Nature, we are introduced to the Boudreux family, and we see quite a bit of Remy, when I heard that the next book would be his story, I learned that patience was NOT one of my virtues. Now for those of you who haven’t read this series yet, it isn’t mandatory to read the previous books, but I would recommend reading Savage Nature before you read this.

Remy, as a homicide detective, has been searching for a serial killer, and he is determined to find him before he kills more. When he returns home from New Orleans, he comes across a woman he hasn’t seen in years, but has constantly thought of Bijou or also known as “Blue”. A Beautiful and mesmerizing Jazz singer, who is the daughter of one of the most popular rock and roll singers. On the surface most people see Bijou as stuck up and spoiled, but Remy knows that is far from the truth. He knows that she was raised in a home without a mother, and a father who only dragged her around for more fame and glory. But when she returns home, both he and his leopard are drawn to her, and he comes to the realization that she is his mate…his to protect and love. Bijou has had to do things in order to protect herself. She grew up with drugs and sex being a top priority to her father, but Remy showed her how someone can truly care about a person, and she was determined that her life would not be her fathers. Now she wants to sing Jazz and settle down at home. But there is a serial killer on the loose, and has focused on her. Remy is overwhelmed with his feelings for Bijou, but he will have to find the killer before he destroys everything that Remy holds dear.

Remy is a full on ALPHA male, he needs absolute obedience from those under him. When he discovers that Bijou is his mate, all of his leopard instincts go into overdrive, and he can barely control them. I loved that even though Remy likes control, he doesn’t go all domineering on Bijou, he respects her and I loved how sweet and tender he is at times, but then other times he is very like a alpha male, but in a way that will make the room sizzle and spark. Remy just had me from page one. Bijou is very independent and strong willed, and the last thing that she wants is some alpha male trying to control her movements. I enjoyed how she stands up to him, and doesn’t let him run over her. She does have some vulnerabilities that I found endearing in her, and I could help but love her and her strong spirit.

I absolutely adored Leopard’s Prey!! An amazing story that reminds you of why Feehan is the queen of paranormal romance (at least for me she is). This one is probably one of her best work. A stellar story that has the pages filled with sensual romance, intensely packed suspense story, and a setting that is enriched with history and passion. A sexy read that everyone has to have in their library. A story that sparks from beginning to end, and will have you at the edge of your seat! You are in for one hell of a ride folks!! A AMAZING STORY TO MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE MAGIC OF NEW ORLEANS!

Here is the Book Trailer —-ENJOY

First Line
The bayou was no place for the faint of heart–especially at night.

Favorite Quote 
“I’m goin’ to kiss you, Blue. So don’ do anythin’ rash.”
She blinked at him. “Why?”
“Because I know a thing or two about makin’ a public statement.” His hand slipped to her throat, and he lowered his head that scant few millimeters to her mouth. 
Time stopped for her. The ground under her feet shifted. He led her right over a cliff where there was no way back. Lights danced at the back of her eyes and her body seemed to melt against his. Her body didn’t feel her own anymore. He’d lain claim to her and all he’d done was kiss her. 

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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Book Review-Savage Nature

Savage Nature
Leopard People (5)
Christine Feehan
Jove Publishing
E Pub Book
318 Pages
Published May 2011
Shape Shifter Romance
ISBN:  0749954698

When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police. But there’s a problem: it looks like the victim may have been killed by a big cat – and her brothers are all shape-shifting leopards. Sent by the land’s owner to investigate, leopard-shifter Drake Donovan is ready for anything – except the insatiable hunger that rocks him when he meets Saria. Deep in his soul he knows that she is destined to be his mate. Torn between protecting her brothers and finding the truth, Saria treads warily around the powerful shifter. Yet as they venture deep into the mysterious bayou on a hunt for the killer, Saria finds herself longing for Drake’s touch and the sweet release of surrender ..

Saria Bordeaux, is part of a family of leopard shifter, so when she finds a dead body in the bayou, she knows she needs to find help, and knows that she can’t turn to her brothers, when its obvious the one doing the killing is a shifter. Drake Donovan has been sent to investigate upon hearing about the killing, and is drawn to Saria in a way he has never been drawn to a woman before. Drake knows that there is much more to Saria than meets the eye, and is earnest in finding the killer. Saria, has the strongest feeling upon meeting Drake that he is someone that she can trust, even more than her own brothers. The hunger that is building between her and Drake is powerful, and the connection between them genuine, so much so that she starts to wish for a future with him….

The Hero (Drake Donovan) 
Drake Donovan, is a leopard shifter, strong and capable, and very honorable. Drake upon hearing of the killings that have been happening in the Louisianna Bayou, is sent to investigate to discover whats amiss. Upon meeting Saria, and discovering what been happening, he knows that much is amiss here, and plans on staying until it gets solved. Drake just never realized how powerful his hunger for Saria would be and his intent on keeping her

The  Heroine (Saria Bordreaux)
Saria, lost her mother years ago, and her father treated her like one of the boys. Most of her growing up she had to act like the parent, and was very independent. She discovered the true identity of her brothers, and that they were shifters, but having them gone from most of her life, not giving much care to her well being has her doubting their intentions now that they have returned. Saria senses a powerful attraction to Drake and starts to fall in love with the one man who has made her feel more cherished than any other…

My Thoughts 
Savage Nature is the fifth installment in the Leopard series by Christine Feehan. I just was so captivated by this story, so far I have truly enjoyed reading this series, but I think this would have to be my favorite book in the series. From the first page I was drawn into the story, the characters were so genuine and real, that I was left feeling like I was in their place, the writing was with such talent that I felt I was seeing it happening for real. The plot was intense and full of a roller coaster ride of suspense and romance. A Thrilling Tale!!!! One you don’t want to miss out on if your a fan of Christine Feehan!!!!

My Favorite Quote:
Saria put her hand in Drake’s, happiness bursting through her as she fit her body close to his. There was something so sensual, so right and perfect about dancing with one’s husband, and she intended to savor every moment.

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5 Blossoms

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Book Review-Wild Fire

Wild Fire
Leopard Series
Christine Feehan
Jove, 455 Pages
Published May 2010
Paranormal Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-0-515-14790-2

The heat of passion–and danger–rises like jungle fire in the all new novel of the leopard people by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan…

Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rain forest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilized male. But as a member of the most lethal of the shifter tribes, he doesn’t have a civilized bone in his body. He carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, he bears the soul-crushing sins of past kills and he’s branded with the scars of shame inflicted by the woman he betrayed.

Isabeau Chandler is a Borneo shifter who’s never forgiven Conner–or forgotten him. The mating urge is still with her, and when she crossed Conner’s path, passions burn like wildfire. But as Conner’s mission draws Isabeau closer, another betrayal lies waiting in the shadows–and it’s the most perilous and intimate one of all.

My Review:
Wild Fire begins with Connor Vega, who after some times, returns to the Panama rainforest. When he was called on a mission and seduces the daughter of a dangerous man,, he finds his mate, but only to betray her in the end, and knowing that he will always ache for her but will never see her once again especially after all of the pain that he has caused her. But he is shocked to discover that she is alive and has come to him for help, something he never expected. Isabeau Chandler, after falling in love with Conner and sharing the most intimate experiences with him, and then have him betray her, she knows she can never trust herself to open herself up to him again. But after Connor’s mother is viciously murdered and children are kidnapped including his younger brother, she knows she needs his help to rescue these children who have been kidnapped by a monster, and knowing that only he can help save them, despite the costs to her personally,  but she is willing to sacrifice anything to save these poor children, who have no one else to help them. But sparks fly, as both Connor and Isabeau are working together toward a common goal, and heat and passion flare up in the wild rain forest, where they both discover that they still are in love despite the past hurts. Only love will heal both of their hearts, only when they choose to embrace it and take that leap of faith.

Wild Fire is part of Christine Feehan’s Leapord series, and its been a remarkable journey to be able to read the books that she has so far written in this series. This is a remarkable author who has such a great talent for writing romance in the Paranormal world, and making it come truly alive and riveting for the author. In Wild Fire Connor is a Leopard as is Isabeau but she doesn’t comprehend that fact. Her father she loved dearly and after losing him she blames Connor for the betrayal, but the passion that once existed between them is still vibrant now that they are together once more, although circumstances are different. Isabeau is also feeling confused, especially since her inner leopard is coming out, and inside she is terrified knowing that she is Connor’s mate. Wild Fire is a remarkable adventure past betrayal and hurt, and learning of love and forgiveness. Christine Feehan has packed this novel with the best of the best characteristics of her fabulous writers, that astounds readers across the globe!!!

My Grade On This Book
5 Blossoms

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Book Review-Wild Rain

Wild Rain
The Leopard Series
Christine Feehan
358 Pages,
Published February 2004
Paranormal- Shape Shifting
ISBN: 0515136824

Christine Feehan now explores the dark past of a woman on the run–and her darker desires for the only man left she dares to trust…

What has she done? With a new identity; a staged death, and a chance to flee the treachery that stalks her, Rachael has escaped from a faceless assassin. Now, thousands of miles from home, under the lush canopy of the rain forest, she’s found sanctuary.

Where can she hide? In this world teeming with unusual creatures walks the most exotic of them all. His name is Rio. A native of the forest imbued with a fierce prowess, he is something to be desired. Possessed of secrets of his own, he is something to be feared.

Whom can she trust? But as Rachael’s past looms as oppressively as the heat of the forest, and as Rio unleashes the secret animal instincts that course through his blood, Rachael fears that her isolated haven has become an inescapable hell…

My Review:
Wild Rain is the second in the Leopard series, and one that once I had finished felt deeply satisfied. I It is my favorite among the series so far, it was a intense but tender love story between two people that find themselves drawn into a suspenseful plot that will send them both fighting for their lives.

Rachel Lospostos, is a young woman where life has been unjustly cruel to her, and those that she has come to care for. Rachael’s parents were killed when she was young, and she and her brother were left with their cold-blooded uncle. Her uncle forced her brother to do horrific actions at the threat of her life. Elijah (Rachael’s Brother) then kills a friend of hers, in front of her, although Rachael hadn’t realized it at the moment, that friend was planning on killing her, for he worked for her uncle. Elijah, however never told her the truth, and after the incident, Rachael stages her death, and created a new identity, hoping to flee from a assassin that hunts her. Thousands of miles from home, away from all that she knows, she heads into a rain forest, with threats out there unknown to her. She assumed Elijah is the one that has sent men after her to kill her. She aches for her brother, knowing all that he had done in the past, was for her. She loves him all the same, knowing what he has turned into. On a journey with a group of people being guided through the forest by Kim Pang, who has great knowledge of the area. They are then ambushed by a group of bandits, Rachael barely escapes with her life in the river. She then finds herself sanctuary. Rio is of the Leopard species, where he can turn from being human to leopard in a moment. He has been shunned from his people from a previous error in his past. He lives alone, apart from two leopards whom he found abandoned and as babies. He cares for them, and even though Leopards are solitary creatures, they continually stay with him. Rio is part of a group of Leopard shifters, who  undergo missions where they rescue humans and bring them to safety among the rain forest, since there are many dangers to be found there. As he drifts toward his home, he senses a stranger within its realms, and goes on high alert fully intending to destroy whoever has laid a trap for him. Rachael finds herself being attacked within the old hut that she has found sanctuary, by none other than the mysterious and captivating Rio. After Rio realizes his mistake, and at first he never trust Rachael, but there is something about her that captures his attention. Rachael now badly injured, finds herself in the care of the one who attacked her. His name is Rio, and at first glance he seems dangerous and wild as the forest around them. But as time goes one, and he tends to her gently, she see’s a side of him she would have never suspected. Rachael is drawn toward this mysterious creature, whom she seems to share a deep connection with. Rachael comes to the knowledge that Rio is a lot more than just a man, but there is a animal hidden beneath the human exterior. As Rachael past comes to haunt her, they are both faced with a bleak future of being on the run, although they have each other. Rachael is discovering something about herself, something that she has never felt before and is learning to adjust to a new life among the ‘Wild Rain’.

I definitely enjoyed reading Rachael and Rio’s captivating story, it seems to enthrall me to the point that I could hardly put this book down. The characters were portrayed so well, it was as if I was drawn into the rain forest myself among the trees, humidity, and the wild nature. I was taken on a wild adventure through the rain forest, where passion, instinct and a deep love abides. As Rachael starts to heal from her wounds, their passionate feelings for one another grow until they are both thrown into a climatic sensual ride. Even though there are many that hunt them both, they manage to stay alive and ahead of the hunters. A deep tender lover grows between both Rachael and Rio, that they are unable to resist. I found myself falling in love with Rachael and Rio, but for me both characters have had pasts that were Hell on Earth, and despite all the dangers that surround them, they end up finding a sensual heaven amidst it all. This is definitely one of my favorites from Christine Feehan’s writings. Its filled with the perfect mixture of sensual passion, witty conversation, and a thrilling adventure that will knock your socks off!!

My Grade For This Book
5 Blossoms

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