Throwback Thursday (83) Historical Romance Edition: Warrior’s Song

Throwback Thursday 2

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Warriors SongDear Reader:

Chandra first appeared in 1984. I’ve rewritten it extensively and changed the title to Warrior’s Song, as this book rightfully belongs in the Song series.

Chandra de Avenell might look like a golden princess, but she fights like a warrior, dreams a warrior’s dreams, and wears a warrior’s pride like a suit of armor. She wants to be strong, independent, and free. She has no use at all for a husband.

Enter the man her father has selected for her. Jerval de Vernon takes one look at Chandra, and he wants her. After he saves her from a very bad situation, he sets himself to wooing her – not an easy task.

How does a man convince a woman he coerces into marriage to become a wife? To give him her loyalty and her trust? Love is something he would like her to consider as well. But what if the wife has no intention of cooperating? Does he break her or finally give up on her?

Warrior’s Song introduces Graelam de Moreton, a real bad boy, who has his mate thrust upon him in the second book of this series, Fire Song.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (83) Historical Romance Edition: Warrior’s Song

  1. Oh, Catherine Coulter, I read her so many years ago ! I’m don’t remember which titles, but I remember those were located in the North of England and that’s where I learned that a “bairn” was a baby 🙂


  2. I’ve never read Catherine Coulter but I do want to look into her books. This one does seem interesting. Would you say they are more humorous or more serious?


  3. I have a bunch of hers but I think rom-suspense maybe? Or I could have the totally wrong author and just put egg all over my face. lol


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