Historical Romance 101: Favorite Side Characters

Historical Romance 101Welcome to the last segment of Historical Romance 101!!! Today we will be discussing side characters and our personal favorites. This topic has been so much fun to look back at all the stories I have read and those side characters that have charmed me. I love how they add a unique element to a romance novel, Come and check out what these other great ladies favorite side characters are as well: Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda @ On A Book Bender, and Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook . Also we have a special treat for all of you, it will be the final event and what fun it will be and everyone is welcome to join in. We will be having a #histrom101 twitter chat on Tuesday Evening, 9pm EST/8pm CST, which we will be having a wonderful discussion on more favorite things we love about this genre!! So Please come and join in and would love to hear your thoughts on certain topics …Hope to see you all there!  Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: What Makes Sparks Fly & Favorite Couples

Historical Romance 101Today’s topic will be on one of my favorite things when discussing historical romance…the couples that come together and what makes that happen. Come and see what the others think as well: Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda @ On A Book Bender and Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook

So there are many things that make a great couple, or seeing some fabulous chemistry. It can add up to a number of factors, At times its a obvious attraction between the two, or it could be they practically hate or despise one another but you know what they say hate and love are divided by a thin line, which makes it possible for hatred or not liking to someone to turning into a powerful connection (which I will list a couple example of those below, of where couple start out not liking each other, but by the end of the story have one of the most intense connections you have ever seen). Or it could be just finding something in common, and building on that. Sometimes it making each other better and loving one another in different ways and finding that balance. So below I am going to list quite a few examples of my favorite couples, couples that I still love and how they connected and why it made a impression. Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: What Makes a Great Heroine and Favorites

Historical Romance 101Welcome to another segment of Historical Romance 101!! Come and join along with myself, Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda @ On A Book Bender, and Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook. This is a special one, and I find one of my favorite things to talk about…our lovely heroines. Now we all know that it is more difficult to find a winning heroine than a hero. But it is such a special treat to find a heroine you can connect with.  Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: What Makes A Amazing Hero and Personal Favorites

Historical Romance 101For today we will be offering something special where we talk about Amazing heroes and what our favorites are and why!! Come and check out what we have for ya. Also make sure you check out these other sweet ladies choices as well. Feminist Fairy Tales; Quinns Book Nook; On A Book Bender Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: Favorite Historical Romance Novels

Historical-Romance-101Today we will be featuring our favorite HR’s, so I will be sharing my top favorite ones, the type of stories that made a impression on me, and I consider worthy to be re read and worth buying. Also joining is Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews, Quinns Nook Book and On A Book Bender…so check their favorites out as well.  Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: Recommendations for Beginners

Historical Romance 101

Welcome everyone!! So today is something really special. So Quinn. and Anna and along with Jennifer, have some great recommendations today.  What we have planned for you is if you are starting to get interest in historical romance, here are some great recommendations to start with. These will slowly get you entrenched into it. These are specifically engineered for those that are new to the genre, but if you have read Historical Romance and looking for something new to read then step on up and grab on of these. (Side note: I know this is quite a few, but I had so many I wanted to recommend, and quite frankly it was damn hard narrowing the list down, and what I have here is something to suit anyone’s taste or mood.) So Enjoy!!

Have you of you read any of these? Or books by these authors? What did you think?  Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: Introduction and Why I Love Historical Romance

Historical Romance 101Welcome Everyone!! This is the start to Historical Romance 101, this is the first installment of a series of various thoughts that we have on our love of Historical Romance. I am on a join effort with three other fellow bloggers who also have a passion for historical romance. We have Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Review, Quinn @ Quinns Book Nook, and Anna @ On A Book Bender.  Continue reading