2015 Reading Challenges

Making this one really easy!
All historical romances over 80 pages count!
Anything prior to 1920 as far as year goes.
All you do is read then review (on goodreads, amazon or your blog) then link up your review 🙂

It can be a fusion read (ex–paranormal historical)
Cross over from other challenges count.
You don’t have to be a blogger to join in. Just use your Goodreads or Amazon account to link up.
Levels (you can change your level during the year)
1–6 books
2–12 books
3–24 books
4–48 books
5–100+ books
1. Catch A Falling Heiress-Laura Lee Gurhke
2. Surrender To A Scoundrel-Lily Dalton
3. To Love A Scottish Lord -Karen Ranney
4. Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress -Theresa Romain
5. Earls Just Want To Have Fun  -Shana Galen
6. Till Dawn With The Devil-Alexandra Hawkins
7. Never Desire A Duke-Lily Dalton
8. I Loved A Rogue-Katharine Ashe
9. The Bride of Lochbarr-Margaret Mallory
 10. After Dark with a Scoundrel by Alexandra Hawkins
11. A Sinful Deception by Isabella Bradford
12. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworyh
13. Why Lords Lose Their Hearts by Manda Collins
14. The Seduction of an English Scoundrel-Jillian Hunter
15. Good Earls Go Bad-Megan Frampton
16. My Lady, My Lord-Katharine Ashe
17. Sweet Enemy-Heather Snow
18. Never Entice An Earl-Lily Dalton
19.  How To Tame Your Duke-Juliana Gray
20. In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams-Karen Ranney
21. The Secrets Of Sir Kenworthy
22. What A Lady Requires by Ashlynn Macnamara
23. Sweet Deception-Heather Snow
24. Outlaw-Susan Johnson
25. Highland Guard-Hannah Howell
26. Diary of an Accidental Wallflower-Jennifer Mcquiston
27. Treasured by Candace Camp
28. What A Devilish Duke Desires-Vicky Dreiling
29. It Started With Scandal-Julie Anne Long
30. My Highland Lover-Maeve Greyson
31. Highland Surrender-Tracy Brogan
32. A Touch of Passion-Bronwen Evans
33. Wicked My Love-Susanna Ives
34. Four Nights With The Duke-Eloisa James
35. Sunrise With A Notorious Lord-Alexandra Hawkins
36. Behind The Plaid-Eliza Knight
37. Captured By The Pirate Laird-Amy Jarecki
38. Sebastian’s Lady Spy-Sharon Cullen
39. The Lady Meets Her Match-Gina Conkle
40. The Elusive Lord Everhart-Vivienne Lorret
41. When A Rake Falls-Sally Orr
42. Darling Jasmine-Bertrice Small
43. Kiss The Earl-Gina Lamm
44. A Measure Risk-Natasha Blackthorne
45. Bite At First Sight-Brooklyn Ann
46-Ransom-Julie Garwood
47. The Duke and the Lady In Red-Lorraine Heath
48. Lady Sarah’s Sinful Desires-Sophie Barnes
49. Saving Grace-Julie Garwood
50. Honor’s Splendor-Julie Garwood
51. 50 Ways To Ruin A Rake-Jade Lee
52. Twice A Texas Bride-Linda Broday
53. The Secret-Julie Garwood
54. Kilts and Daggers-Victoria Roberts
55. The Lion’s Lady-Julie Garwood
56. I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm -Kelly Bowen
57. Love In The Time Of Scandal-Caroline Linden
58. Dearest Rogue-Elizabeth Hoyt
59. The Trouble With Honor-Julia London
60. The Gift-Julie Garwood
61. A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find-Kelly Bowen
62. Guardian Angel-Julie Garwood
63. Devil Takes A Bride-Julia London
64. The Scoundrel and the Debutante-Julia London
65. Sweet Madness-Heather Snow
66. Gentle Warrior-Julie Garwood
67. Never Resist A Rake-Mia Marlowe
68. The Unexpected Duchess-Valerie Bowman
69. Destiny’s Embrace-Beverly Jenkins
70. The Maiden-Jude Devereaux
71. Put Up Your Duke-Megan Frampton
This one is super flexible.
Basically…read something “new” to you in 2015 and review it.

This can be a debut author.
A brand new to you author.
And old favorites “debut” book.
A new series.
A first time reading a new genre (ex if you read your first New Adult book)
or any other new that crosses your path
Everyone is welcome to join–blogger, author, reader
Any genre/heat level is fine.
Level 1–   6 “new to you”s
Level 2– 12 “new to you”s
Level 3– 24 “new to you”s
Level 4– 36 “new to you”s
Level 5– 48 “new to you”s
Level 6– 72 “new to you”s
   Level 7–100+ “new to you”s
My Goals:
My Plan is to go to Level 5…I know I should start on Level one, but there are so many books I have in plan that are recently new to me, and have been itching to read. So bring it on 2015!!!
1. Never Surrender To A Scoundrel-Lily Dalton
2. The Lord of the Clans- Chris Lange
3. Sweet Enemy-Heather Snow
4. The Seduction Of An English Scoundrel-Jillian Hunter
5. How To Tame Your Duke-Juliana Grey
6. Various States of Undress-Laura Simcox
7. Blood Assassin-Alexandra Ivy
8. The Last Man On Earth by Tracy Anne Warren
9. Black Rook by Kelly Meade
10. Rough Justice by Sarah Castille
11. Wicked Dark Dragon-Lolita Lopez
12. Radiance-Grace Draven
13. One Kiss More-Mandy Baxter
14. Bolt From The Blue-Tania Sparks
15. Angels’ Blood-Nalini Singh
16. King-T.M. Frazier
17. Maid For Love-Marie Forice
18. The Unexpected Duchess-Valerie Bowman
19. Stranded with a Billionaire-Jessica Clare
20. Last Hit-Jessica Clare
21. The Fireman Who Love Me-Jennifer Bernard
22. When Darkness Comes-Alexandra Ivy
23. All Lined Up-Cora Carmack
24. Chase Me-Tessa Bailey
25. I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm-Kelly Bowen
26. The Hook Up-Kristen Callihan
27. Rush-Gina Gordon
28. Lady Sarah’s Sinful Desires-Sophie Barnes
29. A Measured Risk-Natasha Blackthorne
30. Kiss The Earl-Gina Lamm
31. Beautiful Bastard-Christina Lauren
32. Against The Ropes-Sarah Castille
33. Warlord-Lana Grayson
34. Price Of A Kiss-Linda Kage
35. The Elusive Lord Everhard-Vivienne Lorret
36. Captured By The Pirate Laird-Amy Jarecki
37. Behind The Plaid-Eliza Knight
38. Highland Surrender-Tracy Brogan
39. Loving Colt-C.A. Harms
40. The Frenchman-Lesley Young
41. My Highland Lover-Maeve Greyson
42. Radiance-Grace Draven
43. One Kiss More-Mandy Baxter
44. Lay It Down-Cara McKenna
45. Rule Breaker-Harper Kincaid
“Take a Bite Out of Your Aged TBR Romance Pile”-Found on Bitten By Romance.

2015 Reading Challenge

Are you bad about marking books “to be read” or “want to read” and forgetting about them?

When was the last time you reviewed your entire TBR pile only to find some were placed on the list 3, 4 or 5 years ago?


Take a
bite out of as many books you’ve marked “to read” during the past few years as
possible from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015.
Since this is a romance blog, at least 80 percent
of what you read for the challenge must be romance (including all the romance
sub-genres) novels or novellas. The remaining 20 percent may be non-romance
titles (for example urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, mainstream
fiction, mystery, horror, etc.).
The books you read must have been marked “to be
read” or bought “to be read” prior to 2014. So, if you marked a book “to read”
or bought a book during 2014, those books do not count. The book(s) must have
been marked, or bought, “to be read” during 2013 or earlier.
Audio, novellas, novels, and library rentals are
You can join at any time during 2015. All of your
aged TBR pile books read in 2015 count towards the challenge regardless of when
you sign up during the year.
This challenge can crossover with other

don’t have to have a blog to join, but if not,
you must use Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, etc, and add the URL to
where you
track your books. All you have to do is create a shelf for the challenge
and then add that URL with your name in the linky below. 

of Romance’s Goal: My Goal is to get from 15-20 books for this
challenge at least, and I hope I can do more. Its always a good thing to
work on my TBR pile which is too high. This challenge is to help me
with my goal to help lower that pile down just a bit.

1. Outlaw-Susan Johnson

2. Darling Jasmine-Bertrice Small

3. Ransom-Julie Garwood

4. Faefever-Karen Marie Moning

5. Angels’ Blood-Nalini Singh

6. Magic Strikes-Illona Andrews

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