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Stacking The Shelves (6)

Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! Such a fun meme to start in, if you want to know more or join up click here Continue reading

Historical Romance 101: Favorite Historical Romance Novels

Historical-Romance-101Today we will be featuring our favorite HR’s, so I will be sharing my top favorite ones, the type of stories that made a impression on me, and I consider worthy to be re read and worth buying. Also joining is Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews, Quinns Nook Book and On A Book Bender…so check their favorites out as well.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday (70) Historical Romance Edition: Golden Surrender

Throwback Thursday is a new meme hosted by Buried Under Romance and Love
Saves The World, and since I just love Historical Romance I decided to

What Is Throwback Thursday? Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates
nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or image from
their past–usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book
blogs that also do a book related Throwback Thursday.

Here Are The Rules: 1. It must be posted on a Thursday. 2. It must be a
historical romance novel published before October 3, 2008
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Book Review-A Viking In Paradise by Sandra Hill

Title: Vampire In Paradise 
Author: Sandra Hill 
Series: Deadly Angels (5)
Format: E Book 
Publisher: Avon 
Release Date: November 25 2014 
Pages: 352 Pages
Acquired: Edelweiss 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
ISBN 10: 978-0-06-221048-7
ISBN 13: 0-06-221048-7


The vangels are back in Vampire in Paradise, the latest in Sandra Hill’s bestselling Deadly Angels series…

It’s been centuries since the Norseman Sigurd Sigurdsson was turned into a Vangel—a Viking Vampire Angel—as punishment for his sin of envy, but he’s still getting the hang of having fangs that get in the way when seducing women. Slaying demon vampires known as Lucipires and using his healing gifts as a cancer research doctor, Sigurd is sent to Florida’s Grand Keys Island as a resident physician . . . where he encounters a sinfully beautiful woman.

The only hope Marisa Lopez has of curing her five-year-old daughter is a pricey experimental procedure. When she meets the good-looking doctor, Marisa is speechless. Then Sigurd tells her he believes he can help her daughter. Could this too-hot-to-resist Viking doctor be an angel of some sort sent to bring a miracle for her daughter? Or is he just a vampire bent on breaking Marisa’s heart?

My Review

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Edelweiss and Avon Books.

Marisa Lopez is determined to save her daughters life. Marisa has a five year old daughter that has a brain tumor, and the only operation that has any hope of saving her life, requires 170,000 dollars since it is a clinic in Europe. Marisa needs 70,000 and then she hopes that she will see her daughter grow up. So when she hears of a opportunity to serve as a waitress and a massage therapist for a week at Florida’s Grand Keys Island, where a porn conference is going on, well Marisa is willing to do anything even work during such a conference to get some extra money toward her daughter. When she arrives, she meets Sigurd, a doctor and sexy as sin. Sigurd, a Vangel, has suffered from the sin “Envy”, and he has been order by Michael, the Archangel, to come to the Island and find and slay demon vampires. He comes across a young woman, who has been tainted by them, because she is considering to committing a sin to save her daughters life. He must convince her to trust him so he can cleanse her with his bite, and share a passionate night with him. Easier said than done…even for a Viking Vampire Angel….but will Marisa find a safer and better way to save her daughter and find love at the same time….

I have to say that I honestly didn’t know how much I would like this one…well I LOVED it!! There was so much I enjoyed about it…reminded me of Hill’s older books. While reading this series, some books have been a struggle and others a great fun adventure…and boy was Viking in Paradise a barrel of laughs and viking fun!! One aspect that I really enjoyed seeing was having Sigurd as the hero. He is definitely dreamy, and the way he says things…are bound to make you laugh your head off when you least expect him to. He is so outrageous….but the way he is written brings about such a hilarioius outcome! The heroine….well I loved her, she was such a good heroine even if she is tempted to do certain things to guarantee her daughter’s well being. From the beginning of the story, you sense the deep emotion from the circumstances, and with scenes of the little girl…your heart just breaks just a bit. I was on Marisa’s side all the way. She is willing to work at a conference, as a waitress so she can get big tips, at least bigger than she would find at home. I love seeing how strong willed she is and determined to do anything to save her daughter, but she also draws a line for herself. The intereaction between Marisa and Sigurd was quite funny at times, but there are many sensual moments to get the blood pumping.

What I also loved about this story was the intrigue style of the plot, and how we see a sense of danger that is played out, and really brings Sigurd and Marisa closer together. What I would have liked to have seen was toward the ends we never see what happens with the Villains, and I would have liked to get a fully satisfying story instead of average satisfying. But the focus of the story is the love story and seeing these two come together and learning to trust in each other. The ending with the little girl met beyond my expectations…well all I will say is I ADORED how this book turned out…and I will admit I needed a tissue or two. Definitely left me with a smile on my face. Get ready ladies to enter a story filled with the passions of a island, sexy Viking hero, humor to have you laughing all day and some steamy interaction to blow you away SEXY AND FUN!!

Favorite Quote

“Woman, don’t you know I love you?” She could tell he was surprised by his own words. But then he laughed and repeated the words. “I love you. ‘Tis true. I love you. I have nothing to offer. I don’t even know where I will work after this. Or even if I will continue to be a doctor. For all I know, I will be a farmer. My life is not my own. No future. Just now. But I hot damn love you.”

My Rating

4 Blossoms

Heat Level


Series Order
Kiss Of Pride (1)
Kiss of Surrender (2)
Kiss Of Temptation (3)
Kiss Of Wrath (4)
Christmas In Transylvannia (4.5)
Vampire In Paradise (5)

ARC Book Review-Christmas In Transylvannia by Sanda Hill

Christmas In Transylvania
Deadly Angels (4.5)
Sandra Hill
Avon Books
E Book
Published October 28 2014
96 Pages
Holiday Romance
ISBN:  9780062117557
Authors Website 

For the first time ever, the leader of the Viking Vampire Angels, Vikar Sigurdsson, has been talked into celebrating a traditional Christmas! The tree has been decorated, the gifts have been wrapped, and the stockings have been hung. And that’s mistletoe, not cobwebs, hanging from the ceiling of the creepy castle full of vangels … really!

The icing on the vampire cookie comes when vangel Karl Mortensen rescues Faith Larson, a battered young waitress, from her abusive boyfriend and hides her in the castle amidst the Christmas chaos. But what Karl thought was a frail young teenager is actually a very tempting woman. And she thinks his fangs are sexy!

But a strange “Christmas visitor” at the castle and demon vampires up to their old tricks could threaten the budding romance between Karl and Faith. It’s an impossible match—a human and a vangel—but Christmas is a time for magic.

Karl and Faith don’t stand a chance …

My Review

So I read this one a little while ago, but for some reason I had forgotten to write the review for it!! LOL…so I do apologize, so I hope that I will be able to write a solid review and remember the thoughts I had while reading this one.  Christmas In Transylvania is a novella, and is centered around Christmas–which is my all time favorite time of the year, and when I am reading my romances…there is just something so much better when its Christmas themed right? This book is after the fourth book “Kiss of Wrath” Now I have only read the first two books, but from what I remember I enjoyed them. When I was beginning this one, I started to remember what I loved about Sandra Hill. She has a very unique voice in her stories and no other author that I have read can even come close to her. I have enjoyed her books for many years, but this series is very unique. I started out with her Historical romance, which are some of her earlier books. She has many contemporaries, but this series, combines it with a mix of paranormal. The men and heroes in the series, are vampire viking angels!! In this short story we have a heroine that is being abused pretty badly, and the hero “Karl” finds her battered, and takes her away and hides her in the castle, and thus begins their romance. This book was a hoot, with characters from previous books, and for a short story this was very well done. I am very picky about novella’s, and in most cases would prefer a regular length novel, however for the shortage of the story I felt like it was pretty well developed, had some hilarious scenes, sexy viking angels, and women to match them in every way. Loved seeing the holiday theme and this story was a riot to read!! I had so much fun with it, and I just can’t wait to read more from this author. Definitely made me want to read the previous books that I have yet to get a hold of in the series. Rich in humor and steamy romance, and is perfect on a cold winters night while getting ready for the season!! Be prepared for a story to pull you in and wrap its way into your heart.

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In Series 
Kiss of Pride
Kiss of Surrender
Kiss of Wrath
Vampire in Paradise

Book Review-The Norse King’s Daughter

The Norse King’s Daughter
Viking I (10)
Sandra Hill
Mass Market Paperback
Published October 2011
349 Pages
Viking Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-167351-1
Author’s Website

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Princess Scorned!

Princess Drifa can certainly see whySidroc Guntersson is a living legend–on battlefield and in bedchamber both.But the King of Stoneheim’s willful daughter pitches a royal fit when she learns of the true reason for the virile Viking’s passionate attentions.A third-born son with no hope of inheriting the family jarldom, scheming Sidroc must marry and is interested in Drifa only for her father’s land and money. The barbarian is lucky she just crack shim on his fool head with a pottery pitcher!

Five years later, Drifa needs Sidroc’s protection–in Byzantium, no less!–though revenge holds more appeal for this man she left for dead.’Tis a pity two such perfect enemies match each other so well, passion for passion.So much so that the bold Viking berserkeris soon thinking marriage again . . .only this time it will be on his terms!

My Review

I have always had such a fun time reading this author, especially when it involves her time travel books, so I was a bit surprised to find that this one didn’t have one ounce of time travel. A historical set in the Dark Ages. I will warn you that the viking slang does take some getting used to, and is probably the reason I had a trying time getting into it at first, but once I fully adjusted I started to really enjoy it, and it was hard to put down at times. There was such a chemistry between Drifa and Sidroc, and even though they are almost at each others throats quite a bit, there is also much more to their relationship.

Sidroc Guntersson has recently lost his wife, and so his baby daughter needs him. Sidroc is very insistent that she survive. His father would like nothing better than to toss her out on the doorstep, but Sidroc knows that he will need to remarry in order to gain wealth he needs and a mother for his child. So when he hears that King of Stoneheim still has one daughter unmarried, he decides to try to court her and marry her. Princess Drifa at first is enamored with Sidroc, he is handsome and charming, and makes her warm all over, so she decides to accept his suit, until she learns that all he needs her for is for his daughter and for the money he would attain if he were to marry her. So she swings a pitcher across his head, and it ends up doing quite a bit of damage and he is unconscious for six weeks. He wakes to find Drifa gone with her sisters on a trip so he ends up leaving to go after his daughter only to find her gone so he leaves to build a new life for himself. Drifa is enraged when she hears of Sidroc’s plot, but when she hears of his infant daughter, she decides to go after her and bring her back to Sidroc. When she returns she learns he is gone, and endeavors to find him. Now its been five years, and when she heads down to Byzantium, and is shocked to find him again. Now their mutual passion for each other has risen, and despite danger surrounding them at every turn, it will taking fully trust to defeat those that would tear them apart.

Sidroc is your typical viking, arrogant, confident, too good looking for his own good, and loves a beautiful woman in his bed. I found him to be very believable and fully authentic and so HOT you will need a fan to cool yourself down. Drifa I found to be a very endearing heroine, and I liked her immediately, and she has such courage and tenacity that is very admirable. She doesn’t back down from Sidroc and I enjoyed seeing the chemistry build between the two characters.

I found this one to be a fun and adventurous tale that takes you back to the Viking Era, and shows a more sensual side to that time. I enjoyed the in depth characters, and the fun humor that keeps you laughing from beginning to end. I will warn you that the slang can be a bit much but if you give it time, you adjust to it, and it becomes a entertaining and enough intense conflict with the plot to keep you on edge at times. SATISFYINGLY ENJOYABLE!!!

First Line 
Toss the babe in the Fjord. Or leave it on the cliff. Either way, the whelp will be dead afore morn. ”

Favorite Quote
“Sidroc, you are a beast in bed, and you make me do bad things and I like them, and insult me way too often, and your teasing tongue is not amusing by half, but you are a good man,”

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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Book Review- Ravished By A Viking

Ravished By A Viking
Delilah Devlin
Berkley Publishing (HEAT)
January 2011
311 Pages
Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-23961-2

What a Viking wants, a Viking takes.

When his younger brother goes missing, Dagr, Viking warrior and Lord of the Wolfskin Clan, will do whatever it takes to get him back. But nothing could have prepared him for Honora-a feisty, intelligent woman who is nothing like the women of his world-women who are content to serve their men in all things. Drawn to her despite her recalcitrant nature, Dagr is determined to show her who’s boss both in bed and out.

When the two enemies-turned-lovers join forces to find Dagr’s brother they are thrown into a rousing adventure full of danger, intrigue and erotic abandon. Can their passion truly unite them or will their different worlds lead to destruction for them both?


Dagr, a powerful Viking Warrior and leader of his people, is furious when he finds out that his brother has been taken, and will do everything within his power to get him back. So when he finds out that the Outlander’s have taken him, he boards a outlanders ship, and takes it over and everyone in it, including Honora, a beautiful and captivating woman, who is much different from the woman from his world. She is independent and stirs up his blood like none other, and is determined to take her and make her his. Honora has worked hard all of her life, to captain a vessel, but then when she is taken captive by a Viking, Dagr, she knows she is in deep trouble, for he stirs up a passion that she has never known. When she learns what has happened to Dagr and his people, she decides to search for the truth along side him, hoping that the love and passion she feels for him will be enough so that they will both survive the danger that lays ahead.

The Hero
Dagr, is the leader of his clan, and of late Viking Warriors have been disappearing and when his own brother is taken, he is out to bring him back home, no matter the cost. But when he takes over a ship and comes face to face with Honora, the desire and lust he feels for her is overpowering, and knows he must answer the call that his body demands, all the while in search of his brother. However what Dagr never expected was wanting to keeping her for all time, because for the first time he starts to realize he is starting to love her, something Vikings never do is love, and knows he must do everything to keep her by his side.

The Heroine
Honora, because of her family, her people have judged her actions all of her life, but she has finally proved her worth, and become a captain. However what she never expected was to be betrayed by one of her own, and have her ship raided by Viking Warriors, where she and her people never stood a chance against them, despite their advance technology. Honora even though she has a loyalty to her people, after feeling erotic abandon with Dagr, she starts to care for him, and turns sides wanting to find his brother and discover what her people are really doing. But she never though she would actually want to be by his side forever…

My Thoughts
Ravished By A Viking is written by Delilah Devlin, who is one of my favorite erotica authors. I don’t read much Erotica books, but when I was at the store, I just fell in love with the cover and blurb, and I couldn’t resist buying it, and it was well worth it. I find Viking romances thoroughly addicting, and if your looking for a hot and passionate book that has a plot that will curl your toes with danger and intrigue than Ravished By A Viking is definitely a book you shouldn’t miss out on. Although I thought there were a couple scenes in the book, that I don’t feel comfortable with, overall it was a thrilling ride.  I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author, I found every chapter a delight, and every sensual scene so thoroughly enticing….definitely a winner for me… I FELL IN LOVE!!! So if your into Erotic romances than this is a treasure….

My Grade On This Book
4 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series
Enslaved By A Viking (Coming Fall 2011)