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Book Review-What A Devilish Duke Desires by Vicky Dreiling

Title: What A Devilish Duke Desires 
Author: Vicky Dreiling 
Series: Sinful Scoundrels 
Publisher: Forever Hachette Book Group 
Format: EPub 
Acquired: Netgalley 
Release Date: February 24 2015 
Pages: 400
Genre: Regency Historical Romance 



Harry Norcliffe never wanted to inherit his beloved uncle’s title. The rigidity of the ton, the incessant reminders from his marriage-minded mama that he must settle down with a highborn lady and produce an heir and a spare: it’s all such a dreadful bore. So when his mother asks him to take part in a dancing competition, he patently refuses. The last thing he needs is another chore . . . until a beautiful, brilliant, delightfully tempting maid makes him rethink his position.


Most women would be over the moon to be pursued by a wickedly handsome—not to mention wealthy—duke like Norcliffe. But Lucy will not be any man’s trophy. She could use a friend, though, and what begins innocently soon ignites into desire. As Lucy tries to resist Harry’s scorching kisses, he makes an utterly irresistible offer. Enter the dance contest with him, and win a prize that could change her life forever . . . if falling in love doesn’t change it first.

My Review

I received a arc in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Hatchette Book Group.


Harry Norcliffe, is recovering from the death of a beloved uncle, and having to take over the  title, and all the matchmaking mama’s, including his own. Harry is determined to marry for love, and not for position or wealth. Then he meets Lucy, and his world shifts, and he knows he needs to make her his. Lucy, has fallen on hard times. Her parents are dead, and her only living relative, her grandmother, who is blind and needs her. Lucy, works two jobs, trying to support them both, and save money for her own dance studio. She never expected to become friends with a Duke, Harry Norcliffe. At first Harry is intrigued by Lucy, because she doesn’t look at him as a Duke, but as a person with intelligence, thoughts and feelings. Until three months ago, he was barely noticed. But now as the Duke, he has responsibilities, but he also feels he has a duty to his heart. Lucy is determined to make her own way, but she can’t deny how her resolve weakens when he is near, or how she wishes their worlds weren’t opposite from each other. But if they have a chance for a future, Lucy will need to embrace her feelings for Harry and face her past…

The Hero 

Harry Norcliffe, never thought that he would be next in line to be the Duke. It is the last thing he would ever desire for his future. His uncle, he loved dearly, and would trade anything to have him alive again. Harry now that he is titled with a dukedom, has doors opened for him that he didn’t have before. Harry is a scoundrel, but is a charmer. He loves women, and doesn’t hide his interest in Lucy. He could charm the head of a snake if it suited him. But he also is true to himself. He doesn’t let what society may say to determine what he wants in his future. What I really admired about this character, was his attitude toward the Ton…I just loved it. He had that devil may care attitude, that was quite refreshing. When he knows that he wants Lucy in his future, he isn’t afraid to go after her. He is a bit a a rogue, but is playful, witty, and delectable. Where can I find my own Harry Norcliffe?

The Heroine 

Lucy Longmore, is a young woman that is doing everything that she can to make her dreams come true. Her mother taught her how to dance, and Lucy loves it. She loves teaching it and showing the joy of it to others. She lost her mother young, and her father died from drinking, and now it is just her and her grandmother. She is working multiple jobs, and taking care of her grandmother. Lucy is a heroine I adored. I admired her so much, she had so much courage to go after what she wanted in life, and despite how others looked at her, she knew that she could make her dreams come true. She had this inner strength that came out in the story, and I enjoyed seeing her flourish. She is pretty stubborn but has backbone and it was quite fun seeing how she stands up to Harry, and is no door mat. She says things how they really are and damn the consequences.

Plot and Story Line 

What A Devilish Duke Desires is the third book in the series, now I am not sure that it is the last book in the series, because it does lead up to other connection, that could make room for other books. I have been amazed with this series, and how much I have fallen for this author. Vicky Dreiling is so talented, and I am in love with her. She has such a perfect way of writing a story that is compelling, and draws you into the story from the beginning. It wasn’t any struggle to get into it at all, and I was curious if it would be. I am in love with this story and it made me want to read the first two books again, because it was so fun seeing the previous characters from those books involved in this story. I love the sense of friendship that Harry has with his two friends and their wives. What was a fun aspect, was the dog. Now I am not a dog fan, but I love seeing animals incorporated into romances, and he was cute and playful. The romance between Harry and Lucy, is a bit slow going, but from the beginning you see the chemistry. But I loved the slow and steady development of their love story. The characters in this story are endearing and captivating, and they grab your attention immediately. If you are looking for a good historical romance in the regency era, this is a book for you. You don’t have to read the series in order, its pretty easy to catch on to what is going on, but I am pleased that I was able to read it in order. The plot is ongoing, and there are some aspects that will definitely keep you entranced, and there is a bad villain…he adds a certain depth to the story that you wouldn’t expect. I loved the level of intensity that picks up, and the humor in this story is witty and dry and it wraps around you like a warm blanket on a cold night.


This cover is so pretty and even though I am not a huge fan of yellow themed colors…this one really worked for me. It has that sweet yet lightly sensual tone to it, and I love the way they are posed and the hero and heroine in the cover portray how the characters are described in the story fairly well. So no complaints…just pretty and tasteful.

Overall View

What A Devilish Duke Desires  is a romantic story that brings the passion of the regency era to life. A book that is full of sensuality, a level of playful interaction, delightful scenes, and characters to endear themselves in your heart. A powerfully written tale that will tie you in knots, and keep you fully invested until the end. SIMPLY WONDERFUL!
Favorite Quote

She’d insisted there could be nothing between them because of class distinctions, but he refused to let some arbitrary social rules stand in his way. When she was near him, he felt exhilarated and excited. For the first time in all the years he’d sought out women, he could not forget and walk away.
She was his first thought in the morning, and his last thought at night.
There was only one answer. He would pursue her and before it was all over, he would make her his.


“You have the power to beguile me, and I fear I will succumb to desire.”
“Lucy, I know you’re a respectable woman, and I know what is forbidden. My desire for you is like a fire inside me I can’t extinguish. But it is not just desire. I want to hold your hand, I want to hear you laugh, and I want to waltz with you.” He cupped her face “I want you.”

My Rating

5 Blossoms

Heat Level


Series Order

A Season For Sin (0.5)

What A Wicked Earl Wants (1)

What A Reckless Rogue Needs (2)

What A Devilish Duke Desires (3)

ARC Book Review-What A Reckless Rogue Needs

What A Reckless Rogue Needs
The Sinful Scoundrels (2)
Vicky Dreiling
Hachette Books
E Book
Published March 2014
416 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN:  9781455522880
Authors Website

Will the Rogue’s Perfect Plan…

Colin Brockhurst, Earl of Ravenshire, has no desire to wed, this season or any other. So when his father demands he give up his wild ways and take a wife, Colin refuses. But his father raises the stakes and threatens to sell the ancestral home if Colin doesn’t comply. Now Colin has no choice but to find a wife. Unfortunately, the only woman he wants is the one whose heart he broke years ago.

Lead to the Perfect Seduction?

Regardless of the ton‘s whispers, Lady Angeline Brenham won’t settle for anything less than true love. After rejecting more than her share of suitable suitors, spinsterhood looms before her—until the devilishly handsome Colin reappears in her life with a proposition. Angeline vows to keep her feet on the ground and her heart in check. That is, until one searing kiss melts her resolve and reignites a burning desire for more.

My review

Received a ARC copy in exchange of a honest review. 
Colin Brockhurst, has lived a life of pleasure and enjoying life as he can. When his father gives him a ultimatum either marry or he will sell the property that belongs to him, property where his mother is buried. Colin will do anything to get a hold of that precious property. His beloved mother died during childbirth of his fathers second child. His father then remarried, and circumstances between them have been strained, although he is quite fond of his twin step sisters. There is one woman he would marry, a woman who he will have to prove himself to. Angeline is a spinster, but has been waiting for true love and won’t settle for anything less. Angeline’s reputation is ruined in the eyes of society, after her ex fiancee told vicious lies about her. Angeline is desperate to fix things even though it wasn’t her fault. Her younger sister is about to have her debut, her father who was her closest ally, now hides himself away from her, and a man she once loved rejected her. That same man, Colin, and herself come to a agreement to restore his parents old home, that is in sore need of repair. As they start to work together, a chemistry builds between them, and they both discover a way to get what they both want….Marriage. But will marrying each other be enough or is love waiting right around the corner.

What A Reckless Rogue Needs is the second installment. After reading the first book in the series I was very excited to read Colin and Angeline’s story. I recently discovered this author, and it was her covers of these two books that drew me to her. I was so excited that I was able to receive a ARC of this title. In fact I came close to jumping up and down….and who wouldn’t be especially after discovering the joy of these charming storyteller that pulls you in magically into her love stories. And What A Reckless Rogue Needs is no different.

The story begins with Colin rushing home trying to convince his father to not sell the property that belongs to him. I instantly became charmed with Colin, very tenacious and a fighter. I loved seeing his vulnerability of his deceased mother, it was quite sweet at times. I really enjoyed how he would do anything to have a reminder of her. Now comes Angeline, where my heart just went out to her. We see a sweet woman who only wants what her parents have and what Colin’s parents have. We see how she starts to fall for Colin, But from her past experience, she wonders if her love alone will be enough for the both of them. Colin and Angeline’s story is all about trust and the true power of love, and it is worth the fight.

A Beautifully written romance with endearing elements, an engaging plot, characters to melt your heart, and a love story to bring a tear to your eye while bringing a smile to your face. PURE SENSUALITY!!

My Grade
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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What A Wicked Earl Wants

Book Review-What A Wicked Earl Wants

What A Wicked Earl Wants
The Sinful Scoundels (1)
Vicky Dreiling
Grand Central Publishing
Published May 2013
408 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2287-3
Authors Website 

WILL A RAKE’S WICKED WAYSAndrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham, believes in being a gentleman, whether it’s fishing a soggy stranger out of the Thames or assisting a fetching lady into his bed. If the stranger becomes a friend and the lady a mistress, all the better. He certainly welcomes the opportunity to help Laura Davenport, a dazzling young widow with a rebellious stepson. Her gratitude, he hopes, will take an amorous form. But from the moment he sets foot in her drawing room, he gets far more than he bargained for …


It was a moment of desperation. On the brink of losing her stepson, Laura turned to the notorious Lord Bellingham for help. Suddenly she, a vicar’s daughter, is in the precarious position of resisting his tantalizing advances. How Bell earned his wicked reputation is clear; the surprise is how much more there is to him than the gossip sheets could possibly reveal. Now every moment with this dangerously desirable man puts Laura’s good name at risk-and promises pleasure unlike any she has ever known .

My Review 

Laura Davenport, a widow, has been raising her step son on her own for the last four years. Now he is seventeen and wanting to live a life in London. So she reluctantly agrees, and they head to London. Only her son, is starting to act rebelliously, and deceiving her left and right. Then Andrew Carrington, the Earl of Bellingham, steps in to help her out. Andrew, is looking for a mistress, when he sees a beautiful and enticing woman at a ball, he knows he has to have her. Laura is everything he desires and more, even though he has never sought after her type. Sweet, caring, and full of passion that is hidden, and even though she is a Vicar’s daughter, he is drawn to her. When Laura’s son is threatened to be taken away, he agrees to a fake engagement, in order to protect her and her son. Soon he is taking measures that he would never do, but the ice around his heart starts to melt. Even though he knows he can never marry her, he craves what could be, but is the love they share be enough to weather the storm ahead?

What A Wicked Earl Wants is the first in the Sinful Scoundrel Series. This is also the first time I have had a chance to read from this author. And all I can say is WOWZERS!!! I am beyond impressed with this author already and this is the first chance I have had to read from her. When I started reading this, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this author. I tend to get a bit nervous when trying a new author, even with stellar reviews and ratings, I don’t know what to expect. But after a few chapters I was enthralled by this authors storytelling that captivated my attention from the beginning, and I was hard pressed to put this book down. The story begins with Laura and Andrew meeting at a ball, where they have a instant eye connection, and from then on they are connected physically at first. As the story progresses further, you see that intimate connection they have, goes further to the emotional bond that connects them without either character fully realizing it.

The characters are endearing and magical and charming. Andrew, is a fine hero, I loved him from the beginning. He is a scoundrel and a rake, and loves all sorts of pleasure. But you also see signs that he has a past and not a good one. He protects his heart and emotions with a iron hand, and refuses to let anyone slip through let alone a small slip of a woman whose smile melts him and all of his reason. Laura is quite a fun heroine. I liked her immediately, even though she seemed a bit naive about her stepson behavior, but she is very passionate and strong willed, and I loved how she faces every situation with confidence and doesn’t shy away from the truth. She deal with Andrew quite admirably, doesn’t just jump into his bed because he kisses her senseless (which he does) but she doesn’t give in at the moment. She makes him work for it, and I enjoyed seeing this flirty dance these two were engaged in. Quite amusing at times.

The story was enchanting and full of fun characters, engaging plot, and twists and turns to keep you drawn into the story. A delightful romp that sizzles! A WINNER

First Line 
Andrew Carrington, the Earl of Bellingham, was on the hunt for a new mistress.

Favorite Quote 
“If I’d been gentlemanly, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much.” 

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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