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Book Review-Viking Heat

Viking Heat
Viking II Series
Sandra Hill
276 Pages
Published Sep 2009
Viking/Time Travel
ISBN 9780425230671

Psychologist Joy Nelson thinks things are bad when she finds herself training in the modern-day female Navy SEALs program. But then her life takes a turn for the worse. Somehow she’s been thrust back in time to the cold Norselands, being auctioned off as a thrall, or slave-a gift for a Viking warlord, who would be a perfect candidate for Male Chauvinist Viking of the Centuries.

Brandr isn’t thrilled with the slave his brothers have purchased for him. Holy Thor! The woman wants to teach him anger management skills! And help him find his feminine side, whatever that is. She may be beautiful, but the saucy wench defies him at every turn. So Brandr makes her an offer. She can earn her freedom — as his bed thrall. But when Joy dares to decline his offer, he must decide what to do with the woman enslaved to him — and the out-of-control heat between them…

Psychologist Joy Nelson, has always been the one suffer the taunts of her older brothers, and any time they dare her to do something whatever it may be she does it, even though she is a full grown adult by now. So when they double dare her to become a WEAL-a female version program of the Navy SEALS. But then when she goes on her first mission with a SEAL team, she finds herself taken back through time where she is then auctioned off as a thrall to a Viking Warlord. At first Joy has no idea that she has been taken back through time, but then things start to click and Brandr, the Viking who owns her, starts to make compromise after compromise with the saucy woman, thinking he must be as demented as she is, but is really in love with a thousand year old woman that has stirred up his passions like none other ever has, and has claimed his heart.
The Hero 
Brandr is a Viking warrior and leader of his people, after most of his family was slaughtered apart from his young sister who was taken, raped and became preganant. So he brings her home, and when he is in rage becomes a ‘beserker’, but when Joy,  a thrall given to him as a gift, by his closest friend, he knows that he is definitely in for the adventure of a lifetime, and knows that she is far from different from anyone he has ever known, and yet the passion that she stirs in him, becomes a love that he can’t deny and will fight to keep her to his side.
The Heroine 
Joy Nelson, a psychologist and has the talent in helping those in pain and grief. But having grown up with her older brothers, she can never turn down a dare, and so when they double dare her to join a female Navy SEAL program, she of course has to join, and finds that she fully regrets it to some degree, not knowing why she always succumbs to their taunts. So when she is taken back through time and become the slave to a Viking Warrior, of course she finds it barbaric and unheard of. But then she realizes what time she has been taken back to, and despite her protests, Brandr stirs up deep passions within her, that makes her earn for his touch and much more….

My Thoughts
I would have to say that Viking Heat is by far one of my favorites that has been written by this author so far. I found that I was intrigued by the first page and I found myself finding it hard to put this one down. I found the plot so intriguing and with such a vitality to the characters, and definitely a laugh out loud read! One of the greatest aspects that I love about Sandra Hills Books is the wit that is in each and every one of her plots, especially when it involves time travel, with two characters that are from two times, and they have to learn to adapt to each others differences, and the way they learn to muddle through it is fabulous, and definitely worth reading, especially in Viking Heat.

My Grade For This Book 
5 Blossoms

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Book Review-Tale Of Two Vikings

Tale Of Two Vikings
Viking I Series
Sandra Hill
Leisure Romance
360 Pages
Published May 2004
Medieval-Viking Romance

Has an eye for the ladies. Loves a good fight. Splits his sides over rude jokes. Won’t ask directions no matter how lost he is. . . even in a longship, for the love of Odin!

Sound like anyone you know? Maybe every man you know?

Toste and Vagn Ivarsson are all that and more–a lot more. Identical Viking twins, they came squalling into this world together, rode their first horses at the age of seven, their first maids during their thirteenth summer, and rode off on longships as untried fourteen-year-old warriors. And now, having seen only thirty and one winters, they are about to face Valhalla together. Or maybe something even more tragic: being separated. For even the most virile Viking must eventually leave his best buddy behind and do battle with that most fearsome of all opponents the love of his life.

A Tale of Two Vikings is exactly what the title claims, its a story of two twin brother Vikings. Toste and Vagn were born at the same time, twins, they have done everything in their lives together. When they go into battle together, they are both injured and separated having to assume the other is dead, despite the strong connection they have for each other. Toste is taken away by some Nuns, including a Lady Esme, the most beautiful and stunning nun he has ever seen, and has yet to say her complete vows to the church, so of course for him she is available, however Esme is only looking for sanctuary from those that want her killed, not a handsome viking that stirs up her senses. Vagn is taken back to familiar surroundings, and back to Helga -his brothers betrothed. But now they his brother Toste is dead, he notices that Helga the Homely as she once was called, is now Helga the beautiful. So Vagn starts considering the idea of marrying Helga, however she is very high spirited and resistant to marrying him. However these Viking Twins never expected that their greatest battle would be for….LOVE

The Heroes
We have two heroes, the Viking brothers, Toste and Vagn. These two have done everything together since they were born, linked by a unbreakable bond. So when they are separated they have to mourn for their twin who’ve been at their side. Now these two during the book while they are separated from one another start having hints that the other is alive, due to their link, which is neat. Also you will see that once they are reunited things just start to heat up with their love stories as well.

The Heroines
Our first heroine is Esme, who is the one that helps save Toste, who has to hide in the nunnery and yet to do her vows for the church, always having to go to confession (my kind of girl). Esme came to the nunnery, because her father and brothers who have always been demeaning toward her, have wanted her killed because of the land that she inherited from her mother. So she has almost been killed many times, but now Toste has entered her life and is all about protection and defending her.

Our second heroine is Helga, who when she was a little girl was claimed to be Helga the Homely, by Toste, and has felt the stigma of that statement ever since then. However now a adult woman she has changed. Her father is insistent on her marrying and having children, but when Vagn is rescued she is furious at her father for trying to get him to marry her, because she doesn’t want marriage, she is just fine on her own, or so she tells herself, and things definitely start to heat between Helga and Vagn, that she starts having doubts about her convictions of not marrying.

My Thoughts:
I have to say that A Tale of Two Vikings is by far one of my favorites of Sandra Hill. I loved the whole aspect of twin Vikings, I mean who wouldn’t right? It takes place back in 900 A.D., and it was definitely a witty yet sensual written story.  In this story each chapter each trades off to each twins love story, which is neat yet can be a bit frustrating when the chapter leaves you hanging. This is a wonderful story of two twins that have never thought that they would ever settle down, but once they are separated, they start thinking outside the box, and find women of their own, and such a sweet reunion when they find each other once again. Definitely a story you dont want to miss out on, one that will surprise and intrigue you senseless.

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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Book Review-Truly, Madly Viking

Truly, Madly Viking(Viking II Series)
Sandra Hill
Love Spell, 389 Pages, Published July 2000
Time Travel Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52387-6


His boat off-course, distracted by a randy she-whale whose infatuation had somehow thrust him into the twenty-first century, Jorund Ericsson had cause to question his surroundings. And though the befuddled Viking thought hed found heaven when he caught sight of the comely wench with the man-hair and the kiss-some lips, the lovely doctor simply thought him crazy. And Jorund realized the only thing that had driven him to the edge was her enticing figure.

He skyrocketed from the water and into Maggie’s life: all sinewy muscles in a flawlessly proportioned body, a swath of long blond hair swept back from his brow. His claim to be a Viking from the tenth century made her smile. But it wasnt laughter that caused her stomach to flutter when the Hercules look-alike claimed her lips. And soon he had her believing his story, though questioning her own sanity. Then the psychologist realized there was another possibility: Neither of them was truly mad of them were truly, madly in love.

My Review:
998 A.D. Jorund Ericsson, is traveling on his longship with his brother, when they find they are off course. Then before he knows it he is in the mouth of a whale, who takes him to the twenty first century. At first Jorund insists that he must return home, but then the orca throws him on the beach in Texas, where a orca show is showing with women and children. There who see a tall, virile naked viking with women and children gaping at him. He is then arrested and put in a mental hospital. His doctor, is Maggie McBride. Maggie has two twin daughters, whom she loves dearly. Abandoned by their father who didn’t want responsibilities, but then later died in one of his risk taking risks. She takes her daughters to a orca show, which they love to see. When a naked man comes out of the water, and her heart skips a beat. For she has never seen such a beautiful specimen in her life. Her daughters however, believe he is to be their father. Maggie ends up being his psychiatrist. Maggie believes that he just needs time to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t a viking who has traveled through time. Since she knows it is impossible, isnt it? Her resolve weakens however at their first kiss. Her senses go on alert, for she knows she has never felt anything like what she feels with Jorund. Jorund knows he just has to abide his time in this crazy mad house until he can be released so he can find that crazy orca that brought him to this time. He knows he needs to return to his brother and father. Then out of the blue Jorund disappears for three weeks, and Maggie despite herself is worried sick. After searching upon searching for three weeks he comes to Maggie’s home. Maggie at first is shocked to see him, but joyous as well. As they celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas together, both Maggie and Jorund’s bond  to one another strengthens, as well as Jorund’s relationship with her twin daughter, who have similiar resemblance to his twin daughter that were killed. Jorund knows he has to return to his own time, despite the fact that he knows how much he has fallen in love with Maggie and her daughters. He has a responsibility and duty to his family, although he desperately wishes that he doesn’t. He aches to stay here in the twenty first century with the love of his life. But what will he decide to do stay with his love? Or travel back in time for his duty?

I have had such a adventure reading another well written one by Sandra Hill. I love reading Time Travel romance, especially with Hill at the helm. Especially at first, I laughed so much and so hard, it sure had its moments. I love how this strong warrior Viking has been taken forward in time, to end up in a mental hospital. It will definitely make you laugh, but there is also a great story line, with intense passion that builds between both Jorund and Maggie. A passion that neither one of them has ever felt before and can’t deny, not even to themselves. I also loved how a father-daughter relationship was put in with Maggie’s daughters. Whom I am sure you will fall in love with as much as I have. They have such sweet personalities that will pull strings on your heart. I definitely loved reading this one, it was truly a genuine time travel romance that I could re read!! Another win for Sandra Hill!!!

My Grade For This Book:
5 Blossoms

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Book Review-The Tarnished Lady

The Tarnished Lady
Viking I Series
Sandra Hill
Leisure Romance,
390 Pages,
Published June 2002
Medieval Historical Romance

Banished from polite society for bearing a child out of wedlock, Lady Eadyth of Hawks’ Lair spent her days hidden under a voluminous veil, tending her bees. But when her son’s detested father threatened to reveal the boy’s true paternity and seize her beloved lands, Lady Eadyth sought a husband who would claim the child as his own.

Notorious for loving — and leaving — the most beautiful damsels in the land, Eirik of Ravenshire was England’s most virile bachelor. Yet when a mysterious beekeeper offered him a vow of chaste matrimony in exchange for revenge against his most hated enemy, Eirik couldn’t refuse. But the lusty knight’s plans went awry when he succumbed to the sweet sting of the tarnished lady’s love.

My Review:
I was truly captivated by Eirik and Eadyth story, it drew me into the plot and the characters felt so real for me, that I could never put it down. Every read that I have read of Sandra Hill I fall in love with her just over and over again. I just started reading her books, and I am definitely purely satisfied with her books and the enthralling viking stories that she writes.
Eadyth fell in love and desired marriage with someone when she was young, and foolishly in love with a man names Steven. Steven tricked her just to get her into his bed then abandoned her. Eadyth finds herself giving birth and raising a son, John whom she would do almost anything for. Steven has been threatening to take John away from Eadyth so she comes up with a plan to make sure he isn’t taken from her. She covers her hair with a ugly gray wimple, and dresses in clothes that are old and torn and truly downright ugly. She covers her face in gray soot, hoping to seem like a lady of forty years instead of in her early twenties so that Eirik doesn’t pursue her with lustful advances. She comes to him with a proposal of marriage, where he would get her fortune, and it would be more of a business agreement than a true marriage. Eirik at first says ‘no’  but there is something about Eadyth that captivates him so he agree’s with a few terms of his. As time goes one, his brother and many others in the keep know what is beneath her facade but it takes much longer before Eirik figures out her deception. Eirik has always been untrustful of women since he had a bad experience previously, and never knows if he can truly trust Eadyth.
Sandra Hill draws in the reader with The Tarnished Lady and bewitches the reader into thinking what is going to happen next and having a hard time putting it down. You see a young independent woman, who is stubborn, and usually takes matters into her own hands. Eirik is resistant to to her independent ways, but finds himself falling in love with her despite all that happens. Eirik has never known such happiness has existed until he marries Eadyth and has a family with her, and realizes how much that means to him. The Tarnished Lady has a great plot with a fiery passion that builds between Eirik and Eadyth, there is a mystery that is afoot with intrigue from Eirik most hated enemy, and a tender love that sweetens the story. I have no complaints with this, I truly was endeared by The Tarnished Lady and am looking forward to reading more of her.

My Grade For This Book
5 Blossoms

Book Review- Viking Unchained

Viking Unchained
(Viking II Series)
Sandra Hill
(Paperback) ,
325 Pages,
Published July 2008
Viking/ Time Travel Romance


He swore he’d travel the earth to ind his little boy. But Viking warrior Thorfinn Haraldsson never counted on traveling through time — and he’s more than a little surprised to find himself in modern day Baghdad in the midst of a Navy SEAL operation. Luckily, the SEALs include his cousin, who takes him Stateside. And there, at a bar, he stumbles on a woman with an eerie resemblance to his cheating wife…

For almost five years, single mom Lydia Denton has mourned the loss of her Navy SEAL husband. Then she meets a man who looks a lot like her lost love. Despite Thorfinn’s ridiculous accusations that she’s taken his son, Lydia finds it impossible to ignore the steamy chemistry between them. And as she gets to know this handsome Viking, she can’t help but wonder whether two souls, separated by time, have found their way back to each other…

My Review:

As this is a time travel story, it starts out with two seperate story lines, one with Thorfinn Haraldsson in the eleventh century, and the other with Lydia Denton in the present day. Thorfinn once married a woman and had a young son, she leaves him along with his son. Even though he suspects that they have been killed in a storm on the sea, he continues searching for his son Miklof. He ends up in Baghdad fighting and killing as fast as he can, surrounded by a group of men. Then suddenly he is drawn by some force into another time, in the middle of a SEAL operation, one of the SEALs happens to be his cousin, who takes him on a plane and to the states. There he is learning how to treat others, especially women where he is about hopeless (a viking in the twenty first century is so hilarious, I was laughing the whole way through this section of the book) Finn is eager to be a fighting man once again, so the SEAL team that discovers him starts training him to be read for prep for being a SEAL.
Lydia Denton, lost her husband Dave who was a Navy SEAL and died in combat four years ago. She has been raising her son Mike all on her own. Lydia is a dancer and teaches other women how to do aerobic dancing. She sends her son Mike on the farm with her parents in Minnesota. She goes to a bar with a friend, and meets a man with Dave’s eyes; which were silver and very rare. Even though he looks different from her husband, she assumes he is back from the dead. One kiss turns into a endless night a steamy passion that gets the blood pumping.  Lydia is utterly confused, despite the passionate nights they share, she wonders who this strange man is. She assumed its either Dave reincarnated or Dave sent this man to her. She aches for love again, and she knows that she is falling for Finn, despite his chauvenistic ways.
This is definitely an loveable read, that every romance reader will thoroughly enjoy. I have always loved reading Time Travel, and I have equally fallen in love with this one. Especially since I love reading from Sandra Hill and does amazing Viking stories. Here is a adventure you never want to miss out on. With a man who is a fighting Viking from the 11th century, who is taken to the future and has to learn to cope with modern women, that would most likely cut him to pieces if he calls them “wench” too many times. However with Lydia, he treats her differently then all the other women that he has met through the SEAL team. He treats her with more respect and tenderness than he does with anyone else. Lydia see’s a side of him, that is hidden beneath his rough exterior. Lydia falls in love with Finn, and when she finds out that he wants to join the SEAL team, she is broken inside, not knowing if she can live with another military man once more especially one that she has fallen in love with. Finn is insisting that all they have is sensual passion, that he could never love a woman and Lydia goes about to prove him wrong and make him fall in love with her. I truly was captivated by this story and the characters within it. This is the first of the Viking II series that I have read, which is her time travel viking series. I really loved everything about this book, I was laughing throughout the whole of the book, due to the circumstances of which Finn and Lydia are put in. There is a heated passion that develops between the two that really sets the room ablaze. And a love that expands through time and space. Definitely a keeper!

My Grade For This Book
5 Blossoms