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Book Review-Once Upon A Tartan

Once Upon A Tartan
MacGregor Trilogy (2)
Grace Burrowes
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published August 2013
382 Pages
Scottish Highlands Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-40226869-4
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Hester MacDaniel is recovering from an engagement gone awry by summering at her brother’s holding in the Highlands, and looking after her brother’s young step-daughter, Fiona.

Tiberius Flynn, heir to the English Marquis of Quinworth, appears on Hester’s doorstep claiming he’s Fee’s paternal uncle, and he’s been sent by her English relations to make the girl’s acquaintance.

Tye believes his brother’s dying wishes compel him to take Fee south with him, but he doesn’t plan on Hester capturing his heart, even as she fights him tooth and nail for custody of Fiona.

My Review

Tiberius has been sent on a serious mission by his father up to the highlands. As much as Tiberius despises himself for what he will have to do, he reminds himself that he doesn’t have a choice. Hester Daniels has been taking care of Fiona, a relative, a little girl that is in need of mothering and someone to watch over her. Fiona’s mother has recently gotten married and has gone on a honeymoon, so Hester has taken it upon herself to take care of this feisty little girl who has her wrapped around her finger. Hester will do anything for Fiona. When a stranger arrives on her doorstep, insisting that he is Fiona’s uncle, she is more than a little suspicious. She has never met the man, and she feels as if he is hiding something very important from her. But as the three of them spend time together, she starts to soften, seeing a side of Tye she didn’t imagine she would when she first met him. A powerful passion starts to build between Hester and Tye, and before Hester realizes it, she knows that she could very easily give up her heart to this virile man that heats her blood.But there is a secret Tye is hiding from her and she can’t fully give him her heart until she know him body and soul.

Once Upon A Tartan is the Second in the series, and is set up in Scotland. and this trilogy is part of the MacGregor clan. It starts out with a sweet scene between Tye and his niece Fiona. I enjoyed seeing the connection they instantly make, and having a weakness for charming and adorable little runts, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Fiona instantly. She has such a curiosity and open trust that is heartwarming. The story then begins when Tye and Hester meet for the first time, which isn’t exactly smooth sailing. Fireworks explode, because Hester has little trust in men, but especially strangers that bring Fiona home, a little girl who is everything to Hester. Hester has suffered through a scandal and has been hurt in the past, but you see she can’t help but be drawn to Tye. Tye alone is sexy as sin. As the reader, you see a glimpse of what he is dealing with internally, but you don’t see the full scheme of things till much later on. I liked the tension between Tye and Hester heat up, and I loved how Hester doesn’t care about consequences, she is bold and daring, but protects her heart fiercely.

Once Upon A Tartan was a savorful story that makes your mouth water. There were times I had to force myself to keep reading, I think either I was letting myself get distracted from reading, or sometimes I feel like this is the style of Burrowes writing at times. Doesn’t fully captivate you 100% of the time. But I felt the plot was full of a few twist and turns, not overdoing it at all, but I also wished there had been a bit more to the story. I felt at the end that it was a fully satisfying read, but part of me wished that there had been a bit more of a conflict involved. I did love the aspect of adding a child into the story. It always add a certain sense of innocence and playfulness to it. It was fun seeing Tye and Fiona connect and go on adventures together, the descriptions were so well done, I almost felt like I was actually there. I felt the characterization were well done for the most part, I don’t have any complaints on Tye or Hester. They were a fun and exciting couple to see get attached to each other. We also see the involvement of Ian and Augusta (the couple from the first book for those of you who haven’t read this series yet), which was fun to see them again and their connection to Hester.

I enjoyed this story much more than I imagined I would in the beginning. It did take me quite a few pages, before I got fully drawn into the story. But that tends to happen with Grace Burrowes. I feel like you really have to give her books a chance, you can’t just quit after a few pages. For me, it takes a couple chapters, before I find myself finding true fun in the story. I do want to say that one of my ultimate favorite things about Burrowe’s books, are the covers. They are so exquisite and slightly erotic, but not overly much too, just enough to entice anyone to pick it up. They have a certain quality about them, that is full of color and goes along with the theme of the story or the series. A wonderfully written love story, that is bursting with a sensuality and a certain polish to it that brings forth a vibrancy to the story. A Richly emotion filled tale that will capture your heart!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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Book Review-The Bridegroom Wore Plaid

The Bridegroom Wore Plaid
Macgregor Trilogy (1)
Grace Burrowes
Published December 2012
371 Pages
Scottish Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4022-6866-3


Ian MacGregor is wooing a woman who’s wrong for him in every way. As the new Earl of Balfour, though, he must marry an English heiress to repair the family fortunes.

But in his intended’s penniless chaperone, Augusta, Ian is finding everything he’s ever wanted in a wife.

My Review
Augusta, is assigned as a chaperone to her cousin, who has come up to court Ian MacGregor. Ian, as leader of his family and people, is desperate to do anything he can to save them from their financial struggles. He knows that currently they are surviving, but they are in need of more money. He knows that he must court and marry “Eugenia”. Even though she is attractive enough, he knows if he marries her, he will be miserable. She is not what he had pictured in a wife, but there is one woman who he could see being perfect for him. But he knows he must think of his family and their future. Augusta, finds herself falling for the man that is meant for her cousin. She knows that Ian’s need is great, and that there isn’t a way for them to be together. However Ian, knows if there is a way to save his family and be with Augusta, then he must find it.

The Hero 
Ian, recently lost his brother, who became missing, and has now become the Earl. Now he has much responsibilities on his shoulders. He is aware that he must marry into wealth, and he knows what is expected from him. When he starts to court Eugenia, he finds himself ending up desiring Augusta, even though he knows they have no future together, he wants to enjoy the little time they have left for each other.

The Heroine 
Augusta,  lives in a small cottage, with meager savings. She does what she can to live a content life. She once had prospects, however when her parents died, her life changed. Her uncle now controls everything, and she has no choice but to be her cousin’s companion. When she meets Ian she see’s a man whom wants more than just a arranged type marriage, who is in need of love. If circumstances were different she could see herself being the woman for him, but there is something else afoot that she must get to the bottom of.

My Thoughts 
It has been a while since I have read this author, but I decided to start reading her again. Since I have heard many good things about this new book that recently came out, I decided to pick it up from the library. At first I had a little hard time getting into, but after a few chapters I started to get really involved with the story. I really liked seeing how the plot kept giving a twist and a turn, keeping the story alive. I found myself really enjoying Ian and Augusta. I also loved the romance that develops between the two. There was an endearing quality to it, that charmed me from the beginning. There was also a bit of a mystery and suspense element that livened things up in the story and definitely kept things interesting.I really loved how this author weaves such a beautiful and intimate story.  A charming tale of romance mixed with danger and intrigue, that will come alive for any reader! A touching story that will warm your heart!

My Favorite Quote 
 She kissed him, rose up on her toes and gently laid her mouth to his. She brought sweet, soft curves, warmth, and a sense of voracious longing to him, heartbroken longing, on a whiff of flowers.

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating

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