Audio Book Review-Primal Law

Primal Law
Alpha Pack (1)
J.D. Tyler
Tantor Audio
Published August 2011
10 Hours
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9780451234346
Authors Website 

Founded by a group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers tasked with eliminating the most dangerous predators in the world. But the gift of their abilities comes at a price…

After a massacre decimates half his team and leaves him crippled, Jaxon Law must relearn how to fight—and battle the anger and guilt threatening to overwhelm him. But when he rescues a beautiful woman who reawakens his primal instincts, Jax is unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead.

On the run from her employer, brilliant lab assistant Kira Locke has evidence that leads the Alpha Pack on a hunt for someone targeting human civilians with Psy abilities. And as Jax and Kira circle both the killer and each other, Jax will have to decide if the deep connection he feels with Kira is worth breaking the ultimate shifter rule—because bonding with Kira means putting his abilities at risk, and they might be the only tools he has to keep his mate alive…

My Review

Kira Locke, who discovers something vile about her employers, decides to steal certain documents and is on the run, but then a wolf saves her life, and kills those that would kill her. Jax, has psychic abilities and is a shifter, along with other members on his team. Ever since his team was attacked, he was crippled and his leg still brings much hindrance to him. When he ends up saving a woman in danger, he never realized that Kira would be his mate and that his primal instincts would go into overdrive. But he has no choice but to take Kira from her previous life and to their sanctuary. Kira is outraged at first to being abducted, but she realizes the logic of it. She knows there is no place she would be safe except by Jax’s side. As Jax and Kira are around each others presence more and more, their bond strengthens, and their mating is close at hand. Only one thing keeping them from completing their bond….true love. Kira refuses to mate to a man that doesn’t love her, she wants him to want it more than just physical desire. When danger threatens Jax and Kira, only by using every one of his abilities, will Jax be able to secure a future together….

Primal Law is the first installment of the Alpha Pack series. Now I have seen this series quite a bit but had yet until now, tried it out. When I was able to get the audio book for under $5 at Audible, I couldn’t resist. I knew I needed to try this one out. Especially when I love a solid shifter romance, and this one completely sold me. It was all having sex like bunnies or anything, there was much more to the plot and I enjoyed the unique setting and how Jax and Kira met. One of the things that I really liked about Primal Law, is that is begins with a more in depth story of Kira’s ex employers and what they are trying to do with anything supernatural. There is quite a bit revealed, and it was quite a thrill listening to this audiobook. The narrator was pretty talented in her inflections of the emotions and tones of the characters throughout the story.

Jax is everything you enjoy out of a domineering male, that sends shivers down your spine. He definitely has the whole alpha male pride aspect going on. He definitely is full of heat and passion, but is very tender with Kira. He is full of intense emotions and Kira handles him quite well. Kira manages learning of paranormal creatures quite well, and she adjusts to her new set of circumstances better than I even expected of her. She isn’t a fighter by any means, but you see her other talents that complete her relationship with Jax quite well.  I had such a fun time getting to know other members of Jax’s teams, and I am just dancing on my feet in anticipation for their stories. There is a loyalty among the team, and a jovial teasing that is almost contagious, and make the reader almost envious of the close relationship between them.

Primal Law is a thrilling paranormal romance, that sets your heart at a faster pace. It is packed with a suspenseful plot, a mystery to be solved, a fierce desire that turns into a flaming love story that stirs up rich emotion and heartfelt feelings that overflow in tidal waves. STUNNING!!

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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